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We will introduce the ever popular facility that can handmade experience in Kansai. First My Cup Noodle Factory Speaking of Osaka Prefecture. Workshop and that can be handmade the "Chicken Ramen", there is a workshop to put a favorite Guzai and soup in a cup that you design yourself make a single cup noodles in the world. In the cup noodle package museum shop or have been exhibited in the world it is also sold souvenirs of regional products. My Cup Noodle Factory has been held at any time without prior reservation, it is nice to be able to enjoy willingly production time is also 30 to 60 minutes. Please try to be confirmed the details in the website by all means. Next is the popular Kyoto confectionery manufacturing in Kyoto Prefecture. In Kyoto city there is a lot of sweets shop. Sweets making, such as the human mouth jelly is Once all means come to Kyoto tourist Among them that I would like to challenge called "Tama Toba" of the "Kameya Yocho head office". But please try to experience When you come to Kyoto because they are held almost every day as long as there is a reservation. In other also visited the Kiyomizu actually Museum petting course and Kyoto traditional industries to experience the pottery There is also a craft classroom to experience the work of Kyoto of traditional crafts in the Yuzen. Since we are also held a variety of events and exhibitions of the contents in line with the Kyoto culture, why not try to feel the delicate sensibility and craftsmanship of artisans.

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