カヤック&サップ イーズ のギャラリー
カヤック&サップ イーズ のギャラリー
カヤック&サップ イーズ のギャラリー
カヤック&サップ イーズ のギャラリー
カヤック&サップ イーズ のギャラリー
カヤック&サップ イーズ のギャラリー
カヤック&サップ イーズ のギャラリー
カヤック&サップ イーズ のギャラリー

カヤック&サップ イーズ

カヤック&サップ イーズ features

Okinawa If you want to observe the mangrove at Ease!
Okinawa If you feel the nature of Kayak Or Sap is the best. Kayak The view from the river is a viewpoint close to the water surface, rivers, mangroves and sky Okinawa It feels like the richness of nature, Sap approaches mangrove and subtropical plants while feeling the feeling of standing on the water!
Not only mangrove plants in the field Okinawa The banyan tree representing From a big figure sticking out to the river to a power spot. If you ask about something, something wonderful will happen? Attention is also paid to the creatures that appear on the riverbank!
I can not enjoy it in my daily life or sightseeing Okinawa Enjoy the world of the river of

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カヤック&サップ イーズ staff introduction

  • Yamazaki Tsubasa(ヤマザキ ツバサ) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:Kayak guide

    Young Hope is proud to be similar to various entertainers!
    The rest is said to be Dr. Biology, so there is no shortage of maniac topics. The pleasure of knowing something you don't know, you can't stop!
    Especially love for bats is not a hampa.
    By the way, I believe that it is a cute character by myself (laughs)

    Hobbies: Observation of organisms and breeding

  • Naoya Warrior(ムシャ ナオヤ) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:Kayak guide

    This unusual name is the first thing that catches your eye.
    Have you ever heard of a samurai surname?
    Although it is a good-blooded family that draws the blood of a samurai, it is a natural healing boy that cannot be considered a descendant of the samurai.
    It has a reputation for being cute! ?
    It has a reputation for polite guiding as well as youth.
    A warrior joke that bursts occasionally, no doubt!

    Hobby: Fishing

  • Retsu Ito(イトウ レツ) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:Kayak guide

    Let ’s go!
    My eyes are thin and it looks a little ugly, but it's very kind (laughs)
    I love the camera and have a treasure eye on my holiday Okinawa A journey.
    If you have any trouble taking photos, let's go to Let's!
    Come to see young Hope who loves nature.

    Hobbies: photography, camera mess

  • Hashiura Tenshin(ハシウラ テンシン) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:Kayak guide

    A redneck from Tohoku. I like Okinawa so much that I ran away from the cold area lol My hobby is shooting wild birds! I plan to continue living in Okinawa until I capture all the wild birds in Okinawa! Lol When it comes to wild birds, I have a habit of talking hotly or not! ?? If you are interested in wild birds, please let us know! Hobbies: Wild bird photography Birthplace: Miyagi

Information on カヤック&サップ イーズ

Selling points regarding safety Avoid 3 dense!
We have applied antibacterial sterilization in the store.
We have reduced the number of tables to ensure social distance.
Every customer cleans the table, Changing room, toilet, etc. with sanitized water.
The staff's mask is thoroughly worn.
We check the physical condition before work and thoroughly check the temperature.

For greater peace of mind and security!
Customers with the symptoms of less should refrain from participating in the tour. Please note that we may refrain from participating due to the judgment of the staff.
Those who have a fever of 37.5℃ more, or those who continue to have a fever
Those who have cold symptoms (fever, cough, sneezing, sore throat, etc.)
Those who have strong drowsiness (malaise) or dyspnea (dyspnea)
People who have new coronavirus infections or close contacts
Those who have not entered 14 days after entering the country/region where the government has immigration restrictions
Other, if you are worried about your physical condition
We kindly ask customers who participate in the tour to wear masks. Of course, a cloth mask is also okay. If you do not have a mask, please ask the staff.
Please help us disinfect your fingers. We have sterilized water (hypochlorous acid water) that you can use freely at each table, in front of reception, toilet, Changing room.
Please come in clothes that can participate in the tour when you meet. You can use Changing room, but in order to avoid congestion, please wear clothes that do not need to be changed. At the end of the tour, you can use Changing room.
If the inside of the store is likely to be crowded, we may have a reception desk or Explanations on the terrace or in your car.

カヤック&サップ イーズ access - operating hours

566-15 Mizugama, Kadena-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa
Operating hours 8:00 to 20:00
Regular holidays No holidays
Remarks Ease offers leisure services such as Kayak tours and sap tours. I would like you to enjoy nature in Okinawa in various styles. I would like you to spare your precious time in Okinawa trip. Even after your arrival, even in between sightseeing, and even early morning, Sun even your time of entering and, we offer a plan of which you can participate at your convenience, hope customers. Those who are experiencing nature experience are also welcome. Please feel free to inquire.

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