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[Niigata / Niigata City] City sightseeing 3 free choices!

  • Beginners welcome - First try
  • Empty-hands OK
  • Solo participant
  • Children welcome
  • Possible number of bookings
  • Participating age
    Age 3歳 ~
  • Duration
    3~4 hours

Niigata City sightseeing bus and escort and guide you to 3 places you care about!
You can choose 3 from the following 15 spots!
For a bullet tour ♪ For a preview ♪ Next day you may be able to carefully go around alone! ?

Experience Niigata ♪ learn ♪

A. Learn the history of Niigata the History Museum.
B. Niigata at the City Art Museum Niigata watch the art.
C. Learn Niigata born manga artists at "Manga House" and "Anime Manga Information Center".
D. Learn the fish and animals of the Sea of Japan at Marine Pier, the largest Aquarium in the Sea of Japan.
E. Learn about Niigata politics at the Prefectural Government Memorial Hall.

Eat Niigata ♪ Drink ♪

F. Walk around at Pier Bandai where you can enjoy the delicious taste of Niigata!
G. Niigata 's B cornerstone gourmet! Eat the bus center curry!
H. Honmachi Chuo Market Shopping Street-Eat Seafood at Humanity Yokocho!
I. To Bandai City, a shopping center street where locals go!
From J. ramen to soba and sushi! Dining at Gourmet Street Benten Dori

Take a picture of Niigata

K. GO to the Toki Messe Observatory, 125 meters above the ground, overlooking the city and Sado Island!
L. Showa Roman Western Museum Take a photo at Niitsu Memorial Museum! * Admission fee separately 720 yen
Enjoy traditional Japanese houses at M. Northern Culture Museum Niigata Branch! * Admission fee is 350 yen
N. Hakusan Shrine OR Omikuji and pilgrimage at Gokoku Shrine!
O. Take a walk in the sea of the Sea of Japan where the sun sets!

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    Plan attractions

    Time schedule

    ①Meeting, brief Explanations, boarding the circulation bus (10 minutes)
    ②Choice 1 visit-experience (30 minutes)
    ③ Ride the circulation bus (10 minutes)
    ④Choice 2 visit-experience (30 minutes)
    ⑤ Ride the circulation bus (10 minutes)
    ⑥Choice 2 visit-experience (30 minutes)
    ⑦ Take the circulation bus-dissolve at Niigata Station or the final stop (10 minutes)

    Detailed information of this plan

    Required minimum number of participants 1 Person(s)
    Possible number of bookings 1~20
    About duration 3 hours (2 hours of experience)
    Operating period Whole year
    Assembly time Please come 10 minutes before the start of the experience.
    Booking deadline Three days before 20:59

    Changing room Toilet
    Shower Parking

    Dress code - Must bring items Wear comfortable clothes ♪
    Even if you get tired, you can borrow a free folding chair immediately, so it's okay.
    About rental items ● Translator (Poketalk) or smartphone with Google app (free)
    ● Folding chair * Up to the first 3 people

    Matters require attention Please be punctual in meeting meeting time. I walk quite a bit. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

    Required documents and application forms

    Places of interest on the map 1 to 13 OR Please select 3 or more from A to O in the Explanations.
    Places you care about on the map 1 to 13 OR Please select 3 or more from A to O in the explanation.
    Niigata Station-Toki Messe Observatory-Bandaibashi-Hakusan Shrine-Gyogatatei-Sekiya Beach

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    Guest userCan I get on a Yachting? ♪

    When I was thinking of fishing in the sea, I made a request to try fishing because it was no good.
    What! To be put on Yachting!
    Sea fishing on Yachting! I had a valuable experience that I couldn't do easily!
    It was nice that the wind was very comfortable!
    Besides! To BBQ (^^)
    It was a tour that conveys the tour operator's desire to have fun (^^)
    The price is reasonable and I wanted to participate again ☆
    Yachting has a fish finder, which is amazing!
    It was a plan that I would definitely recommend to those who like fishing (* ^^ *)

    • 5.0
    Participating date: September 2020

    Guest userSpecial course of sailing fishing! The best!

    I had you propose a ship course and decided to ask for that course!
    I was able to borrow all the tools and fishing.
    You can enjoy the scenery of Niigata from a different point of view, on board, and feel refreshed! I was able to experience many things that I can't usually do!
    BBQ was also very delicious and I was very satisfied!
    I was able to hear the history of Niigata, and I also like Niigata!
    It is recommended because you can respond to requests such as course proposals on a case-by-case basis!

    • 5.0
    Participating date: September 2020

    Guest userYou may also be able to ride Yachting!

    If you request to try fishing, you can get on a Yachting with the guide's smart plan!
    I was lucky because I don't usually get on a Yachting!
    Even beginners were relieved because they prepared fishing rods etc. ^^
    Lunch is BBQ on the ship!
    It was unexpected that BBQ could be done on a Yachting ^^
    Coupled with the bright characters of the guide, I enjoyed it!
    This time, I want to revenge fishing on a day when there are few other boats on the street!

    • 5.0
    Participating date: September 2020
    Guest user

    Stars 3 → 5!

    • 5.0
    Participating date: August 2020

    Guest userI used a bus-free ticket for the first time!

    The sightseeing circulation bus is easy to use. The bus is small, so I enjoyed it in a cozy atmosphere. Isn't the car more convenient? I thought, but I enjoyed the conversation in a group, and it was good that I didn't have to think about Parking Lot. A maniac route different from the route bus, the name of the bus stop is also attractive ♢ ♢ (Pia Manyo's seafood bowl delicious ♡ Because it is a bus, I could drink beer ♡ ♡)
    Above all, the organizer lent me a parasol and casually put out a folding chair at the right time, so it was a comfortable time in the hot weather! On the day was sunny, but I'm hoping for a wonderful hospitality and I think it might be rainy!

    • 3.0
    Participating date: August 2020

    Access - Map

    〒950-0086 新潟県新潟市中央区花園1-1-1
    Assembly point

    Niigata Station Bandai Gate

    The orange shirt, jumper and blue flag are the landmarks.
    We are waiting for you in front of the Bandai exit of Niigata Station.

    If you arrive by car

    5 minutes walk from the south exit Parking Lot "Niigata Station"

    If you arrive by train

    0 minute walk from Bandai Exit of Niigata Station

    If you arrive by other means of transportation

    25 minutes by bus from Niigata Airport

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    Selling points regarding safety

    A 19-Year old Niigata freak who lives in Niigata who has the qualifications of a second-class hygiene manager and a local travel business manager will guide you through Niigata city.

    Authorization issued by Preparing for application to Niigata Prefecture Tourism Planning Division
    Member organizations and associations Applying to join the Japan Travel Agency
    Number of staff 1
    Number of instructors 1

    Niigata/Tsukioka/Agano River
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