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Kanade 絲綴 GardenKanade 絲綴 Garden

京都 / 京都駅周辺



Organized by traditional craftsmen and craftsmen, the preservation forum of the sewing technique that is active to preserve the techniques of binding and binding is "the playing game". The workshop is equipped with about 16 looms, including a large loom capable of weaving 4 to 8 people at a time. In such a workshop, we prepared a studio tour and experience plan from the desire to let many people know "Nishijin nail scratch binding" which is one of the world's highest art works. Please experience Kyoto - like experiences and traditional crafts representative of Japan in Kyoto sightseeing.

奏絲綴苑 のギャラリー


Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City 590-8 Nishiyanagi-cho, Kamigyo-ku
business hours 10:00~17:00
Regular holiday 不定休 ※体験は月・木・土曜日のみ
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