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Why do not you experience the rafting at the Nagaragawa river in the Gifu prefecture market? Here, you can challenge a torrent boat tour in the area where the pretty beautiful clear streams run throughout the country. Enjoy exhilaration, no mistake! Equipment such as caving, canyoning, shower climbing, pitta etc. can be rented. You can enjoy camping comfortably. Guide is safe with professional guide certified by RAJ Association. Various play plans are substantial. The best season will be September. It is free of charge to create photo data (about 1 hour) with hot springs. Held throughout the year. Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, Bon Fest holidays are also available at any time. Shower and bathing are also free at the facilities for free. How to accept tour application is by phone, internet. I am waiting for the participation of the company / organization customers, couples, and women. Prices are different depending on the number of people, so please refer to the course guide list for the latest information. 【Access method】 In case of car: About 5 minutes from Mimiaki IC (parking lot free) In the case of high-speed bus: It is possible to transfer to the high speed Gujoami bus stop (reservation required) Train Nagara River train: 5 minutes on foot from Oya station. The tour meeting place is to the outdoor base Gifu Co., Ltd. Or to Sea Paradise. The meeting time is 9 | 00. The journey time is from half a day to one day course. If you pay by credit card, you can earn miles points. We have earned high praise in comparison with word of mouth.