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Yokohama area, exists a popular spot many a broad range such as couples and families. Red Brick Warehouse continuing a variety of events held and miscellaneous goods shop, enjoy a superb view from the Landmark Tower skyscraper, such as overlooking the Yokohama riding a big Ferris wheel in the amusement park of the Cosmo World, dense popular spot to play within walking distance doing. In addition, in the Motomachi-Chinatown around, you can taste the Chinese cuisine and Chinese atmosphere. Other, or make the original cup noodles cup noodle museum in the vicinity of, and or can baseball game at Yokohama Stadium, you can enjoy both young and old. In this area, such as amusement flight of cruising and helicopters in Yokohama Harbor, and Yokohama night view and superb view you can enjoy activities. In addition, the sea of ??activity for which faces the sea a lot, you can enjoy diving and boat fishing. Others also offers a wide selection of plan.

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