Things to do in Yokosuka/Miura

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For Kanagawa Prefecture Yokosuka Miura is facing the sea, it is a tourist spot Popular seafood and sea bathing there is a large harbor. Port of Yokosuka area is seen a number of warships, naval port for the US Navy and the Maritime Self-Defense Force is using. To actually be able to see up close what the Navy and the Self-Defense Forces is using, it has become a popular spot. It is also characterized by a variety of events such as the fireworks display is being carried out. In Miura area, such as fresh seafood and vegetables caught from the famous Misaki tuna, Miura Misaki market that direct production is changing is famous. This area is, kayak and SUP, diving, snorkeling, fishing, etc., activities to enjoy in the sea are abundant on the type. In addition, it is also available BBQ plan to eat the fresh seafood.

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