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Aichi Prefecture is also in the whole country, nature no less be outdone in Hokkaido and Okinawa it has been said to be rich region. For example, in the Chita Peninsula and Atsumi Peninsula, windsurfing and SUP, it is possible to experience the marine sports and sea fishing, such as wakeboarding, in the beginning relatively low mountains Chausuyama, you can enjoy feel free to trekking in mountain climbing beginners. In addition, sport not only, also one of the Aichi Prefecture attractive for a lot of spots that can experience or made or seen. In Nagoya city, In addition to the tourist attractions such as Nagoya Castle and the Port of Nagoya, soba noodles experiences and pottery experience, there is also a spot where you can enjoy such as candle making experience. Because there is a lot of rich natural park, you might say even try to stop by in passing visiting the tourist resort. Here, we introduce the activity sporting events, play and experience, leisure and tourist attractions that can be in Aichi Prefecture. Every day, so we held a variety of genres of the tour, we should tour plan that meets your requirements sure to find. Sign up, we have heard from the adult person per night. In addition, in the Aichi Prefecture of the home page, Nagoya city's various tourist and leisure facilities, a page of experience program list so we guide you, by all means, please try to search.

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