Things to do in Gifu

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We introduce such activities, play and experience, leisure and tourist attractions that can be in Gifu Prefecture. Speaking of Gifu Prefecture, high paraglider was taking advantage of the geographical characteristics, which is surrounded by mountains more than enough flight, rafting on the rapids born from the elevation difference, canyoning shower climbing in a clear stream, field athletics in the lush forest, It is famous, such as Caving to explore the mysterious cave, but this addition to the park and swimming pool, such as history Museum, there are many courses to experience the popular facilities and free available to adults from children. The content of the course has been held (there are various types of course), age (elementary school, participation propriety of pre-school children), access (the presence or absence of the parking lot) in advance to check on the, I please make a reservation . And what a holiday is a try by all means go out the whole family how?

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