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Aichi Prefecture is said to be inferior to Hokkaido and Okinawa as much as the nation is rich in the whole country. For example, in Chita Peninsula and Atsumi Peninsula, you can experience marine sports such as wind surfing, SUP, wake board and sea fishing, and you can enjoy trekking easily even for beginner who climb mountain, especially in relatively low mountain including Chosuyama. Also, it is one of the charms of Aichi prefecture that there are many spots that can experience not only sports but also see and make. In addition to sightseeing spots such as Nagoya castle and Nagoya harbor in Nagoya city, there are spots where you can enjoy buckwheat experience, ceramic experience and candle making experience. There are plenty of nature-rich parks, so it may be good to stop by while visiting sightseeing spots. Here we introduce activities, sports events, play, experiences, leisure and sightseeing spots that can be done in Aichi Prefecture. Tours of various genres are held everyday, so you should definitely find a tour plan that fits your request. Applications are accepted from an adult. Also, on the website of Aichi Prefecture, we are informing you of various sightseeing and leisure facilities in the city of Nagoya, the page of experience program list, so please try searching.