Shisa-lion making in Japan

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There is a popular regardless of the season, there are things that have recently become very popular among the Okinawa tourism. We are pleased to introduce, is the perfect seaside making experience in making memories of the trip. Schiesser is also famous nationwide. Better to the souvenir and is Shisa Okinawa specialties is Irasshaimasu a lot, but here will start from the Schiesser making experience, not those finished is. To carry out the painting to Shiisa of unglazed is the basic steps. Has become full of reservations has become popular with children. Let's reservation choose the time zone to get convenient. You can create a full-fledged Schiesser cheap. Of course, also it has become a possible particular experience in popular Ishigaki also in Okinawa. But please look for you in the perfect plan from the list.

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