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Windsurfing, board using a dedicated tool that you connected (sail board) and a rig (the sail and mast), or gliding on the water with the wind to sail, is a water sport that or a jump and rotation . It is a crossover sport that combines elements of the yacht of elements and surfing. Windsurfing will proceed to windward by using well as a driving force in the lateral the same theory as the theory the plane fly in the sky (lift to rise in response to the wind in the wings). It now can be put out the speed of the speed 25km more than in these thanks. Thrill and sense of speed to steadily gliding the water surface while accelerating the wind is exceptional. It is one of the fun of satisfaction also windsurfing obtained by master the difficult technology over time, but is a sport where you can enjoy anyone if take the lessons. It is possible even if there is no wave if you come good wind can be enjoyed on the lakes and rivers in addition to the sea.


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