[ONLINE experience interview] Recommended! Narita new sense guided tour around the airport 3 course in the ZOOM!

[ONLINE experience interview] Recommended! Narita new sense guided tour around the airport 3 course in the ZOOM!

In this era, you can have remote meetings for business, drinking with friends, and even talking with grandparents who live apart.

The convenience of being able to communicate remotely, but the desire to go out without hesitation increases day by day.

At such a perfect timing, Enjoy on the Internet at Activity Japan " ONLINE experience " Service will start So I decided to join right away.

Although I was half expected and anxious, It was fun to make a reservation and I thought that I would actually participate more So I will report on the situation!

Click here for the ONLINE experience tour I participated in this time

[ONLINE tour operator talk] Narita Airport Guided Tour 3 course guide
Experience tour content
" Japan tour operator handling manager" and "travel manager chief" Tsuneharu Saito's "ONLINE tour operator talk" series
Experience fee
Per person 1,000 yen (tax included)〜
Participation Target age restriction
13 to 80 years old
Tour Duration
★This experience will be held at ONLINE (ZOOM). ★It is not the actual venue. Please be careful.

Use the ZOOM Narita Airport tour! ?

I chose this time Use the ZOOM Narita enjoy tour of the airport ONLINE experience tour.

For the first time, the excursion tour will start right away, even though I'm thrilled in front of the computer.

After finishing the greetings with the participants Use the map Narita recap of the access way to the airport From.

That of a rival JR and Keisei main line, newly added Keisei Narita Airport Line (Narita along with some episodes such as that of Sky access), Progress in quiz format Will be done.

Tokyo from the direction Narita from the airport There are three main types of Directions, Can you answer what route you are using to access the airport?

・ Narita Express (NEX) and rapid
・Keisei Skyliner and access limited express
・Keisei Limited Express Series

This is an unexpected answer... bitter smile

In fact, Narita when you go to the airport, but it is not in the memory My God in the train filled the head by its previous trip lol

Then, based on the episode when the transportation network in the previous typhoon was completely paralyzed, Narita from the airport Narita Station, Keisei Narita about the way in the sense of distance and walk to the Train Station Explanations follows.

Anyway, I have a tour operator qualification as a "Japan travel business manager" and a "journey manager" Tour guide Saito Tsuneharu's light talk is the best ..

As a result, although I am still nervous about the ONLINE experience itself, the fun tour will continue.

Impressions so far:
It's interesting because I didn't mind the way to the airport
Still nervous about the ONLINE experience tour itself

What is the illusory "Narita Shinkansen Plan"?

Next, while moving to Keisei Narita Sky Access Line "Narita Yukawa Station", Tour the remains of the illusory "Narita Shinkansen Project".

Extremely low number of passengers per day The reason why this station is popular with railway fans Do you know that there is?

From around here, the tour guide, Tsuneji Saito, who is also a railroad fan, gave a momentum to the trivia Explanations, and the impression that the fun of the tour itself was also accelerated.

It's about wearing the Narita Skyliner passing through Narita Yukawa Station, but the answer is ONLINE experience tour I hope you enjoy it. The hint is the best in Japan...

So far Experience time about 30 minutes, the end of the first half is. If you notice it, it will be fun and in no time!

I'm always looking at my computer and smartphone all the time, so everyone is doing gymnastics preventative exercises for economy class syndrome.

This kind of concern is also a nice point in an unfamiliar ONLINE experience tour.

Impressions so far:
As the tour content gets deeper, the fun will increase
At this point the tension on the ONLINE experience has eased

Narita introduce thorough attractions airport tour

Alright, ONLINE experience tour the second half finally Narita to internal Airport ..

Positional relationship between Terminals 1 to 3 and each Detailed Explanations features and highlights Will do it.

To avoid spoilers, here is a rough overview of topics.

・How much is the private jet airport fee?
・If you look at an airplane, why is "Terminal 1"?
・What is “Terminal 2” popular with children?
・Won the Good Design Award What are the characteristics of "Terminal 3"?

Until now, it was only time killing Narita lots is information that the airport is fun and many times Content!

Explanations at the beginning of this section It's useful to know "the best way to deal with getting the wrong boarding terminal and getting off station" maybe.

In addition, Narita while located in the middle of the airport "East is called the station of unexplored region Narita secret of the station" And the fare between Narita and Sapporo is 78 yen using LCC! ? How to book a flight ticket And so on, Tour guide, Tsuneharu Saito's tips The tour goes to the final stage while sandwiching.

Impressions so far:
This is Honmaru! Narita Airport interior of the information is full of information that is to Tame
The tour guide's method is good and the story comes in quickly

Goal of experience tour To Shibayama Chiyoda Station

Finally To "Shibayama Chiyoda Station" which is the goal point I will go to.

At this station, where a free shuttle bus operates from the 2nd Airport Terminal for 24 hours, Tour guide recommended spot called "Kora no Yu" But.

In overseas travel, etc. Narita maximum of reflected to a certain TV also a feature "Flightradar24" detail to that of the recommended point and this when using the airport "empty hot water" Explanations about 1 hour more experience tour me to the It will be finished.

Impressions so far:
Probably after the tour is over, I became a fan of the tour guide, Tsuneharu Saito!

After the first ONLINE experience

So on this page " [ONLINE Tour Talk] Narita Airport Guided Tour 3 Courses " I wrote the experience coverage of.

While keeping an eye on spoilers, it was in the form of introducing you in a hurry. How was it?

As a straightforward impression, if this content is 1,000 yen (tax included), it is ant at all! Inviting more families Actual guided tour I also wanted to participate in.

While not only the tour contents that you can get learning that you can not usually know, This Attraction of the plan is in the personality of the tour guide, Tsuneharu Saito, and how to proceed carefully. I feel

You can feel free to experience it at home, so please come and enjoy it!

Lastly, I asked Tsuneharu Saito, who gave me a fun guide this time, about the recommended points for this ONLINE experience tour.

Comment from Tsuneharu Saito
This "ONLINE tour operator talk" series is Reservation request of three people more, and it is also possible to hold it privately. A charter group of four colleagues at the company the other day asked at the beginning, "Can I listen while drinking beer?" On this day, I proceeded with a spirit of worship. This was the first time I had seen such a pattern, so it felt like a merged version of the popular "ONLINE drinking party" and "ONLINE experience". This is the merit of "ONLINE experience" that you can easily participate from home.

In addition to "Narita Airport Guided Tour 3 Courses Together", "ONLINE Tour Talk" series includes 2019, Which introduced us to a real experience, Shinkansen guided tour 3 courses together guide There is also. We are actively responding to Reservation request, so please join us!

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成田空港は、アクセスの良さや交通費は、羽田空港にかないません。しかし、飛行機に乗るだけでなく、観光として考えるなら、成田空港までの道のりもひとつの楽しさです。 このコースは、単なる「成田空港見学ツアー」ではなく、都内からの公共交通機関での移動の途中も楽しみながら、第1・第2・第3ターミナルの注目アミューズメントスポットと、歴史に埋もれつつある成田新幹線関連のスポットをご案内します。 きっと、あなたも搭乗の前後の空き時間に行ってみたくなるスポットがあるはず。 リアル体験で人気の3つの成田空港ガイドツアー『成田空港ガイドツアー<第1・第2・第3ターミナル>』『大人の成田空港ガイドツアー』『7駅周遊:6つの成田+芝山千代田駅(空の湯)』の見どころを約1時間でオンライン体験。YouTube動画とは違い、一緒に画面に書き込んだり、対話していきながら、楽しく進行します。 【2020年夏の参加者の声】 ホストさんは、成田や成田空港に関して、優しくあったかい語り口で、こちらの反応も気にかけながらわかりやすく話して下さるので、あっという間の1時間半でした。また、zoomの使い方まで丁寧に教えて頂き、ほんとにこの値段でよいの?とも思うくらいでした。 ところで、成田は幼い頃から過ごした場所でしたが、地元や空港のこと、本当に知らないことばかりでした。 ネタバレしてしまうとまずいので詳細は控えさせて頂きますが、教えて頂いたことを知っていれば、地元民も県外の人も、成田空港はアミューズメントパークとして一日中楽しめる場所だと思いました!大人も子どももそれぞれ楽しめるポイントがあるので、親子で遊びに行くのもいいかもしれません! 現在は仕事の関係から別の地にいますが、成田に今度戻るときは新幹線ではなく成田空港を利用しようと思いました。実家に戻る前に成田空港に一泊しようと思います(笑) また、個人的には、成田空港と今住んでいる所の空港を比較する楽しみもできました! 本当にありがとうございました! 【その他】 ★リクエスト予約に積極的にお応えします。3名以上は貸切開催も可能です。 ★初掲載で1ヶ月で30名以上の参加!貸切19名が参加も。

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Tsuneharu Saito, the representative of RailfanGuide (Study ing Co., Ltd.), has acquired Japan travel business handling manager, travel manager, etc., while working as an IT business, and has also been a tour operator for HIS tours. 2019 Released in March, the industry's first highly evaluated on Amazon! Airbnb experience host and various guide matching service commentary book "The book which can be an inbound tour guide even without qualification" is written. 2018 "Shinkansen Guided Tour" provided by Airbnb, Trip Advisor, TABICA, etc. at Tokyo station for inbound and Japanese, adult. 2019 Original "Narita airport tour" started. Chiba City “Sharing Economy Promotion Project” Guide Many lectures including practical training.