【Fuji recommended】 Downhill cycling at MTB (mountain bike)! Fuji Cycle Activity Shop "BonVelo"

Sun is a symbol of this World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO certification "Mt. Fuji". 2018 also 7 Mon from the beginning of Yamanashi Yoshida root of the side, Shizuoka welcomed each climbing route one after another officially open Subashiri root Gotemba root Fujinomiya root of the side, is the season to show a crowded with many climbers aimed at the top of the sunrise It will arrive. I guess many people would like to challenge this Fuji climb once in my life. Also, how to enjoy Mt. Fuji is not only climbing, but in the surrounding area various Activity and leisure experiences tours that utilize the rich nature are held ACTIVITY JAPAN 's recommended area ◎ So this time, I can enjoy the nature of Mt. Fuji We will introduce the shop of great attention in closeup of the spring and summer season 2018 Spring / Summer Activity to be held ◎


【 Okinawa Recommended】 Blue Cave Expert diving & Snorkeling at the Official Shop "Lapis Marine Sports"

Okinawa main island Onna at Maeda Misaki "Cave of the blue" "experience can participate from beginner diving can participate from" and 5-year-old " Snorkeling introduce ♪ in a close-up of the popular shops" lapis marine sports "to hold a" plan Okinawa Prefecture receive the certification of the Public safety Commission designated "safety measures excellent shops" "blue cave expert shop"! It invited me to the mysterious underwater world shining safety and fun blue ♪ Other , Churaumi Wed even in the group Hall adult experience of the great power that can be close to the distance a few meters and vapor "whale shark" diving is also popular ↑ also plan since the shop equipment and professional nursery of enhancement is an on-site until the Child Care dedicated resident ◎ to family travel with children 2018 to the summer of Okinawa those who are planning a trip is the shop of the main check ☆ this summer bookings now have a chance! !


【Okinawa Surfing School】 Kitaya & Itoman! Surfing experience in popular area! Recommended shop "Okinawa Hive Surf School"

Close-up introduction of "Okinawa Hive Surfing School" setting up a shop in the popular spot "Chatan" on the west coast of central Okinawa ♪ Who wants to enjoy surfing as a beginner or leisure instructor who surrounded the world by surfing as a professional surfer for 20 years etc ... This site recommended shop which holds surfing experience tour where everyone can feel free to participate ◎


【Kyoto · Golden Pushing Experience】 Osusume shop "Goryi gold leaf craft" that can make one work in the world using beautiful gold leaf (kinpaku)

We will introduce "Goryo gold leaf craft" that you can experience making original gold leaf craftworks such as photograph stands, combination mirrors, camellia dishes etc using "the world's thinest and beautiful Japanese gold leaf" in closeup. Activity Japan has a "Standard Course" that you can experience in a casual way in a short time and accept reservations for a "High Grade Course" that is perfect for Kyoto souvenir and can make full-fledged works. Both plans are " It is an recommendation experience plan that you can feel Japanese culture unique to Kyoto through the making experience. Let's make one work in the world where memories of Kyoto trip will deepen with the extremely popular 'gold foil pushing experience' as an essence of 'Otona's Kyoto Tourism' and 'Kyoto Women's Journey' as well as experiential learning on school excursions ♪


【6/2 (Sat) Yokohama Port Opening Festival 2018】 Beam spectacle in harbor elegantly from the top of the ship! Introduction of fireworks display tour cruise plans!

Yokohama Minato Mirai Area The season of the early summer festival "Yokohama Port Opening Festival" came in 2018! This event started in 1981 as "the 1st Yokohama International Deep Yokohama Dockets" started in 1995 as "Yokohama Port Opening Festival" and changed its name 37th this year. ◎ It is a very popular event where many people gather together in and around Yokohama entitled "The birthplace of the port that boasts of the world created by the citizen" ◎ So this time, it was a very popular event "Yokohama Opening Festival Fireworks Viewing Cruising plan "will be introduced! Ultra premium cruising experience that departs from the sea in accordance with the show start of 'Beam Spectacle in Harbor' show of lights, sounds and fireworks which can be said as the main event of the Yokohama Port Opening Festival. As there are limited number of seats, it is recommended to book earlier ↑


【Iriomote Island / Ishigakijima recommended】 SUP · Snorkeling · Canoe etc etc ... Popular events "Iriomote Island ADVENTURE PiPi"

Close up to the shop "Iriomote Island ADVENTURE PiPi" that holds a shop in Iriomote Island, Okinawa and enjoying the surrounding islands, including Ishigakijima ♪ The charm of this shop is plentiful ↑ SUP (stand up paddle Board), snorkeling, canoeing, caving, trekking, fishing, starry sky tour, etc., ... There are plans for activities that you can experience without having to worry about Yaeyama's wilderness ◎ There are plans ongoing discount campaigns that can be booked at great price So planning for Iriomote Island trip in the summer of 2018 is a mast check ♪ Then go to the recommended point GO ☆ ☆ ☆


【Okinawa · Starry Sky Appreciation Tour】 Travel Companies "HIS" × Summer Special Project by Company "Vixen" Showing the Stars "Ryukyu Miracle (Chura Sora) Monogatari"

HISPresents Special project of summer of 2018 supervision by Vixen! A starry sky observation tour "Ryukyuumi from the Naha departing from Naha enjoying the night Okinawa" reservation reception starts! How to enjoy Okinawa is not only the gourmet Okinawa gourmet around the day outdoor activity experience and sightseeing spot! Please enjoy the beautiful star full of beautiful sky in the southern country "beauty space" ☆


【 Okinawa Main Island Recommended】 Blue cave experience diving and Mermaid swim experience is popular! " Okinawa diving Shop Sea Mall"

Popular No. 1 Activity Okinawa Main Island Spot Onna Village Cape Mayu "Cave of the Blue" "Experience diving " and " Snorkeling Experiences", a Superb View That Okinawa Women's Journey Became a Classic Photo "Mermaid Swim Experience" to take a photo at a private beach "to hold a popular tour, such as Okinawa diving close-up ↑ shop to shop Shimoru" Detail and popular plan rankings, of course, ACTIVITY JAPAN thoroughly introduce the shop of charm to the recommendation point and popular staff information of eyes! It is a shop recommended for all generations from families with children to couples, groups ◎


【Kerama experience diving】 Departure from the central island "Ginowan"! Beginners are also happy about the two dives that are satisfied very much "Alpha Dive Okinawa"

One of the Activity you want absolutely to experience if you visit Okinawa is "beautiful emerald blue," diving the sea of ​​coral reefs ◎ Among the many popular spots, the Kerama Islands are proud of the popularity and boast many guests It's a diving spot that you are captivating! So close this time to "Alpha Dive Okinawa " which holds a shop in the super popular area "Kitaya" of the main island of Okinawa ♪ Selection of best points according to the sea situation and requests, from beginners to advanced people Guide to "Kerama diving tour" ☆ All courses "2 dives" It is a shop that attracts staff personality and attentive service, as well as plenty plan content that is experiencable but experienced ↑ This summer, the first candidate of Okinawa Activity this summer! Let's enjoy the world "Kerama Blue envy" with diving ♪


【AJ PUSH】 Minamiizu Naki "Hitorizo ​​Beach" Popular snorkelling experience! Started accepting the season's reservation for 2018 at the predefined premium price!

SNS such as the popular plan sparkling blue sea spectacular photo of that has been introduced is the reservation becomes the topic was flooded with each media Shizuoka Minamiizu medium Thu area in the "Hirizo beach" of Snorkeling experience. This season also 2018 7 Mon began accepting reservations from! This time we will guide you at the special price of MARINE SOFT SHIMODA (Marine Soft Shimoda) and ACTIVITY JAPAN . Eastern Kyoto good Izu accessed from within the area high transparency weave in Please experience live the "blue miracle"!


【Ishigaki Island Recommended】 Phantom Island, Blue Cave etc ... Enjoy the spectacular view of the Emerald Blue with Marine Sports! Popular shop "RISE Ishigakijima"!

Close up to the shop "RISE Ishigakijima (Rise Ishigaki Jima)" which can enjoy activities of all 16 kinds such as "snorkeling", "fly board", "marine jet rental" etc. in Ishigaki-jima in 2018 re- From the beginning of 2008, we continued our service to motto "We will make customer's travel the best memories absolutely unforgettable" It is a popular shop in Ishigakijima that will celebrate the 10th anniversary this year ♪ ('θ `ノ


【Hokkaido / Tokachi Recommended】 Okonomiyaki in the great nature Pizza making experience and handbags with ingredients BBQ popular "North Farming Nita"

【Hokkaido / Tokachi Recommended】 Okonomiyaki experience in pizza and hand-made handbags with ingredients BBQ is popular in the nature "North Firming Nitta" In an excellent location overlooking the Hidaka range of Hokkaido Tokachi, "Exquisite ★ Pizza making experience baked in a kiln ♪ "and" Ingredients included! BBQ (BBQ) with magnificent scenery and opening feeling is outstanding! "Will introduce the shop" North Farming Nita "that you can make a reservation ◎ In the majestic nature of Hokkaido So pizza and barbecue using seasonal ingredients from local Tokachi is excellent ♪ Experience to bake pizza with owner boasted stone kettle is a good memory for Hokkaido trip from children to adult ↑ ↑ ↑ Pizzaki You can book group groups up to ~ 10 people, BBQ up to 40 people ◎ Please also use it for gathering various scenes ☆ ☆ ☆


[Kanazawa Kimono rental] Kanazawa station close! "Kanazawa Kimono rental conscience (here Yui)" that you can enjoy authentic kimono and yukata with cheap rental

[Kanazawa Kimono rental] Kanazawa station close! "Kanazawa Kimono rental conscience (here Yui)" that can enjoy authentic kimono and yukata with cheap rental ♪ Introducing a shop that you can enjoy kimono (yukata) indispensable for photogenic Kanazawa sightseeing easily with ♪ from Kanazawa station "Kanazawa Kimono rental conscience (here Yuki)" which holds a shop in a favorable location five minutes on foot, has about 1,000 kimono (Yukata) at all times, a fulfilling service such as a couple plan and a plan with photography by professional photographers It is a shop recommended for this site that the content is happy ◎ In 2018, those planning for Kanazawa sightseeing are necessary check ♪


【Kyoto Gion favorite kimono · Yukata rental shop】 Cheapest 1,500 yen ~ Recommended shop that you can easily rent kimono "Kyoto Kimono rental 麗"

Among Japan, "Ancient city · Kyoto" is an area where demand is particularly high for kimono · Yukata rental experience plan, classic as an option of walking in Kyoto to explore the historical buildings such as temples and shrines and temples and old-fashioned Japanese landscape Nearly people using kimono rental are increasing rapidly ◎ Now it is growing rapidly in popular events that always rank in the top rankings even in the popularity rankings of Activity Japan 's popularity ↑ There, this time there are many popular kimono rental shops in Kyoto city Among the items in the spring and summer 2018 season, the most noteworthy shop "Kyoto Kimono rental 麗" will close up with details and introduce it ↑ ☆ ☆ ☆


【New learning in the new year】 Calling happiness "Kotodama thorough capture program" How to attract Japanese history and wishes suitable for Japanese

"Kotodama thorough capture program" has been evaluated by participants from among participants, "There is no lecture which can be understood systematically so far" among the few seminars with "Kotodama" as the main item. Compared with Kotdama (such as Affirmation / Mantra) used abroad, we are telling you how to understand and use Kotdama, the most suitable attraction law for Japanese people.


[Shinjuku Real Experience Escape Game] Escape from a closed room! "NoEscape Shinjuku store" fully reproducing in the real world by making use of electronic gimmicks

Close up to the shop "NoEscape Shinjuku store" where you can experience "real experience escape game" in Tokyo Shinjuku! ! One scene that is often in the game "Suddenly locked in the room, trying to escape from the closed room somehow" One scene is completely reproduced in the real world by using electronic gimmick ☆ Unravel the scattered mystery and solve the studied mystery within the time limit It's a thrilling attraction trying to escape ◎


【Discount Advance Tickets】 Shibuya VR Facility "Shibuya VR Land By Huisten Bosch" Reverse Bungy Experience! We also have a strange cafe!

2018 Indoor leisure "VR (virtual reality) experience, which attracts the most attention." It is one of Tokyo's sightseeing and leisure requiring attention that many facilities are opening and exciting one after another in the downtown area such as Shibuya and Shinjuku only in Tokyo. This time we will introduce "SHIBUYA VR LAND by HUIS TEN BOSS" opened in Shibuya in June 2017 with a strong push among such VR experiences facilities! ! You can enjoy all 6 kinds of VR attractions in the venue ◎ We also have a "strange cafe" that gathers the topic as "the world's first full-fledged drip coffee robot shop". For this time we can guide you with reservations at discounted rates that can be used by more than 3 people special for activity Japan so please use it by all means during your weekend departure with your family and friends ◎


【Amami Oshima recommendation】 Popular activity plan such as SUP and kayak is abundant! Marine sports facilities "Zero gravity"

Activities Featuring shop "Zero Gravity", which handles various popular activity experience plans such as SUP (stand up paddle board), kayak, snorkeling and wakeboard at "Amami Oshima (Amami Oshima)" featured ◎ Disabled and healthy As a facility that people can enjoy marine sports together, it is a facility dedicated to marine sports where facilities are fully equipped with barrier-free facilities so that everyone can enjoy the nature of Amami Oshima safely and securely ↑


【Shinjuku & Harajuku / Escape Game】 Complete Laser Trap Attraction with "Real Experience Type Escape Game" of "Supernarrowed Room"!

Set up a store in a well-accessible location of Shinjuku and Harajuku Recommended escape game room We introduce "Super closed room (Chisen mittsu)" in closeup! ! AJ attention point of this shop is nothing more than a "leather trap" which seems to get lost in the world of spy movies ◎ Can you scratch the leather wrapped around it and carry out the mission and reach the place of treasure? ___ ___ 0 The presence is only an omnipresent to those who have experienced ☆ ☆ ☆