Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) in Kanagawa

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The past few years, surfing and sea kayaking, reduce the snorkeling, water sports "SUP (Stand Up Paddle)", which is popular all over the world (SUP is that there is stability, that of the big board.) Can experience the recommended plan to look for, to analyze a variety of plan information that is published by the nation's largest activity comparison and booking site "Asobyu", it will introduce the market feeling and the target age range of the fee (tax included) for each school. Please refer to the leisure by all means. Generally, SUP is all ages, but different age can participate by the plan. In addition, all of the courses in the basic rules and manners at sea, you must also learn about the dangers avoidance of the way. Because it uses a special board that combines sufficient buoyancy and strength that has been developed for beginners only, anyone standing immediately to the board, it is possible to punt. So you use an all-in slightly larger type of board than surfboards, also can ride a wave that does not ride a long board, also, you can also cruising the surface of the water in the canoe sense even if there is no wave. Estimated travel time is about 2 hours. Everyone and can enjoy convenience, tempered the sense of balance, from the fact that there is also a shape-up effect, is also recommended as a woman of fitness purpose! In addition, polishing the paddling techniques, step turns and board control, and level up the 漕力, touring and surfing, corresponding such as to race, (about half a day duration) skills classes that enhance the enjoyment of SUP is also available. Board is also plan that can be rented, but a beginner, first if that like to play in a variety of locations, there is no doubt if you buy a convenient inflatable of the board to carry and storage. The board is quite different sense of stability depending on the size. If a beginner, length 10ft (about 3m) or more, width 32inch (about 81cm) or more, the thickness if inflatable board is safe if 5inch (about 13cm) before and after. It becomes a space-saving if passed through the air by an inflatable. As a disadvantage, it is about to increase the weight and thickness than the usual urethane foam board. Of aluminum material board it is lightweight, but the price will beam.

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