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There is a shop in Daio Wasabi Farm, which is full of the blessings of nature in Azumino, and we use wood from Shinshu Azumino to make eco-friendly products for people. We also repaint lacquer and perform repairs and maintenance so that you can use local wood carefully.

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  • Ichiro Kawaguchi(カワグチ イチロウ) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:20 years as a hand-carved stamp craftsman. He started making chopsticks in 2010 and has various ideas and techniques. It's amazing that everything is self-taught!

    I started making chopsticks in 2011 and have been making chopsticks with about 10,000 people. The Kanna stand devised by Kawaguchi craftsmen is the only facility in Japan where you can experience making chopsticks without using a shaft.

  • Sumie Kawaguchi(カワグチスミエ) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:In charge of laser engraving experience! Accounting, sales, etc.

Information on Azumino Yuin

Member organizations and associations Azumino City Tourism Association
Number of staff 2persons
Number of instructors 2persons
Selling points regarding safety For the chopstick making experience, use a canna or a baking pen. It is a safe tool if you use it with chitin, but we will carefully give advice on how to use it so that customers can experience it safely. We are registered in the store of the new Corona Countermeasure Declaration, Azumino Tsunagu Project "Azumino 3 Azumino Declaration". 〇 Staff wearing masks, thorough disinfection, physical condition management 〇 Tools such as canna, chairs, tables, etc. 〇 Thorough ventilation 〇 Perform ventilation

Azumino Yuin access - operating hours

3640 Hotaka, Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture In front of the open deck in Daio Wasabi Farm
Operating hours 9:00 to 17:00 December to February from 9:00 to 16:00
Regular holidays Thursday

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