Hoverboard in Japan

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Hover board to move forward ground grazing to float in the air. Movie I think many people who longing look at the "Back to the Future". Such as the Internet video, floating in the air in the mechanism of friction of the magnet, but hover board that Lexus was developed by making full use of technology has become a hot topic, hover board (water hover as a Marine Sports to introduce the following This board). Water hover board, using the water pressure to be fired from the back of the board is a play where you can enjoy the water and the air. First, even if can not work, you can move the water freely in the front, rear, left and right if you get used to it. If Mukere water pressure underneath, is also possible to fly high like a fly board. Time of experience courses that are held in each area is different from 10 minutes up to two hours of affordable rates. However, unlike the professional, the experience course for beginners, it has a height limitation in consideration of safety. The participants Reservations are required. This summer leisure plan, in addition is try to invite you.

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