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Japan's first landing! "Kumagawa Jet" imported directly from authentic New Zealand 2019 Year summer, Kagoshima Southernmost of the prefecture Kyushu Full service commenced on the largest caldera lake, Lake Ikeda! !
In rivers and lakes Jet boat It will be the first in Asia.
An attraction in Asia's No. 1 Kumagawa Jet. The most shocking experience in Japan Kagoshima Please come and experience it at “Ikeda Lake” in Ibusuki City.

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Insurance information Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Co., Ltd.
License and Qualifications Small Vessel Class 1 Small Vessel Class 1 Class 2 Rescue 3 Japan Instructor
Member organizations and associations Japan Rowing Association
Number of staff 3persons
Number of instructors 1persons
Selling points regarding safety <Safe operation of jet boats> For safe driving of jet boats, I have been training at a jet boat company in New Zealand for a month and a half, and after that I have been training for jet boats many times in New Zealand. Income also includes boat inspections, insurance, and advanced lifesaving qualifications for firefighting, which are necessary in Japan. In addition, we conducted various surveys on Lake Ikeda for about 100 hours and started full-scale service. <Infectious disease prevention measures> In the jet boat, one pilot will guide up to 10 people on board (currently, the maximum number of participants is the number of participants because they are on board at intervals. The pilot will provide safety explanations and guidance services. These are indispensable customer service for safe enjoyment, so we will take the following measures to prevent "close contact" at that time. ● Implementation of safety explanations with sufficient space between the seats in the jet boat ● Securing seats with sufficient space and adjusting the number of passengers on board ● Confirmation of fever and cold symptoms, malaise, difficulty breathing, etc. ● Implementation of disinfection using “hand washing” and “alcohol or hypochlorite water” ● Customer service wearing a mask ● Appropriate distance when serving customers・ Implementation of intervals ○ For customers who participate ● Confirmation of fever and cold symptoms before departure ● Request for cancellation of experience when there are fever and cold symptoms ● Request for cooperation in hand disinfection ● Boarding ends from reception Request to wear a mask ■ Disinfection of jet boats, etc. ● Thorough disinfection of jet boats, life jackets, etc.

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5475 Ikeda, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Operating hours 9:00 to 18:00
Regular holidays No scheduled holidays

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