Canoe in Hokkaido

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In Hokkaido Sorachi river (Furano), Kuttari Lake (Tokachi), Kussharo, Kushiro River, Kushiro, Shiribetsu River (Niseko), canoe you can enjoy in such Teshio (Obihiro). With and guide passengers of the tour, the basics of riding and paddle operation to learn, there is a rowing advance tour on your own. Unlike the torrent rafting, canoeing charm of leisurely enjoy the scenery. Enjoy the water stroll in hidden colored leaves of attractions, Kuttari Lake. Or down the Kushiro River headwaters from Kussharo, or down the Arekinai river, such as the jungle to the merging of the Kushiro River from Lake Toro, also exceeded sometimes surging rapids in the river, Teshio of northernmost, and enjoy the beautiful natural .

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