Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) in Kansai

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SUP and is also referred to) from the stand-up paddle ((Stand up paddle surfing, on their own on a big long board similar to a surf board Standing while balancing, is a marine sports paddling the water with the ol. Maui, etc. without going overseas resort, has been held and experience school on the coast of the beginning nationwide Okinawa. normally, the weight of the body of the board to use in stand-up paddle as much as 12㎏ ~ 17kg, strength and stability sex to have excellent seems to be kind of like (storage is direct sunlight in a place not exposed). cruising for and for the race. in the experience course, until the elderly from children over 11 years of age, from the staff before departure only receive a lecture, swimming is not good people and is recommended point point that can be enjoyed by even a little bit of practice for beginners. stand up Using the board for Pubadoru, recently also SUP fishing to enjoy the fishing while balancing on an unstable state board it seems to have attracted attention.

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