Things to do in Nikko/Kirifuri Kogen/Oku-Nikko/Lake Chuzenji/Imaichi

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Nikko is located in the northwestern part of Tochigi has an area which accounts for 22% of Tochigi Prefecture, history of the famous Toshogu and Kegon waterfall in the building, Lake Chuzenji, in order to watch the nature such as Senjyogahara many tourists visit from the world as well as various parts of Japan only. Activities experience many have experience of using the natural sunlight, there is a Kori瀑 tour canoeing and waterfall was frozen in the lake. There is also a kimono rental and making accessories for enjoying the city walk. Access from Tokyo is using the JR and traditional private railway from Tokyo 2 hours, further medium-Zen temple hot spring, transit, such as a bus will occur to Ashio.

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