Go-kart in Japan

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"Cart" is classified as a sport cart say category, it will be used in the competition. Depending on the adjustment, more than 200km per hour also put out to "racing". To the cart to run a dedicated course, "go-cart" is a vehicle of about maximum speed 20 ~ 30km enjoy, such as an amusement park. Cart of speed generally per hour about 50 ~ 90km. Experience speed to the position of the seat is not nearly off the ground has been said to be two to three times the actual speed. Therefore, the perceived even per hour 50km is about 150km of speed, it is from the first full throttle is difficult. Further, in order to get on the cart at a speed of about 90km is, there is also a cart field is added to the regulation, such as an inability to ride and not issue the provisions of the time at about 50km cart per hour. Also appeared on public roads cart toward those who are further acquired an ordinary license in recent years. Guided tours also available, how the visit to Japan foreign customers are using to Tokyo tourism, also be seen here and there in the city center! ?

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