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A hover board that floats in the air as it goes on the ground and moves forward. Many people admired watching the movie 'Back to the Future'. Hover board developed by LEXUS using technology is the subject of discussion in Internet movies etc. floating in the air with the mechanism of friction of magnets, but the following will introduce the hover board as a marine sports (water hover Board). The water hover board is a play that you can enjoy the water and the air using water pressure launched from the back of the board. Even if you can not do well at first, you can freely move the water freely back and forth and to the left and right if you get used to it. If you turn water pressure down, you can fly as high as a fly board. The time of the experiencing course held in each area ranges from 10 minutes of affordable fee to up to 2 hours. However, unlike professionals, height limits are given to experienced courses for beginners, taking safety into consideration. Reservation is necessary for participation. How about adding to this summer leisure plan?