Canyon rafting in Kansai

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In the Kansai region, Kanzakigawa (Shiga Prefecture), Kitayama River tributary (Wakayama Prefecture), Yoshino (Nara Prefecture) you can enjoy the popularity of canyoning and rafting and the like. Here, the current season midst, because Here are some of the tour of canyoning down the valley in one body, by all means, please refer to the time of tour reservations and application. Beginner, intermediate course is a course setting that can swim in a river in the courses and active you can enjoy a leisurely healing of the mountain stream, is recommended for the first one. Senior is, the descent of the time waterfall and waterfall using a rope work, slider sliding down the waterfall itself, such as jump directly to the deep basin, has been holding a full-scale high-grade canyoning tour. Any of the courses, a veteran of the guide is accompanied, will guide you. Canyoning is often thought to activities that require full-scale equipment, but since has been enhanced rental of the tour company, usually, your belongings are not so many. The basic equipment of canyoning (helmet, life jacket, wear a bathing suit in a wet suit (below), dedicated shoes Globe) because there is also a tour which is rented free of charge to all those who participate, for the first time customers also cheap please Kokoroshite come (basically a change of clothes is done in the dressing room of the tour meeting place). Since it becomes a whole body soaked, please prepare a change of clothes. In addition, glasses band towards the glasses, those contacts are provided in the swimming goggles or lost, please prepare just in case the disposable spare. Canyoning is will be held even in the rain as a general rule, heavy rain and flooding, etc., if there is extremely bad weather environment may also be stopped. In addition, regardless of the weather, we have held the tour only if it is determined that it is not a dangerous situation on the safety to check the amount of water in the dam. Depending on the tour, and some services may be free gifts to everyone of the participants the photos taken on the day. The number of participants of the canyoning tour, so OK! Is from any one person in the group, you do not need to be one person just because worry. It should be noted that, because it involves a certain degree of danger to the canyoning, become a condition of participation that it is possible consideration to their own safety, in principle, more than junior high school students are eligible age. However, depending on the tour, under the guardian of the conditions, because it also becomes possible participation in elementary school children, please do not hesitate to contact us. Or in the case of canyoning stop to change the tour date, so we have to cope with that I am allowed a full refund of the fee, please understand. It should be noted that the height 2m or more, or body weight 100g or more, those of drinking from or extreme hangover You withhold the participation on safety. Activities of rooms period, schedule, level dates of course, the details such as event content, will vary depending on the tour, please contact us in advance. For reference, we introduce the general flow of the tour below. Set-accepted ⇒ with a change of clothes in the locker room, lunch ⇒ the river ⇒ hot spring ⇒ end-disbanded ⇒ green forest road to the Jacuzzi pool to get used to moving ⇒ water temperature to the local staff car hike up ⇒ the river ⇒ Kawahara

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