Wakasagi fishing experience tour throughout Japan 45Results / Popularity order

Wakasagi can catch all year round, but winter season from October to March is the fishing season. There is a record that "fishing on ice" which is said to be a winter scene in Japan has already been done by fishing enthusiasts in Lake Matsubara, Lake Nojiri, Yamanashi Prefecture in Nagano Prefecture in early Showa era. Fishing on the frozen lake surface is the real pleasure of fishing fish, but what I care about beginners and families is still cold and toilet problems. Recently, recreational fishing that gets on "dome ship" and fishing from a hole opened at the bottom of the ship is popular. Stoves and toilets are provided inside the ship, so you can enjoy fishing fish comfortably. Since the fulfillment degree of "dome ship" varies depending on the fishing spot, we recommend checking in advance. The time when the rice cake is on board is especially around the peach festival. Small bangs can be eaten whole because their bones are thin and soft. In addition to fried tempura, fried and fried, fresh fish can eat sashimi.


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