Online Tour Experience: Okinawa / Akajima Adan Leaf Bracelet Making Report

Online tour experience: Okinawa / Akajima
Activity Japan editorial department

The editorial department C who wanted to have a new experience while working every day.

One day, Online tour so" Okinawa / Akajima Adan leaf bracelet making experience I found a plan called "!"

" Akajima What kind of place is it? "" What is Adan leaf? "" Online Manufacturing I've never done it and it looks interesting! I decided to participate.

However, after applying, I was worried, "I was so clumsy that I had cut my hand twice when I was cutting the paper with scissors, but is that okay?"

What is Akajima? What kind of place is it? and What is Adan leaf? ?? And safely the leaves of Adan bracelet Will be completed? !!

Editorial department C Report your online tour experience To do!

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What is the online tour experience / offer shop "Atelier Tokoi"?

Online tour experience / offer shop

Okinawa ・ "Atelier Tokoi" on Aka Island is an online tour experience " Adan leaf bracelet making experience The shop that offers.

"Atelier Tokoi" is only available as an online tour experience at Activity Japan.
However, we also hold workshops on "hat making experience" knitting with Adan leaves and sell souvenirs.

The bracelet making kit has arrived!

Online tour experience: Okinawa / Akajima

A few days before experiencing the online tour Bracelet kit Has arrived!
What was in

  • Guidebook
  • Adan leaf 0.5cm width / 1.5cm width
  • Bambusoideae

When the bracelet kit arrives, " I'm finally going to experience it "When Feeling up increase.

Decided to move to Akajima because "I like old things"

Online tour experience: Okinawa / Akajima

On the day of the experience. When I entered ZOOM and was waiting, " Atelier Tokoi Satoko Yonamine, the representative, is here!

Mr. Yonamine is bright, friendly and very easy to talk to. Impressive smile is.

First of all, introduce yourself.

Yonamine is from Chatan on the main island of Okinawa. From a young age, he said, "I was looking at the Kerama Islands." as a side note Akajima is one of the Kerama Islands ..
Originally, my husband's grandfather's house was on Aka Island, and about 15 years ago when there was a talk about "Is it going to be destroyed because it is old?" Determined to move I heard you did.

"I liked old life and old things," said Yonamine, "I thought I shouldn't destroy old things." Old-fashioned red roof tiles are used in the grandfather's house, and it is said that it is "rare now".

I thought I would live in Akajima, which I had been watching since I was little ... Mysterious edge I feel.

Online tour experience: Okinawa / Akajima

Akajima is one of the Kerama Islands and is about 40km west of Okinawa. The untouched sea and coral are beautiful, and the "relaxing place is attractive (Yonamine-san)".

The population of Akajima is only about 250. this is" Everyone knows (Laughs) "" I know my face even if I don't know my name "!

Once upon a time, Adan leaves were "one of the three major industries in Okinawa."

Online tour experience: Okinawa / Akajima

Yonamine met a hat made of Adan leaves. After moving to Akajima ..
It happened that a hat made from Adan leaves was introduced on a local TV, and he said he "knows it for the first time."

The fruit of Adan pineapple Similar to "In Okinawa and Akajima, Growing around that area So many people may have seen it, "says Yonamine.

Online tour experience: Okinawa / Akajima

In the 1910s, hats made from Adan leaves are lined up with brown sugar and awamori. Okinawa's three major industries Mr. Yonamine said that he was "shocked" when he knew it was. At that time, there were about 30,000 craftsmen. Export to Europe It was so popular.

"A hat made of Adan leaves I want to keep it as a new traditional craft "Mr. Yonamine attended a workshop held by a teacher who was on TV and learned the technique. In 2017, we opened "Atelier Tokoi" and started a workshop, which continues to this day.

Let's make a checkered bracelet from Adan leaves!

Online tour experience: Okinawa / Akajima

What to prepare

  • The bracelet kit sent
  • Ball (1 hour before the experience, put water and Adan leaves in the ball and keep the leaves moist)
  • Spray bottle
  • Scissors
  • 1 clothespin

The bracelet experience made from Adan leaves has finally started!

Wrap the base 1.5 cm wide Adan in a size that fits your wrist. Wrap it tightly so that it does not come loose The point is, but it's surprisingly difficult! Try again several times to resize.

Once the size is decided, stop it with clothespins and cut the tip of Adan into three pieces. The size of the checkered pattern will be different, so Cut the width of 3 pieces evenly It seems that this is the key to making it beautifully.

The editorial department C who cut the first one into very small pieces and shouted "Oh! I failed!"
Then Mr. Yonamine says, "It's okay! That's also individuality!" Easy···.

Next, weave the 0.5 cm wide Adan into the 1.5 cm wide Adan. Continue knitting while pulling so that it does not loosen.

If Adan dries on the way, Moisten with a spray bottle I will knit.

Online tour experience: Okinawa / Akajima

It takes about 30 minutes to knit with mokumoku.

Online tour experience: Okinawa / Akajima

Carefully insert the tip of Adan with a bamboo skewer ... Completed!

Feeling natural Is cute. The checkered pattern is not even, but I like it because of its taste!

Impressions of participating in the bracelet experience made from Adan leaves

Online tour experience: Okinawa / Akajima

Before joining, the editorial department C was worried because he was very clumsy and was worried that he could keep up.
However, Mr. Yonamine is very Slowly and politely The bracelet was completed successfully because it will tell you!

There is also a video Therefore, it is safe for people who want to make it while slowly reviewing it.

The work of weaving Adan was very fun, and when I realized it, I forgot about my daily life and was absorbed in it.

People who are interested in Okinawa, natural general merchandise or accessories , Manufacturing If you like, please join us. Join with friends It is also recommended to try it!

Atelier Tokoi

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