[ONLINE experience-based interview] It was a fulfilling content that both children and adult could enjoy if they participated in a marine life exploration tour in the shallow "Inoh", a coral reef in Okinawa!

[ONLINE experience tour coverage] It was a fulfilling content that both children and adult can enjoy if they participate in a marine life exploration tour in the shallow "Ino" of Okinawa 's coral reefs!

The word "ZOOM drinking party" has become popular, and I'm used to using the Internet to enjoy something remotely.

Even among those who were not good at using smartphones and PCs, I think there are quite a few who are now using it completely.

I miss the days when I have to meet friends and family living far away and endure traveling, but it is fun to learn useful tools due to technological advances.

By the way, this time Activity Japan started"ONLINE experience", using the ZOOM Okinawa coral reef exploration tour! ! Participate in Did.

From the impression of this ONLINE tour earlier,

・ adult are looking forward to the next trip to Okinawa
・Children become the subject of free study during summer vacation

We will pick up the recommended points and make a report, so please try it when you have time ~

[ONLINE experience tour coverage] It was a fulfilling content that both children and adult can enjoy if they participate in a marine life exploration tour in the shallow "Ino" of Okinawa 's coral reefs!

Click here for the ONLINE experience tour I participated in this time

[ONLINE Experience] Explore the wonders of sea life! ! Okinawa coral reef exploration tour! !
Experience tour content
Coral reef exploration tour using ZOOM
Experience fee
Per pair 2,000 yen (tax included) ~
Participation Target age Limit
Number of people who can book
1 person~
Time required
About 40 minutes

Okinawa coral reef exploration tour starts!

Once you meet at the ZOOM and say hello to all the participants, the ONLINE experience tour starts immediately!

This is Mr. Yata from Okinawa Umi Ashibi who is in charge of the guide!

This time, we will guide you through live coverage using ZOOM from the point called "Nagahama", which is about 15 minutes from one of the main sightseeing spots on the main island of Okinawa "Zampasaki".

ONLINE experience was fine on the On the day of the event, and it seems that the temperature is close to 30 degrees Celsius despite early June!

I want to go to Okinawa! !

First of all, he will give a lecture from the equipment and belongings for exploring the shallows (Ino) of coral reefs in Okinawa.

・Marine shoes

Hino is not a beach like a beach, so you should definitely bring gloves and marine shoes.

Then, while walking in the shallow water with a magnificent view of Okinawa, we will go out to search for living creatures in the sea.

Impressions so far:
A real-time live tour is fresh!
Mr. Yada, the guide, seems kind and has a good feeling!

Ino is full of creatures unique to Okinawa!

The first thing I found was "Kuronameko".

Here, the guide will give a quiz to you.

・What happens if you cut the sea cucumber?
・What are sea cucumbers eating?

Do you know this answer?

In this way, while walking along the coastline of Hino, an ONLINE experience tour will be conducted in a quiz format on marine life and the topography of the ocean of Okinawa.

Other, Blue starfish, black-headed crab, stingray, starfish, coral reef, sea urchin that should not be touched etc...

Ino is full of creatures unique to Okinawa!

Asking questions on the spot that I was interested, Participatory feeling of answering the quiz is transcendental fun!

Impressions so far:
Guide Yata's Explanations is polite and easy to understand!
If it's real-time, it'll be able to properly thrust you in! Lol

Why is the sea of Okinawa so beautiful?

And at the end of the tour The question "why is the sea of Okinawa so beautiful?"..

Even though I think that the sea of Okinawa is beautiful, when asked "Why?"

adult care Activity while interweaving a reason to shine blue spot "cave of the blue", Explanations in detail the factors that make the sea highly transparent I am doing it.

this Knowing and not knowing will surely change the feeling of enjoying the sea of Okinawa I think! !

And when the final word "Let's reduce the garbage and protect the beautiful sea!", I will inadvertently reply "Yes!"

Impressions so far:
Okinawa It was a fun ONLINE experience to learn about the sea interestingly!

Summary of this ONLINE experience tour

Although it was introduced as a digest, it was about 40 minutes ONLINE tour so far.

Learning that cannot be enjoyed at the Aquarium Was obtained, and the next time I went to Okinawa, I really wanted to explore Inoh!

The participants this time were only adult, For children, it will send images of creatures found during the tour as a result of free research That's right.

The best ONLINE experience tour for families! Please feel free to make a reservation~

Comment from guide Yada High rhino! Gusuyo Chuganavira! (Hello! Everyone good mood How is it!)

There are various interesting creatures living in Inoh, and we living in Okinawa are just a fluffy walk.
Even if you can't come to Okinawa, you can still enjoy it because it will be broadcast live in real time! The appearance of creatures that you always see changes, and it is common not only in Okinawa but also in the sea Japan.

Also, not only the preparation before coming to Okinawa and the children will be taught, but also by studying and thinking, you can enjoy highly accurate home learning while enjoying it!
It's difficult to go out with STAY HOME, but my feelings are STAY POSITIVE!
We look forward to welcoming you to Okinawa someday!

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