85Club(ハチゴクラブ) のギャラリー
85Club(ハチゴクラブ) のギャラリー
85Club(ハチゴクラブ) のギャラリー


85Club(ハチゴクラブ) features

It is a windsurfing school taught by active professional player J85 KONG at JWA official school and female professional player J61 Bunko who is a former Japanese champion and is currently active in world tours. Windsurfing can be enjoyed by a wide range of people from the lower grades of elementary school to those over 70 years old. Rescue boats are also available so you can enjoy it safely and with peace of mind. With many years of know-how in professional life, we will teach a wide range of players from beginners to professionals. Why don't you play marine sports at the beach of Kemigawa in the Kaihin Makuhari district of Tokyo Bay area? We support windsurfing as a lifelong sport.

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85Club(ハチゴクラブ) comments・reviews

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We had great time! The course is well structured, the instructions are easy to follow, we had enough time to master the exercises and get the feel of sailing. We hope to come again for a beginner class. Thank you for a great class! (And thank you for accommodating us even though we’re late.)

Participating date: September 2022
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Participating date: September 2020
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Guest userGreat fun!!!

Must try. Great fun. Good teacher.
Lots of tanning :P

Participating date: August 2019
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85Club(ハチゴクラブ) staff introduction

  • KONG Suzuki (Tomohiko Suzuki) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:Sponsor North Sails / FANATIC / ION / CHOCO FINS / Carlifeauto JWA Pro Tour Committee Chairman JWA Slalom Committee Chairman JWA Official Examiner

    Started at age 24 Windsurfing At that time, he met Japanese champion Jowa and was obsessed with the charm of the race and dropped out. Start racing at the age of 25 and the following day Year Turn pro at 26 years old now Year At 16 Year I see my eyes. Japan So, we are the theoretical player who always fights the final, 2008 Year The location of activities has been expanded to overseas world tours, etc., and the range of technical tactics has been broadened. Currently Japan Windsurfing Acting as a professional tour chairperson / slalom chairperson of the association, he strives to develop players and develop competitions.

85Club(ハチゴクラブ) - operating hours

1-3-7 Masago, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
Operating hours 13:00-18:00 (If you open a lesson, practice club, the club house will be absent and will be on the slopes)Weekday School If there is a start from 10 o'clock on weekends and holidays 10:00 to 18:00 (If you have opened a lesson, practice club, the club house will be absent and it will be compatible with slopes)
Regular holidays Wednesday

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