Rafting in Tokai

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Why do not the rafting experience in the Nagara River in the market, Gifu Prefecture group? Here you can challenge the rapids boat tour in the region through which one of the most beautiful clear stream in the nation. To enjoy the exhilarating feeling, definitely! Caving, canyoning, shower climbing, appliances such as Pitta is available for rent. Camp also comfortable to enjoy. Guide is safety in a professional guide RAJ Association certification. A variety of play of the plan has been enhanced. Best season will be in September. Photo data is also created for free (about 1 hour), is the Onsen. Held throughout the year. Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, Bon vacation we also from time to time campaign. The facility opened in the shower or bath and free. Of the tour application accepted method telephone, on the Internet. Your company or organization, we have to wait a couple, also participation of women comrades. Because different fee price by the number of people, the most up-to-date information see the course guide list. [Access method] In the case of car: From Minami IC of about 5 minutes (Free parking) high-speed bus: Fast Gujo Minami can also transfer to the bus stop (reservation is needed) train Nagara case of railway: Oya Station walk 5 minutes. Tour meeting place is to the Corporation outdoors base Gifu. Or to the Sea Paradise. Set time is 9 | 00. 1-day course from half a day travel time. Mile point of if the credit card payment also accumulate. It has got a high reputation in the reviews comparison.

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