Go out for summer vacation! Cool little-known spot in Kansai

Go out for summer vacation! Cool little-known spot in Kansai

" I want to go out because it's summer vacation! "" But I don't like the heat!
I would like to recommend it to families with children, Kansai's Cool Little-Known Outing Spots featured.

Osaka , Hyogo , Nara Such, Kansai You can find them all over the country, so why not visit them?
Activities and experiences you can enjoy in Kansai We are also introducing it, so please check it out!

Summer vacation outing Cool little-known spots in Kansai 1: Caving spots, limestone caves, caves

A family enjoying a cave exploration tour by a limited company in Kansai

caving What is Activities and experiences that are gradually becoming more popular in terms of cave exploration is!
Kansai in Caving (cave exploration) The place where you can do it is rare, and it is a little-known spot that is not widely known yet.

Caving spots are not only cool, but they also tickle the adventurous spirit and curiosity of both adults and children by exploring the unknown darkness.

Wakayama or Nara Many of the caving (cave exploration) spots that can be done in Kansai such as Participation is possible from the lower grades of elementary school So it's a good idea to use it for free research during the summer vacation!

Depending on the activities and experiences being held, some caving (cave exploration) includes cave swimming (swimming and exploring inside a cave) and shower climbing (playing in a mountain stream).

Among them, cave swimming is an extraordinary and valuable experience like adventure movies and dramas.

just, People who are not good at swimming can also observe from land .
Caving Only Tour There is also, so please choose according to your taste!

[Nara, Kawakami Village] Cave diving! A full-scale adventure! To the deepest part of the mysterious transparent underground river! Nara Cave Swimming

Natural Planning Co., Ltd.
13,200 Yen~ (tax included)

You can explore underground rivers where transparent underground water flows, and get a glimpse of the world of full-scale cave diving just like in the movies! If you submerge your whole body underwater, you will have the ultimate extraordinary experience away from air, light and gravity! If you don't want to go into the water too much, you can just visit and take pictures from the land. The cave is a very clean space.

[Shiga/Hikone] Explore the maze of caves in groups! An intelligent three-dimensional maze! Shiga Caving

Natural Planning Co., Ltd.
Hikone Koto Sanzan
11,000 Yen~ (tax included)

A bit of a tour where you can enjoy caving, shower climbing, and rock climbing in one place. You can easily enjoy caving (cave exploration) with a good approach. The inside of the cave is a simple labyrinth, and you can explore it as you like. After caving, you can bathe in a clean river and see a place where underground water is springing out.

[Wakayama/Shirahama] An experience where you can meet nature and history! A sea cave exploration tour that spreads 36 meters underground! !

Sandanbeki Cave
1,350 Yen~ (tax included)

Take the elevator down to the sea cave that spreads 36 meters underground. Enjoy the dynamic scenery, ancient mysteries, and historical romance.

Summer vacation outing Cool little-known spot in Kansai 2: Game/airgun shop

Airgun shop "U2 unusual underground" in Osaka

Indoors is the best way to avoid the scorching sun and extreme heat!
Above all game air gun shop teeth, Fun & Cool Little-Known Spots Recommended for Summer Vacation is.

Board games and air guns are popular among people of all ages, from children's games to adult hobbies. There are many different types and ways to play. A specialty shop opens in Kansai doing.

board game shop if you go to Play board games from around the world . They also sell games, so if you find a game you like, you can buy it and play it at home. You can spend your summer vacation without getting bored!

airsoft shooting In facilities where you can Borrow air guns such as hand guns (gas guns) and electric machine guns (air guns) to aim at targets. . Both children and adults will be addicted to the exhilaration that cannot be experienced in everyday life.
Check below for details!

[Wakayama/Shirahama] All-you-can-play board games for 3 hours!

Board Game Shop Kinosu no Ki
1,000 Yen~ (tax included)

It is a plan where you can play board games from all over the world in the shop. This is the only shop where you can play board games around Shirahama! The appeal of board games is that both children and adults can enjoy them together. We will explain the rules from 1, so you can play with confidence.

[Wakayama/Shirahama] All-you-can-play one game 500 yen plan

Board Game Shop Kinosu no Ki
500 Yen~ (tax included)

This is the only shop around Shirahama where you can play board games from all over the world! The appeal of board games is that both children and adults can enjoy them together. We will explain the rules from 1, so you can play with confidence.

Aim and shoot! Exhilarating air gun first battle plan

U2 unusual underground
Shinsaibashi, Namba, Yotsubashi
3,300 Yen~ (tax included)

We rent electric machine guns (air guns). You can aim at the targets placed and shoot one by one with a handgun, or mow them down with a machine gun. It's also fun to hold two guns and feel like the hero of a movie or game! You can even print out a picture of someone you hate and use it as a target! Let's release your daily frustrations.

Summer vacation outing Cool little-known spots in Kansai 3: Canyoning and shower climbing spots

Children enjoying canyoning at Shizenha Kikaku Co., Ltd. in Nara

Canyoning and shower climbing teeth, Outdoor activities that use valleys with rivers and waterfalls as playgrounds is.

You can enjoy it in the same field, Canyoning is mainly for descending mountain streams, and shower climbing is mainly for climbing mountain streams. .
Both are activities where you can feel plenty of negative ions because you can enjoy it by entering the mountain stream with your whole body. is!

The excitement and exhilaration of walking through the mountain stream with your own feet is irresistible.
Even children and people with limited physical strength can play safely, taking a break at the waterfall basin on the way down the mountain stream, and enjoying the natural waterslides!

[Wakayama Kitayama River tributary] canyoning half-day tour

Kokoro Outdoor Tour
Kumano and Dorokyo
7,150 Yen~ (tax included)

It is a tour in a beautiful stream with outstanding transparency. Half day canyoning, half day recommended for sightseeing! Let's take plenty of negative ions! Photos taken during the tour will be presented!!

[Nara Canyoning] Lots of sliders! Compact and full of interesting spots! Tenkawa

Natural Planning Co., Ltd.
Yoshino and Gojo
11,000 Yen~ (tax included)

This is the royal road course of canyoning! I can recommend it to anyone. fun! Not exhausting! Natural waterslides appear one after another. The distance is short, so please challenge even those who are not confident in their physical strength! Let's have fun by sliding down on the long slider at the goal and eating the lunch boxes and snacks you brought with you!

[Shiga Canyoning] For first timers, this is the place to go! Good balance between price and content! Myo-o Valley (half day)

Natural Planning Co., Ltd.
6,000 Yen~ (tax included)

Among the numerous canyoning courses offered by naturalists, this is the cheapest price setting, and is recommended for those who are new to the tours of naturalists. Participation is possible from the first grade of elementary school, but an adult's follow-up is required.

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Summer vacation outing Cool little-known spot in Kansai 4: Manufacturing experience shop

Parents and children enjoying marine craft experience at Seaborn Art Kobe Classroom

For summer vacation, Hands-on experience is also recommended is.
If it's an indoor crafting experience, you can have fun without worrying about the temperature or weather!

Pottery experience or Marine craft experience There are various types, so please choose the experience of the genre that your child is interested in.

Pottery experience teeth, Fun and creative activities is. You can make your favorite dishes and vases within the time limit, and you will receive a detailed lecture, so even elementary school students and younger can experience it!

Marine craft experience using gifts from the sea is also a popular activity is.
You can experience making photo frames using shells, coral, and sea glass washed up on the shore. If you put a picture of when you went out during the summer vacation and decorate it in your room, it will be a very nice interior.

[Nara city pottery experience] Hand-made pottery experience-Bake all the works made with 1 kg of clay within the time! |Parent-child discount available

Doraku Cat Studio
Nara Heijo Palace Ruins
3,800 Yen~ (tax included)

You can make anything you want, such as tableware, flower vases, animals, lights, etc. All pieces that are completed within the production time (90 minutes) with 1 kg of clay are baked. There are 12 colors of glaze. You can use two colors in one container and use different colors inside and outside the container. Even if it's your first time, it's okay for children. We will guide you carefully. Completely private as it is limited to one group

[Hyogo/Kobe] Marine craft experience-Make a wonderful "photo frame" using gifts from the sea! Kids welcome☆彡

Seaborn Art Kobe Classroom
2,200 Yen~ (tax included)

★About photo frame This is a plan to make a photo frame using seashells, coral, and marine glass washed up on the coast. ●What is Seaborn Art? There is a lot of driftage on the coast, and among them there are many treasures = "gifts from the sea", where they came from. "Sea Born A

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Summer vacation outing Cool little-known spot in Kansai 5: Frolic Sea Adventure Park Awajishima

Children enjoying Frolic Sea Adventure Park Awajishima

Speaking of playing cool outdoors in the summer, playing in the water and Marine activity is the standard!

" Frolic Sea Adventure Park Awajishima "teeth, Japan's largest Marine Athletics is.
It will be open for a limited time from July 12th to September 1st, 2024 (Reiwa 6)!

The marine attractions you can enjoy at "Frolic Sea Adventure Park Awajishima" include: There are 11 more varieties than last year There are a variety of playground equipment, from standard playground equipment such as giant slides and trampolines to athletic equipment such as giant matchsticks and zigzags that test your sense of balance and speed. 43 types !

especially It was the first and only event to appear in Japan since last year, 2023 (Reiwa 5), Receives the industry's highest honor The latest attraction " Water-based "air bridge" attraction " has appeared in a different form. !
You can experience the excitement and thrills that you can only find here.

Life jackets can be rented for free and lifeguards are always on duty, so children can play with peace of mind!

Super Summer Sale 2024 [Hyogo, Awajishima] Japan's largest marine athletics! Frolic Sea Adventure Park Awajishima is getting an upgrade in 2024!

Frolic Sea Adventure Park Awajishima
Awaji Island
3,600 Yen~ (tax included)

Japan's largest marine athletics park, "2024 Frolic Sea Adventure Park Awajishima," with a Google rating of 4.8 (as of May 2024), will be returning to Awajishima's Sumoto City Ohama Beach in the summer of 2024 with a major upgrade! The excitement just keeps growing! There are 11 more super fun new attractions than last year, for a total of 43

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Go out in Kansai during your summer vacation!

Girl enjoying playing in the river during summer vacation

In the Kansai region, you can enjoy summer in rivers and seas. water activity Indoors where you can avoid intense heat, including Manufacturing experience You can enjoy various games such as

If you devise a good way to go out, it will lead to solving your child's summer vacation homework, so it is recommended.

caving There are various methods, such as making it the theme of independent research, and turning the manufacturing experience into a work of art.
Please make the most out of your summer vacation!

*The content of this article is current as of May 2024.

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