Things to do in Yokosuka/Miura 62Results / Popularity order

Because Yokosuka · Miura in Kanagawa Prefecture faces the ocean, there are big harbors and it is a popular tourist spot for marine products and swimming. Many warships and military ports can be seen because the US Navy and the Maritime Self Defense Force use the port in the Yokosuka area. It is a popular spot because you can actually see things that the Navy and the SDF are using soon. It is also characterized by various events such as fireworks festival being held. In the Miura area, the Misaki Market where Miura's direct production changes, such as fresh seafood and vegetables caught from Misaki Port famous for tuna is famous. This area has abundant variety of activities to enjoy in the ocean including kayaks, SUP, diving, snorkeling, fishing etc. In addition, we have a BBQ plan to eat fresh seafood fortune.


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