Things to do in Hiroshima

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In Hiroshima Prefecture, wilderness from the world heritage, such as the delicious gourmet, there are a variety of tourist attractions. First "Miyajima" famous also in nationwide have been registered as a world heritage not take off area. Just visit not only, there is also a plan where you can experience SUP and wakeboarding, kayaking. Since it is also possible to turn To all around around Torii, it is good to commemorative photograph. Since the holding time is determined, for more information, we recommend that you book from examining in advance from the following. In addition, also recommended plan, such as the oldest temple "Daisho" in Toogikyo play and traditional Japanese music, Shinobue experience where you can experience Miyajima of Aki. You can enjoy the traditional Japanese play and music. In Takehara, there is also a spot that can pottery experience. To hand beauty kneading of ceramic art and painting to enjoy in the clay sense, because there is also a plan to enjoy from children to adults, why not try all means make your own pottery?

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