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[Nara / Yoshino] Canyoning half-day experience < Oga Yoshino Select Course > ♪ PM (12:30) course ♪

Etc. included in the price
  • Beginners welcome - First try
  • Meal included
  • Operate rain or shine
  • Possible number of bookings
  • Participating age
    10Age ~ 66 Age
  • Duration
    3~4 hours
Plan description

During June and on weekdays in July, a chartered tour limited to one group is available at no additional charge! * Recommended for the first canyoning for 2 or more people! A short version of the Yoshino course ♪ You can choose between the morning course and the afternoon course, and you can feel free to join us! Even though it is a short course, there are plenty of play points such as a super slider that jumps into the air, a clear spring pool, and a relaxing healing spot!

Immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery!

A beautiful canyoning course that originates from Odaigahara, which is famous as a virgin forest. There is only the headwaters of Yoshino's famous water, and it is a very beautiful flow. It is a beautiful canyon that we confidently recommend.

The Yoshino course with plenty of negative ions!

Even on the short course, there are many waterfalls of various sizes, so there are plenty of spots to play ♪ You can jump in, flow, and slide while cheering in the valley! Especially the super slider that can jump in the air is full of thrills! Even if you can't swim, you can wear a life jacket.

After playing in the river, refresh yourself in the hot springs!

After playing in the water, go straight to Yamabatoyu, which is famous for its secret hot springs! There is also an open-air bath with a good view, which flows directly from the source!

About fees

Basic fee

※The list price includes tax.
※The above price is a basic fee.
※Fees may vary depending on schedule, please check the fee displayed after selecting the date.

Payment methods
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    About cancellation

    Detailed information of this plan

    Required minimum number of participants 3 Person(s)
    Possible number of bookings 1~25
    Operating period All-year-round
    Assembly time < a.m. > 9:15 (scheduled end time: 12:30)
    < afternoon > 12:30 (scheduled end time: 15:45)

    * The time schedule may change depending on the tour situation. Please note.
    Booking deadline until 23:59 2 days before

    Changing room Toilet
    Shower Parking

    Dress code - Must bring items ▼ Required
    ● Swimwear [If you have weak skin (chemical fiber, if you have weak skin in Neoprene material), If you are embarrassed to be a swimsuit in public, please bring leggings, T-shirts that may get wet, rash guards, etc.! ]
    ● Sandals (Hot spring Use when moving with a wet foot up to about 100m)
    ● Towel for bathing
    ● If the contact is disposable and spare (If there is also goggles, the contact will be protected)

    ▼ Optional
    ● sunscreen
    ● Waterproof camera (However, even if it breaks, you can not take responsibility)
    ● Plastic bag (wet case)

    Note: After the tour Hot spring Take off your wetsuit and move on with your swimsuit. In addition, the fitting of the wet suit is also a mix of men and women
    About rental items Wetsuit upper and lower, life jacket, helmet, walking shoes, gloves

    Matters require attention ・ Participation Target age Is 10 years old (elementary school 4 Year Living more) Healthy person, 66 years old less It is Please consult us if you are an elderly person. Middle school students less Please come with a guardian.
    ・ Those who are drunk, pregnant, injured who have a health problem in sports, or who have chronic illness cannot participate.
    ·20 min more Is late On the day Please note that it will be treated as a cancellation.
    Other notifications ・ If elementary school students participate, we will strengthen the support system of the staff and conduct the tour, so please note that elementary school students may not be able to participate on schedules with many reservations.・ Wednesday is a regular holiday for hot springs, so a discounted rate will be applied.・ After the tour, take off your wetsuit and move to the hot spring in a bathing suit. Wetsuits are also mixed for men and women. If you are embarrassed to wear a swimsuit in public, please bring leggings, a T-shirt that you can get wet, a rash guard, etc.! ****************************************** ★ Coronavirus countermeasures ★ Outdoors Although it is a spacious space, we would like to hold a tour while being careful about the risk of corona infection. This season, we will tour according to the following rules. 1. Holding a tour with a small number of people We will hold a small group tour by shifting the meeting time little by little so that reception and changing clothes can be done with a small number of people. (However, if you are a group group, please contact us.) If you wish, please feel free to contact us as we may be able to charter a tour ♪ There will be no cancellation fee for the 2nd and 2021 tours as a corona measure. Therefore, you can feel free to cancel just before the event. If you feel unwell or have a slight fever, please be sure to be absent. 3. Basically, please wear a mask at the reception. (Please bring your own mask) The reception and changing facilities are regularly sterilized. If you offer it, you can sterilize it on the spot. (The reception is a well-ventilated place in the outdoor tent) ************************************** ****

    Plan attractions

    プランの魅力 Safe for those who cannot swim! の画像

    Safe for those who cannot swim! Even those who cannot swim can wear a life jacket, so it's okay. Also, even if it is a little difficult for children, you can enjoy it according to your physical strength because you can bypass it and move on!

    プランの魅力 A secret hot spring in the mountains that everyone in the know knows! の画像

    A secret hot spring in the mountains that everyone in the know knows! After enjoying playing in the river, go straight to the hot springs! There is also a beautiful changing room, toilet and valuables box.

    プランの魅力 A wide range of rental items! の画像

    A wide range of rental items! Wetsuits, helmets, gloves and felt shoes for swamps are all rented free of charge on the tour. All you need to bring is a towel and a swimsuit! We also have winter clothes for spring and autumn, so even women who tend to get cold can participate with confidence!

    プランの魅力 The course secures an escape route that allows immediate evacuation の画像

    The course secures an escape route that allows immediate evacuation Since the tour course is parallel to the forest road, it is possible to evacuate immediately even in the event of sudden bad weather or an emergency.

    プランの魅力 A guide who meets the company regulations and is approved by the representative guide will accompany you の画像

    A guide who meets the company regulations and is approved by the representative guide will accompany you The guides who accompany the tour set up in-house training and practice regularly, such as ensuring safety in an emergency and transportation. In addition, we will carry out guide training for the specified period within the company, and a guide approved by the representative guide will accompany the tour and strive to ensure the safety of our customers.

    Time schedule

    Meeting / reception

    Meeting / reception Meet at "Aozora Fan Nara Base". After the reception, I will change my clothes one by one.

    Change clothes

    Change clothes Get ready for departure by changing into a wetsuit in the blue sky fan-based changing room. There is also a locker to store valuables! When you're ready, drive the staff car to the starting point in 15 minutes.

    Canyoning start!

    Canyoning start! About 10 minutes from the parking lot, hike up the forest road and finally the canyoning starts! !!

    Waterfall experience!

    Waterfall experience! First of all, experience the waterfall at a powerful waterfall. Let's hit it to the fullest!

    Challenge the slider! !!

    Challenge the slider! !! The main slider continuous point is the rocket slider! It is a super slider that jumps out into the air! !!

    Let's flow while being healed ♪

    Let's flow while being healed ♪ Let's go through the healing Nameradaki! Don't miss the beautiful scenery of the canyon!

    To the mainstream

    To the mainstream If the condition is good, let's play in the mainstream with a little more bonus! Take the plunge from Oiwa and jump! !!


    goal! Play a lot and it's a goal! Thank you for your hard work!

    Hot spring / dissolution

    Hot spring / dissolution You can see the lake from the Yamabatoyu and open-air baths! Let's catch up slowly ♪

    Access - Map

    Shionoha, Kawakami-mura, Yoshino-gun, Nara 292-33
    Assembly point

    Nara Prefecture, Kawakami village Hot spring (Shionoha) "blue sky fan Nara base"

    If you arrive by car

    Hanshin Expressway Loop Line ⇒ No. 14 Matsubara Line ⇒ Hanwa Expressway ⇒ Daini Hanna Road ⇒ Yamatotakada Bypass ⇒ Route 169. Turn left at the foot of Osako Dam along Route 169 (there is a sign for Shionoha Onsen) and it will take about 10 minutes. Turn left on the "Aozora Fan" sign.

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