[Online tour coverage] Recommended! A new sensation guided tour around Narita Airport 3 courses with ZOOM!

[Online tour coverage] Recommended! A new sensation guided tour around Narita Airport 3 courses with ZOOM!

In this era, you can remote work meetings, drinking parties with friends, and even conversations with your grandparents who live apart.

While it is convenient to be able to communicate remotely, the desire to go out without hesitation is increasing day by day.

At such a perfect timing Enjoy on the Internet at Activity Japan " Online tour " Service started So I immediately tried to participate.

Although I had half expectations and half anxiety, The reservation method was easy and it was more fun than I thought I would actually participate. So I will report on the experience!

Click here for the online tour I participated in this time

[Online Tour Operator Talk] Narita Airport Guided Tour 3 Courses Guided Together
Experience tour contents
"Online Tour Operator Talk" series by Tsuneji Saito, who has the qualifications of "Domestic Travel Business Handling Manager" and "Itinerary Manager"
Experience fee
Per person 1,000 Yen (tax included) ~
Participation target age limit
13-80 years old
Tour period
★ This experience will be held online (ZOOM). ★ It is not the actual venue. Please be careful.

Narita Airport tour using ZOOM! ??

I chose this time Enjoy a tour of Narita Airport using ZOOM Online tour.

For the first time, I was thrilled in front of my computer, but the experience tour started immediately.

After greeting the participants, first of all Review how to access Narita Airport using a map From.

With episodes such as the rival JR and Keisei Main Line, and the newly added Keisei Narita Airport Line (Narita Sky Access) Proceed in quiz format Will be done.

There are three main ways to get to Narita Airport from Tokyo, Can you answer what route you take to access the airport?

・ Narita Express (NEX) and rapid trains
・ Keisei Skyliner and Access Limited Express
・ Keisei Limited Express Series

I can't answer this unexpectedly ... bitter smile

In fact, when I go to Narita Airport, I'm so full of my mind about the trip ahead that I don't remember the train.

Then, based on the episode when the transportation network was completely paralyzed by the previous typhoon, the explanation of the distance from Narita Airport to Narita Station / Keisei Narita Station and the way on foot will continue.

Anyway, this tour has the tour operator qualification of "domestic travel business handling manager" and "itinerary manager" Tour guide Tsuneji Saito's light talk is the best ..

Thanks to that, although I am still nervous about the online tour itself, the tour will continue to be fun. ..

Impressions so far:
Interesting because I didn't care about the way to the airport
I'm still nervous about the online tour itself

What is the illusory "Narita Shinkansen Plan"?

Next, while moving to "Narita Yukawa Station" on the Keisei Narita Sky Access Line, We will visit the remains of the illusory "Narita Shinkansen Project".

Extremely low number of passengers per day Why this station is so popular with railroad fans Do you know that there is?

From this area, the tour guide, Tsuneji Saito, who is also a railroad fan, gained momentum in the trivia-like explanation, and the impression that the tour itself was interesting and acceleratord.

It's all about the Narita Skyliner passing through "Narita Yukawa Station", but the answer is Take an online tour I hope you enjoy it. The hint is the best in Japan ...

Up to here Experience time about 30 minutes, the end of the first half is. If you notice it, it's fun and in no time!

Since I will be in a state of concentrating on my computer and smartphone all the time, everyone is doing preventive exercises for economy class syndrome.

This kind of consideration is also a nice point for unfamiliar online tours.

Impressions so far:
As the tour content gets deeper, the fun increases
At this point the tension on the online tour has eased

Thorough introduction of the highlights of the Narita Airport tour

Alright, The second half of the online tour is finally inside Narita Airport ..

Positional relationship of Terminals 1 to 3 and each Detailed explanation of features and highlights Will do it.

To avoid spoilers, the topics are roughly like this.

・ How much is the airport usage fee for private jets?
・ If you look at an airplane, "Terminal 1" Why?
・ What is in "Terminal 2", which is popular with children?
・ What are the features of "Terminal 3" that won the Good Design Award?

Until now it was only a time killer Lots of information that makes Narita Airport many times more fun Contents!

Explained at the beginning of this section It is useful to know "the best way to deal with the mistake of boarding terminal and getting off station" maybe.

Also, while being located in the middle of Narita Airport The secret of "Higashi Narita Station", which is called an unexplored station Also, the fare between Narita and Sapporo is 78 yen using LCC! ?? How to book a great flight and so on, Tour guide, Tsuneji Saito's bean knowledge The tour goes to the end while sandwiching.

Impressions so far:
This is Honmaru! The information inside Narita Airport is full of useful information
The tour guide is good at how to proceed and the story comes in quickly

Experience tour goal to Shibayama Chiyoda Station

Finally To "Shibayama Chiyoda Station" which is the goal point I will head to.

A free shuttle bus runs 24 hours from Terminal 2 to this station A tour guide's recommended spot called "Sora no Yu" But.

The experience tour of about 1 hour will explain in detail the recommended points when using Narita Airport for overseas travel etc. and the "Flightradar24" that is reflected on the TV, which is the biggest feature of this "Sora no Yu". It will be the end.

Impressions so far:
Probably after the tour, I'm a fan of tour guide Tsuneji Saito!

After the first online tour

So on this page " [Online Tour Operator Talk] Narita Airport Guided Tour 3 Courses Guided Together " I wrote the experience coverage of.

While paying attention to spoilers, I was introduced in a hurry, but how was it?

As a frank impression, if this content is 1,000 yen (tax included), it's ant at all! Invite more family Actual guided tour I also wanted to participate in.

In addition to the tour contents that you can learn that you can not usually know, The appeal of this plan lies in the personality of the tour guide, Tsuneji Saito, and how to proceed with the tour carefully. I feel that.

You can feel free to experience it at home, so please find time and have fun.

Finally, we asked Mr. Tsuneji Saito, who was a fun guide this time, about the recommended points of this online tour.

Comment from Mr. Tsuneji Saito
This "Online Tour Guide Talk" series can be reserved for 3 or more people and can be reserved. The other day, a chartered group of four colleagues from the company asked at the beginning, "Can I listen while drinking beer?" On this day, we went on with a friendly drink. It was the first time for me to have such a pattern, so it felt like a combined version of the trendy "online drinking party" and "online experience". This is the merit of an "online experience" that allows you to easily participate from home.

In the "Online Tour Operator Talk" series, in addition to "Narita Airport Guided Tour 3 Courses Guided Together", in 2019, a total of hundreds of inbound and Japanese people were introduced to the real experience. Shinkansen guided tour 3 courses together There is also. We are actively responding to request reservations, so please join us!

Experience tour information introduced on this page


[Online experience] Narita Airport preparation online tour★1000 yen discount when participating in the local tour★Single reservation OK

Learning ing Co., Ltd.
Akihabara / Kanda / Suidobashi
1,800 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 4.7
  • (41 reviews and experiences)

★Participants of this online tour can participate in the "Narita Airport tour (early tour of Terminal 3)" held locally at a discount of 1,000 yen for adults.Please see the details below★One day as the front door connecting Japan and the world Narita International Airport, where more than 100,000 people come and go each year, is home to a variety of attractions from all over Japan, from popular souvenirs to art and subculture.

Shop information introduced on this page

location 1-1-2-9-502 Nakadai, Narita City, Chiba Prefecture
business hours
Regular holiday

Tsuneji Saito, the representative of Railfan Guide (Learning ing Co., Ltd.), has acquired domestic travel business handling manager, itinerary management chief, etc. besides the IT industry, and has experience as a tour conductor for HIS tours. Released in March 2019, the industry's first highly rated Amazon! Wrote an Airbnb experience host and various guide matching service commentary book "A book that can be an inbound tour guide without qualification". From 2018, "Shinkansen guided tour" will be provided to inbound tourists and Japanese people at Tokyo Station on Airbnb, TripAdvisor, TABICA, etc., and will become very popular. 2019 Started original "Narita Airport Tour". Many lectures such as guide practical training for "Sharing Economy Promotion Project" in Chiba City.

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