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Speaking of Kagawa prefecture, I think many people think of "udon", but I can experience various experiences in the Seto Inland Sea, which is also known as "world jewelry" as well as udon making experience. Here, we will introduce the recommended playground and facilities among them. First of all, I can experience udon which can be experienced in the eastern part of Sanuki. It is recommended that you can master Udon Making well from a child to an adult in about an hour. In Takamatsu city, we also recommend facilities that can enjoy rental carts. Although there are height restrictions, children from elementary school age can participate, so you can fully enjoy racer mood. Especially in "Cartland Shikoku" there are kids carts available from 4 year old children, so you can enjoy small children. It is also possible to photograph my child wearing a helmet and leave pictures of memories. Mom and children are sure to be pleasant memories. On holidays, we may organize events of kids cart experiences in neighboring parks so we may be able to enjoy it even if you participate in it. Also, in the sea area you can experience wakeboarding, jet skiing, fly boarding and more. Especially recommended is Kayak and SUP which you can experience while watching the beautiful sunset of Nyu selected as "100 sunset in Japan". It is unlocked from the busy everyday and there is no doubt that the heart will be washed out with beautiful scenery. Please check the detailed information by all means.