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Hiroshima prefecture has various tourist attractions such as nature from world heritage, delicious gourmet etc. First of all, it is also registered in the World Heritage site that can not be removed, and is famous for its nationwide "Miyajima" area. Not only do you visit, there are plans that you can experience SUP, wake boards and kayaks. It is also nice to take a commemorative photo as you can go round the torii. Since the holding time is fixed, we recommend that you reserve the details after checking in advance from the following. In addition, it is also recommended to plan such as Amusement-Pleasure Play and Japanese music · Shino frieze experience that you can experience at Ajima's oldest temple "Daishoin". You can enjoy traditional Japanese play and music. In Takehara City there is also a spot where you can experience ceramics. There are also plans that you can enjoy from children to adults until you are able to enjoy pottery and painting of hand-jelly that you can enjoy with clay sensation, so why do not you try making original ceramics by all means?


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