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Atami is, originally, Miyazaki Qingdao similar Kyushu, has developed as the "Mecca of the honeymoon." It was popular as the back parlor of the people in the Kanto-K?shin'etsu region, but also well known throughout the country, has now visited by every day a lot of foreign travelers in Atami Station. Inn also, from the hotel for the family can enjoy together also children, until the inn of mature atmosphere, there are a variety of types. In addition, in Atami, you can a variety of experience. The play for adults, paragliding and sea sports, canoe and Hatsushima of diving is recommended. Are those that can participate from the following children elementary school, in the glasswork and pottery experience is popular in the studio, such as the original cup and spoon your favorite, you can handmade your favorite accessories. Most of the classroom and workshop the full year held in the Atami area, but in the outdoor sports there is a place which is provided with a holiday. At the time of reservation, the detailed information such as the course and rates during business hours, please try to check the TEL and e-mail.

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