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Sea kayak guide & School U-Jin HallSea kayak guide & School U-Jin Hall

Hokkaido / Sapporo

Features of sea kayaking guide & school playwrights

Kayak made to ride in the sea has been called the "sea kayak". The kayak, Eskimo has derived from the boat to be used for hunting, it is a small boat there from around 4000 BC. All right? Do not you think kana ride to me? If the people who ride a bike and ski okay. Age and physical fitness is totally no relationship, you can enjoy anyone. In the U-Jin Hall learn the basic lessons, it offers a variety of play, such as guided tours. Want to ride in the sea kayak! I want to experience! Come not only to think of it, try to challenge in the U-Jin Tachi.

Sea kayaking guide & school playhouse gallery

Proceed on the ocean with a view of 0 meter above sea level!

We aim for rocks of natural beauty

Children and seniors can ride sea kayaks at once

I will lecture in an easy-to-understand manner how to operate the sea kayak

The so-called "blue cave". It is a blue world that awakens


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