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Originally, Atami City developed as a "honeymoon Mecca" like Miyazaki's Qingdao in Kyushu. It was popular as the back seat of the people of the Kanto / Koshinetsu region, but it is widely known nationwide, and now many Atomi station visits by many foreign travelers every day. For inns, there are various types from hotels for families that children can enjoy together, to inns with an atmosphere like an adult. In Atami you can experience various experiences. To play for adults, we recommend paragliding and sea sports, canoeing and hatsushima diving. For children who can join from elementary school children or younger, glass workers and ceramics experiences at the atelier are popular, and you can handcraft your favorite accessories such as original cups and spoons of your choice. Most classrooms and workshops in the Atami area are held throughout the year, but some outdoor sports have holidays. When making a reservation, please confirm details information such as course and fee at business hours by TEL or e-mail.