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Speaking of Kagawa Prefecture, but I think many people think of "Udon", Udon making experience, of course, can also be a variety of experiences in the Seto Inland Sea, which is also referred to as the "world of jewelry." In this case, it recommended the playground among them, will introduce the facility. First of all, you can experience in the east Kagawa Sanuki, making noodles. From children to adults Udon making a can be firmly master in about one hour, is recommended. In addition, in Takamatsu, also facilities to enjoy the rental cart recommended. There is a height restriction, but because it can participate from children about elementary school, you can taste racer mood to fully. Among them, the "Kirtland Shikoku", because there is also a children's cart which can be used from the 4-year-old child, you can enjoy small children. To shoot my child wearing a helmet, also leave the memories photo. Mom is sure to also be a fun memories children. On holidays, in the neighborhood of the park, since there is also to hold a children's cart experience Association of events, you might enjoy participating in there. In addition, in the sea area, you can wake board and jet ski, the experience, such as fly board. Kayak and SUP among others recommended to experience while watching the beautiful sunset of niobium was chosen to "sunset hundred election of Japan". Freed from the busy day-to-day, there is no doubt that the heart is washed in the beautiful scenery. For more information by all means, please try to check.

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