Jet ski/Water ski in Okinawa

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Leisure in the query rush! Marine Sports recommended in Okinawa Prefecture, let's challenge to the popularity of the jet ski and personal watercraft, watercraft! Also you will find bikes, etc. of hope so kind to rent also are abundantly. It is often required is when the small vessel of a driver's license, but also a license there is no person there is a possible participation course. Since the jet ski three-seater, someone one person is okay if you have a license. To prepare a life jacket may also experience course for touring the area of ??the cave of uninhabited islands and blue in a jet ski. Veteran staff to Customer satisfaction you have will guide so you can enjoy with confidence from children to beginners. Others, such as banana boat and wake board that can be while playing on the beach side there is also a plan and options as a set as well. Reservation is a personal computer, just not set location and rates, time, change, contents, etc., because it is all right even on the phone mobile, please contact us, such as the staff. Please ask, such as whether to join the style and insurance Playing your own at the time of acceptance!

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