Things to do in Nagoya

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In Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, is the area where a menu can be "a unique experience" in the country is a wealth. Various places in offers various types of plans, but the Japanese than the traditional ones, professional and potter's wheel experience with the instructor, is also a popular course of handkerchief fabrication feel free to be able to participate in the child. Aromatherapy candle making popular with couples with minimal rooms personnel is one person - but OK, is popular and can also be used at the time of dating and travel. Those who are worried, such as the contents of the student of the subject or program, you might grasp the atmosphere and inquire you a detailed information. In addition, in the "Kiso" of popular outing tourist spot among the Aichi Prefecture, you can enjoy the feel free to River cruising. Diving license acquisition course of Nagoya onset is also recommended. Since the time the venue will vary, please check the contents in detail by e-mail or phone in conjunction with the schedule.

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