Smelt fishing / Ice fishing in Japan

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Smelt is fished all year round, but it is a winter the season of about October to March. "Ice hole fishing," which can be called winter of tradition of Japan, the already early Showa era, Nagano Prefecture Matsubarako and Lake Nojiri, there is a record of to have been carried out by enthusiasts of fishing in Lake Yamanaka in Yamanashi Prefecture. Fishing in the frozen surface of a lake There is a real thrill of smelt fishing, but worry thing is still cold and toilet problem for beginners and families. In the boarded to "dome ship" recently, recreational fishing is popular to fish from a hole opened in the bottom of the vessel. Such as a stove and toilets are provided on board, and comfortable to enjoy the smelt fishing. Will vary adequacy of "dome ship" by fishing, we recommend a pre-check. Time when the smelt are particularly riding butter before and after puppet festival. Smallish smelt is eaten whole because there is thin and soft bone. Tempura, fried, in addition, such as fried chicken, nice freshness smelt you can eat in sashimi.

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