[Niigata / Myoko] Sasagamine / Yumemidaira Hiking <Let's go see the forest elder, Jizo wig! >の紹介画像
[Niigata / Myoko] Sasagamine / Yumemidaira Hiking <Let's go see the forest elder, Jizo wig! >の紹介画像
[Niigata / Myoko] Sasagamine / Yumemidaira Hiking <Let's go see the forest elder, Jizo wig! >の紹介画像
[Niigata / Myoko] Sasagamine / Yumemidaira Hiking <Let's go see the forest elder, Jizo wig! >の紹介画像
[Niigata / Myoko] Sasagamine / Yumemidaira Hiking <Let's go see the forest elder, Jizo wig! >の紹介画像
[Niigata / Myoko] Sasagamine / Yumemidaira Hiking <Let's go see the forest elder, Jizo wig! >の紹介画像
[Niigata / Myoko] Sasagamine / Yumemidaira Hiking <Let's go see the forest elder, Jizo wig! >の紹介画像
[Niigata / Myoko] Sasagamine / Yumemidaira Hiking <Let's go see the forest elder, Jizo wig! >の紹介画像
[Niigata / Myoko] Sasagamine / Yumemidaira Hiking <Let's go see the forest elder, Jizo wig! >の紹介画像
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[Niigata / Myoko] Sasagamine / Yumemidaira Hiking <Let's go see the forest elder, Jizo wig! >

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  • Beginners welcome - First try
  • Pick-up & Drop-off
  • Solo participant
  • Charter possible
  • Operate rain or shine
  • Children welcome
  • Photo gifts
  • Possible number of bookings
  • Participating age
    10Age ~ 75 Age
  • Duration
    5~6 hours
Plan description

The Sasagamine Plateau is a basin-like plateau area surrounded by mountains at an altitude of 2000 m on the prefectural border between Niigata and Nagano prefectures. Located at an altitude of 1300m, people began to enter this deep mountainous area from around the Edo period. Yumemidaira is a forest that spreads beyond the dam bank of Lake Otomi. There used to be a sawmill here, and forestry workers and others lived in this deep mountain. In the forest of giant trees of beech and quercus crispula, walk along the promenade that was set up on the track traces of the past, and when you go near the Hyosawa River, which is the prefectural border with Nagano Prefecture, there is a huge wig that can be called the elder of the forest. The old tree stands quietly but dignifiedly. The course has few ups and downs, so even those who do not hike often can enjoy it. Why do not you refresh your mind and body while thinking about the lives of our ancestors in the forest where the beautiful nature peculiar to heavy snowfall areas spreads? ~ Flow of the day ~ 8:40 Meet at Myoko Kogen Station Meet at Myoko Kogen Station. Take the guided shuttle car to the tour start point. 9:30 Tour start From the Otomi Lake parking lot, first cross the dam bank to the opposite bank and climb the steep stairs. Looking back, it is a magnificent landscape where the famous peaks of Kukujo such as Mt. Yaki, Mt. Hiuchi, and Kanayama are lined up. In early spring, skunk cabbage spreads all over with Mt. Mitahara of Myoko Sotowayama in the background. 13:00 Sawmill Ruins Deep in the forest, in a place like this? There is a former sawmill trace in the place called. A large tree of Quercus crispula stands quietly nearby. 13:15 Jizo wig & lunch Finally meet the forest elder. The overwhelming presence makes me lose words ... Lunch time here slowly! 16:00 Tour ends Return to the Otomi Lake bus stop and the tour ends! Take the shuttle car back to Myoko Kogen Station.

Walk with a forest medical trainer

The guide who guides you through the forest is a forest medical trainer certified by Shinano Town, Nagano Prefecture. Let's enjoy walking in the forest together, feeling the healing power of the forest with all five senses and getting energized from the inside of your heart!

Hiking beginners are also welcome

Unlike mountain climbing, there are some ups and downs, but it is a flat forest walk, so anyone with the physical strength to walk for about 4 hours can participate.

A beautiful forest walk in the mountains

In Yumemidaira, there are large beech and quercus crispula trees that are over 200 years old, natural forests such as beautiful birch and birch, and larch forests that are artificial forests. And the beautiful spring ephemeral colors that appear as the snow melts, and the beautiful autumn leaves that make you wake up. You can enjoy a beautiful forest walk unique to the subalpine zone of the snowy country.

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Reservation cancellation fee generation date 催行日の3日前からキャンセル料金が発生いたします。
About cancellation Please note that a cancellation fee of less will be charged in case of cancellation due to customer's convenience. 3 to 2 days before Cancellation: 30% Cancellation the day before: 50% On the day Cancellation: 100% cancelled without notice: 100%
About event termination If stormy weather is expected, sudden changes in the weather during the tour, or if it is difficult to organize the tour safely due to poor physical condition of the customer, the tour may be canceled at the discretion of the guide. .. 100% of the tour price will be refunded if the tour is canceled at the discretion of the guide before the tour.

Detailed information of this plan

Required minimum number of participants 1 Person(s)
Possible number of bookings 1~8
Operating period 2023/4/29〜2023/10/30
The time of the event may change depending on the snow conditions.
Assembly time 8:40 Myoko Kogen Station or 9:30 Sasagamine / Otomi Lake Parking Lot
Booking deadline until 17:59 the day before

Changing room Toilet
Shower Parking

Dress code - Must bring items Easy-to-move clothes, trekking shoes, rain gear, drinks, lunch, action food, winter clothes

Plan attractions

プランの魅力 Superb view from Otomi Lake Dam の画像

Superb view from Otomi Lake Dam It is a spectacular spot where you can see the famous peaks of Kubiki such as Mt. Yaki and Mt. Hiuchi over the lake.

プランの魅力 Beech forest の画像

Beech forest Walk through the beautiful beech and quercus crispula forests and enjoy a forest bath.

プランの魅力 Birch Forest の画像

Birch Forest While listening to the birdsong in the birch forest.

プランの魅力 Spring ephemeral の画像

Spring ephemeral From spring to early summer after the snow melts, countless flowers color your feet.

プランの魅力 Minecart trail の画像

Minecart trail It is a flat and very comfortable road as you walk along the traces of the former forest track.

プランの魅力 Shrine of the mountain god の画像

Shrine of the mountain god In the forest, you can get a glimpse of the lives of people in the past.

プランの魅力 Sawmill trace の画像

Sawmill trace A world view like Laputa?

プランの魅力 Jizo Katsura の画像

Jizo Katsura In the depths of the forest that I arrived at after trying my best ...

Access - Map

Taguchi, Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture 949-2106
Assembly point

Myoko Kogen Station

If you arrive by car

You can choose to set up at Myoko Kogen Station or Sasagamine / Otomi Lake parking lot. If you are at Myoko Kogen Station, please park at the Myoko Kogen Tourist Information Center parking lot.

If you arrive by train

Myoko Kogen Station Meeting

If you arrive by other means of transportation

[Pick-up and drop-off] Guests staying in Shinano-cho and around Myoko Kogen can pick up and drop off, so please contact us.

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Selling points regarding safety

As a mountaineering guide certified by the Japan Mountain Guide Association, we carry out tours with thorough risk management. Each tour also includes accident insurance.

Authorization issued by Travel agency (Governor of Nagano)
Insurance information Sompo Japan Co., Ltd. Customer (damage insurance: 100 million yen, death / residual disability: 1 million yen, daily hospitalization: 5,000 yen, daily outpatient fee of 3,000 yen, rescuer expenses, etc. 1 million yen)
License and Qualifications Japan Mountain Guide Association Certified Mountaineering Guide Stage II, Ski Guide Stage I, Outdoor Emergency Law, Licensed Guide
Member organizations and associations Myokoyama Study Guide Association, Shinshu Shinanomachi Tourism Association, Momentary Association, Nagano Interpreter Guide Net
Number of staff 1
Number of instructors 1

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