[2022] Obon holiday | When will the period start? Announcing calendars and popular tour activities!

[2022] Obon holiday | When will the period start? Announcing calendars and popular tour activities!
Activity Japan editorial department

When the topic of the rainy season is heard, summer I feel that is approaching.
2022 " Buddhist vacation Where are you going?

There is a summer vacation at school and a Bon holiday for companies and companies August Is just right Travel season!
Travel and leisure will be the most popular throughout the year, including day trips, and the demand for tours / activities on the road will increase.
In this article, we will introduce you to the calendar for August 2022 and popular travel destinations and hands-on tours during the Obon period. In addition, the customs and regional differences of the Urabone, etc. Obon bean knowledge I will explain in detail about!

By region and period within the "Activity Japan" site, which handles reservations for play and experiences nationwide Activity reservation ranking Will also be announced. Please use it for your outing plan for the Obon season!

From when to when is the Obon holiday in 2022?

2022 Obon calendar

2022 August of Weeks 2 to 3 To Days of the week / holidays Is like this.

"Obon holiday" is 4 days from August 13th to August 16th Is common. This is based on customs, but also in Japan Slightly different depending on the region It is said that.
We will explain the regional differences in detail later!

6 consecutive holidays or 11 consecutive holidays are possible in 2022!

6 consecutive holidays in 2022

As mentioned above August 13th-August 16th Is commonly referred to as "Obon holiday". For general companies and factories with production lines, spend these 4 days Rest all at once It seems that there are many cases.

2021 was irregularly changed to August 10th, but August 11th was " Mountain day It is a holiday. Since it is a weekday before and after August 11 (Thursday / Mountain Day),
■ If you take a vacation on August 12th (Friday) 6 consecutive holidays until Tuesday, August 16
■ Furthermore, from August 8th (Monday) to August 10th (Wednesday) If you can add 3 days of vacation, up to 11 consecutive holidays
The schedule is like this!

Please consider your workplace calendar and make a summer outing plan!

About public transportation, government offices, financial / medical institutions during Obon holidays

About public transportation, government offices, financial / medical institutions during Obon holidays

Some public transportation services are operated on temporary or special timetables during the Obon holidays.
Especially for fixed-route buses, everything during the Obon period Temporary timetables and holiday timetables It seems that it often becomes. Be careful when using a bus on a route or destination that you do not normally use.

For government offices and financial institutions, in principle, including counters and ATMs According to the calendar Business is carried out.
Medical institutions vary depending on the hospital / clinic. There are many hospitals and clinics that are closed for a long time before and after the Obon period.
During the Obon period, Family doctor is closed Don't forget to check if you do!

Let's know Obon!

What is Obon in the first place?

in the first place

Obon is an important event that has been handed down from ancient times in Japan to worship the spirits of our ancestors. Its etymology is the Buddhist term "" Urabone Is abbreviated.

In the Edo period, the custom that a servant took a vacation from his husband for an Obon event and returned to his parents is now " Buddhist vacation "or" Summer homecoming It seems that it remained in the form of.

Time and area to reach Obon
    July 13th-July 16th (Shinbon) ・ ・ ・ Tokyo, Kanagawa, etc.
    July 31st-August 2nd ・ ・ ・ Some areas around Tama, Tokyo
    August 13-August 16 (former Bon) ・ ・ ・ Areas other than the above and Okinawa / Amami region
    Mid-August to early September ... Okinawa / Amami region

I often hear "new tray" and "old tray", but what is the difference? This is Meiji Restoration calendar reform Is deeply involved.
"Sun lunar calendar (Tenpo history)" that was used until then in the Meiji era = Lunar calendar "Is the solar calendar (Gregorian calendar) = New calendar The "calendar reform" was carried out, and the date of the calendar was shifted by about one month.
Since ancient times, Obon has been on July 15th of the lunar calendar (currently). August 15 ), But due to the calendar reform,

● Areas where the Obon implementation time was changed while keeping the date on the calendar
Shinbon (currently around July 15)
● Area where the date on the calendar was changed while the implementation time of Obon remains the same
Old tray (currently around August 15)

Is said to have appeared respectively.

Currently nationwide "Old Bon" in August It seems that there are many areas where Bon events are held.

Obon custom

Obon customs Gozan no Okuribi, Kyoto

Mukaebi / okuribi

Obon is a time when it is said that the spirits of our ancestors return home once a year.
"Burning as a mark so that ancestors can go home without hesitation" Mukaebi ", To see off the ancestors," Okubiri "is.

Gozan no Okuribi, Kyoto, known as "Capital Yaki," is also an event to see off spirits.

Spirit horse

"Decorate vegetables such as cucumbers and eggplants as horses and cows" Spirit horse ".
These are said to be the "vehicles" for ancestors to return home.

It is often made using toothpicks and disposable chopsticks, but in the past, the legs were made from peeled hemp stalks called "ogara". It seems that Ogara may be lined up in stores such as home improvement stores during the Obon season.

Lantern sink

" Toro nagashi Is an event to throw lanterns and offerings into the sea and rivers to mourn the spirits of our ancestors.
It is also said to be a type of okuribi.

Not only is it a memorial service for the deceased and ancestors, but since Obon is close to the day of the atomic bomb and the anniversary of the end of the war, there is also a side where lanterns are washed away with a prayer for peace.

a visit to a grave

Not limited to Obon, it is also an annual event " a visit to a grave Is also one of the most familiar events we have as a memorial service for our ancestors.
It seems that the above-mentioned mukaebi and okuribi may be burned at the grave.

The grave is far away, and many people may not be able to visit it easily. When you return home in Obon, why not visit the grave to honor your ancestors and pray for the health and well-being of your family.

Bon dance

" Bon dance Is originally a sacred event that dances to comfort the spirits of ancestors who have arrived in Obon.
Nowadays, it has become one of the traditions that color summer in Japan.

"Awa Dance" in Tokushima and "Eisa" in Okinawa and Kagoshima / Amami regions are also Bon festival dances in each region.

Popular experience tour / plan for Obon holidays

Popular experience tour / plan trip image photo of Obon holiday

Originally, Obon is A period of prayer, gratitude and offerings to the spirits of our ancestors However, many people go on trips during work or school holidays, and now they go on trips. Obon = Top season of travel It has become.

here, Experience tours and plans that are popular during the Obon holidays Introducing!

Many reservations and inquiries are expected for each plan implemented during the summer vacation and Obon period. We recommend that you make an early reservation after checking the availability of the schedule!

Same-day reservation is OK! Blue Cave Snorkel [Okinawa / Cape Maeda] GoPro Photographing & Feeding Free English Guide Available! Super summer sale in progress!

Blue Cave, Onna Village
3,240 Circle 1,000 Yen ~ (tax included)
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-Corona infection control- # Sterilization of the equipment used with alcohol and hypochloric acid. # 3 Keep intervals in a spacious outdoor facility that avoids congestion.-GO TO Regional common coupon dealer! -Okinawa's No. 1 snorkeling spot! Easy in "Blue Cave"

スーパーサマーセール実施中【Okinawa・青of洞窟・ボート体験diving】最新GoPro10★手ぶら参加OK★ 楽々安心ボート便★高画質写真動画無料

Diving shop Nagomi
Blue Cave, Onna Village
10,500 Circle 3,980 Yen ~ (tax included)
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@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Popular boat diving plan @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Reasons for recommending a boat diving plan Advantages 1. You don't have to carry heavy equipment of about 20kg on your back. The blue cave beach plan has more than 80 steps up and down, so even an instructor can have a hard time. If it's a boat

[Hokkaido, Otaru] Blue Cave | Adventure cruise of the famous captain! One person can participate for the price of two people! Moreover, if there are other customers in the field, one person will be refunded!

Otaru, Kiroro, Shakotan
4,980 Yen ~ (tax included)
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A tour aiming for [Blue Cave] while listening to stories about the unknown nature, history and culture of Otaru! We will guide you to [inside the blue cave] while you are on the boat. All weather (type with cabin) There is also an open deck space where you can enjoy a comfortable cruise even on rainy days without splashing waves, and you can feel the sea breeze. Safe for small children

Popular No.1 set course !! [Okinawa / Blue Cave Diving & Parasailing] Underwater photography is available for free with GoPro.

Diving shop mensore (Okinawa diving mensore)
Blue Cave, Onna Village
18,600 Circle 9,980 Yen ~ (tax included)
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Regional common coupons (paper coupons only) are now available. -Reliable corona infection control- (1) Sterilization of the equipment used with alcohol and hypochloric acid (2) (3) Keeping intervals in a spacious outdoor facility that avoids congestion (3) We provide course guidance with masks as much as possible. Popular activity [Diving and parasailing in Blue Cave] is now available as a set course

[Yamanashi / Lake Yamanaka] Advantageous set flyboard 15 minutes + hurricane boat (group discount available)

Hakutaka Marin
Lake Yamanaka / Oshino
7,850 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 5.0
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You can experience the latest screaming marine activity "Hurricane Boat" and the floating experience "Flyboard" at a great set price! !! It's a great set price, so please use it ♪ There is an empty-handed BBQ option! (5 groups limited to 1 day) After enjoying BBQ together, you can experience activities

[Free up to 3 years old] 1 group charter system Blue Cave Snorkel << Participation is possible from 2 to 70 years old >> First-timers and those who are not good at swimming are also OK! Super summer sale in progress!

Diving shop Ryo
Blue Cave, Onna Village
4,900 Circle 3,900 Yen ~ (tax included)
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Only once in a lifetime, both in the summer of 2 and in the summer of 5. It is a popular snorkeling plan for families, couples, friends, Okinawa trips, and families with young children as the best memories of this trip. I'm worried because my child is small, the first time in the sea, rather my dad and mom can't swim. !! The instructor in charge is large as well as children

[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] 3 popular spots ★ 《Kabira Bay + Blue Cave + Waterfall》 Snorkel Tour Satisfaction 120% Equipment available (4 hours) Super Summer Sale in progress

Ishigaki Island Tour Guide All Blue
Ishigaki Island
13,500 Circle 6,000 Yen ~ (tax included)
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◉ Participation on the first day is recommended! With coupons that make it cheaper for ships going to remote islands, Taketomi buffalo carts, souvenirs, etc.! ◉ Free parking lot Club house facility use is also free ♪ ◉ A lot of sea turtles, bear minimo, fish coral! Kabira Bay, Blue Cave, Mysterious Waterfall, 3 major spots Satisfaction 120% course! Ishigaki Island is the first time to move in the car with a fun guide and enter the beach

[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] Very popular! Manta ray and sea turtle snorkel ★ OK from 2 years old (3 hours)

Ishigaki Seaside Hotel
Ishigaki Island
8,980 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 4.2
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The most popular tour with over 2,000 participants every year! !! The depth of the water where manta rays are swimming is about 3 to 10 meters, and you can see it even by snorkeling from the surface of the water. If you come to Ishigaki Island! Experience the mysterious and dynamic experience of Ishigaki Island, the sanctuary of Manta Rays! !! ~ Flow of the day ~ ① Departure from the hotel ② Snorkel training on board

[Okinawa / Miyakojima] A commemorative photo with a perfect starry sky! Starry Sky Photo / Starry Sky Location Photo [Cameraman born in Miyakojima]

Miyakojima Photo
Miyakojima (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
5,000 Circle 4,000 Yen ~ (tax included)
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I'm a cameraman from Miyakojima. Why don't you take a picture with a wonderful starry sky on Miyakojima? Couples, families, friends in the Milky Way in the summer, Orion in the winter Make this trip a lifetime memory ☆

[Kanagawa / Yokohama] Feel free to go fishing for horse mackerel "Half-day boat fishing course" Beginners, women and children are welcome! Empty-handed OK

No. 2 Kamoshitamaru
6,000 Yen ~ (tax included)
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◆ Plan explanation It is a popular plan aiming for horse mackerel that even beginners, women and children can easily catch in Tokyo Bay. I'm glad that you can choose from the morning and afternoon events! In addition, beginners can also receive a lecture from a fun boatman who loves the sea! Please feel free to join us! Women and children (up to junior high school students) are usually 6,000 yen ⇒ 4,000 yen! !! "Horse mackerel(

* Based on Activity Japan 2021 reservation ranking

Popular areas / areas of Obon

Popular areas / areas of Obon

Next, on a domestic trip to go to Obon holidays Popular areas / areas Introducing!

also, Popular Of Okinawa or Hokkaido .. Amami Islands Have Kagoshima Is also popular.
Attention is Tokyo or Kanagawa , Chiba Metropolitan areas such as. As expressed by the words "cheap, near, short" Day trip without going out There is still a tendency for travel destinations to be selected as possible.

2022 Obon holiday popular area / area ranking

* Based on Activity Japan 2021 reservation ranking

Okinawa is in the summer!

Okinawa is in the summer! diving

At Activity Japan, Japan's largest activity reservation site Reservation ranking In, the number of reservations that was proudly ranked first was Okinawa area experience tour is!

Okinawa Is a tropical resort that represents Japan. Because you can get close to the sea all year round Featured travel destinations throughout the year is.
Above all Okinawa in august Then, various Marine Sports Is popular! Not only on the main island of Okinawa Miyakojima or Ishigaki Island Coupled with the tourism boom to remote island areas such as From families with small children to seniors Many people are visiting.

[Okinawa Onna Village] Super Summer Sale in progress | Churaumi Aquarium + Ryukyu Mura Admission Ticket Set Plan

Ryukyu Mura
Blue Cave, Onna Village
3,380 Circle 2,980 Yen ~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

★ Save on online reservations up to the day before ★ If you go to Churaumi Aquarium and Ryukyu Mura, you can get a set discount with Ryukyu Mura! Adults 2,980 yen ← Regular fee 3,380 yen High school students 2,250 yen ← Regular fee 2,450 yen Elementary and junior high school students 1,150 yen ← Regular fee 1,220 yen

Popular activities / leisure / experiences / tours during the Obon holidays

Popular activities / leisure / experiences / tour rafting during Obon holidays

I want to go on a trip during the Obon holidays, Where and what kind of experience would you like to have? Some people may be at a loss.
here, Popular activity ranking Introducing!

It's a good idea to decide on a destination and then look for a tour that you can experience there, but sometimes Decide on a destination with activities and tours as the main axis Is that so?

2022 Obon holiday popular activity ranking

* Based on Activity Japan 2021 reservation ranking
Experience diving (beginner OK)
SUP (SUP) stand-up paddle board
Canoe / kayak
Sea fishing / fishing boat
Ceramic art experience / ceramic art class
Surfing school
Banana boat towable tube

Marine activities are popular!

Marine activities are popular! Banana boat

Ranking As you can see from, the popularity is still " Marine activities ".
Glittering in the sun Summer sea Seems to be a fascinating place for many.

Coupled with the popularity of Okinawa, Snorkeling or diving Is in the top rank, but I recommend it Parasailing or Banana boat towable tube !!
In recent years, there are places where you can experience these activities. Spread all over the country Feel free to enjoy Marine Sports Is taking root as.

Frequently asked questions about Obon holidays

Q What are the recommended activities for Obon holidays?

A If you want to experience it during the Obon holidays, we recommend the activity where you can feel the summer! Popular activities are familiar to the sea, such as snorkeling and experience diving for beginners. For mountain leisure, how about thrilling rafting? Also, if you want to spend a relaxing Obon holiday, check out the trendy ceramic art experience.

Q What is the recommended travel destination for Obon holidays?

A During the Golden Week holidays, which are often closed for schools and companies, it is easy to take consecutive holidays, so Okinawa and Hokkaido, which are famous for being one of the leading resorts in Japan, are popular. Kagoshima, which has the Amami Islands, is also a high-ranking travel destination in the popularity ranking.Recently, there are many reservations just before departure, and attention has been focused on the hot spring areas near Kanto, Gunma and Kanagawa, and the standard destination in the Kansai area, Kyoto. I am.

Q What are you doing during the Obon holidays?

A Since ancient times, Obon has been a holiday period set up for important events such as "offering to ancestors and relatives." Nowadays, many people go on trips as well as go home during the Obon holidays, and the idea of vacations and vacations is becoming more widespread overseas. Why don't you enjoy various activities while traveling?

Q When are Obon holidays, companies, etc. closed?

A Of course, it depends on the type of job, industry, and each company, but in general, it seems that many companies have four days from August 13th to August 16th as "Obon holidays". Financial institutions and government offices do not have a special Obon holiday period, and their operations are carried out as usual. In 2022, if you can add a few days off to the Obon holidays, 11 consecutive holidays will be possible!

* Information on plans, prices, referral facilities, etc. is as of June 2022.

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