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Shonan etc. Fujisawa and Chigasaki, Kanagawa Sagami Bay coast of the prefecture area refers to, organic such as Southern All Stars and terrace house First name sometimes, which is frequently used as an image and the filming location of the singers, fashionable and highly popular area is. Sea such as Southern Beach Chigasaki Wed you can enjoy a bath and surfing. In addition, Shonan area is Enoshima in the, New Enoshima Wed , such as the hills of the group museum and eternal lover that love has been and will come true, there are many tourist destinations, also there is a very popular as a date spot. The plan of this area includes cycling around the seaside of Shonan , surfing which beginners can enjoy from things that can be enjoyed on land such as camping and beach tennis , in the nature of the sea and mountains such as SUP, Paragliding and yoga We have various Activity such as a plan to enjoy with.


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