Okinawa in Canoe

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Be mentioned in one of the most popular in Okinawa marine sports is the canoe. Can enjoy the best of the tropical landscape and the blue sea, there is a program that can participate willingly in elementary school. However, also because there is a place that is provided with the various age-restricted by the area, must be confirmed. Okinawa is the time of summer is necessary to sunlight measures, marked with instructors in the canoe, you may want to wear a marine boots and Crocs. Wet also participated in swimsuit no problem, it is said that T-shirts and shorts to wear synthetic fibers above are suitable. A number of attractive courses, such as full charter or kayak riding was left coral reef can enjoy plan is introduced, in the north called Yanbaru have left many natural, such as mountains and forests, the country designated natural monument that inhabit There is also a "Okinawa Rail" exploration tour. There is also a plan, such as with family and transfers, will differ somewhat also charge by type, please try to check the details such as the contents and the meeting place at the time of reservation. In particular the timing of December with the exception of New Year holidays in the winter season is said to be able to travel cheaply. Temperature is around 20 ℃, but because in fact there is a day to feel chilly, clothing requires a certain degree of protection against the cold measures. The temperature of the sea water is warm and about 23 ℃, If you're the weather, you can enjoy canoeing and diving.

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