Things to do in Kamakura

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Kamakura has a lot of attractions such as temples and gourmet, power spot and hiking, is a very popular tourist destination fully enjoy like swimming in the summer because there is a sea in the vicinity. Kamakura, Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine and Hase-dera Temple, such as Kotokuin the Buddha is seen, do you feel the nature and history have there are many within walking distance. In addition, Kamakura is a land of gourmet, there is a market you can buy fresh seafood and vegetables caught in Kamakura. Komachi street in the vicinity of Kamakura Station, many sweets and gourmet walk while eating, there is also a stylish cafes and restaurants. Kamakura neighborhood of the plan, pottery and flower arrangement, from traditional Japanese can enjoy activities such as kimono rental, there is also such activities to enjoy in the sea such as fly board and surfing, SUP, offers a very popular plan can enjoy in the sea even in the land you.

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