Things to do in Ohara/Kurama/Kifune 20Results / Popularity order

There are many temples known for power spots around Ohara . Kurama is, and that GyuuWakamaru has the training, as a place to live is Tengu, Kyoto popular tourist as power spot of the First name is the office. In addition, kifune shrine with the old history as there are many of divine favor, Sun it is said that this leading power spot. It is popular as a spot where autumn leaves and cherry blossoms can be seen from the beautiful gardens of Sanzenin 's Jukuen Garden and Kiyosen. Because there is a hiking course, you may want to watch the landscape of changing scenery while walking. Of the peripheral area in Kyoto Fri lock in毘羅mountain climbing move and lock Trek, such as body Activity is characterized. Other in persimmon dyeing and pottery also offers a number of fun plan also in the room, such as eight bridges making.


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