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Unryu Valley Icefall Tour│2023 Season Snow Trekking Experience Recommended Plan Feature

A special feature on the Unryu Valley icefall tour in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture! Thorough introduction of recommended experience tours for snow trekking (icefall trekking) to be held in 2023. Let's check out useful information for beginners, such as how to access, when to see the icefall, course/route, suitable equipment/clothing, and reviews from users.


Nationwide recommended glamping ranking

Special feature on recommended glamping facilities nationwide. Carefully selected by the activity editorial department and introduced in the ranking. There is also a plan where you can enjoy local gourmet with empty-handed and free drinks, a one-day Japanese-style glamping experience, and a glamping experience with a tent sauna, so be sure to check it out!


Recommended cruises in Tokyo Bay (with dinner) popularity ranking

Special feature on cruise cruising around Tokyo Bay. We will introduce you to a discount cruise that can be reserved for 2 or more people for 3,000 yen per hour, and a Yakatabune experience that can be reserved for 2 or more people. Recommended for sightseeing in Tokyo as you can efficiently tour popular spots!


Hokkaido Drift Ice Tour | When? What is the price? 2023 season recommended plan introduction!

A special feature on the experience tour of the winter natural phenomenon "drift ice" in the Sea of Okhotsk, Hokkaido! Including icebreaker tickets from Sapporo, information such as places, times and periods where drift ice can be seen, appropriate clothing and fees (price) are thoroughly introduced. Family trips, couples' dates, solo trips, etc... Enjoy Hokkaido's winter-only super mystical experiences in places such as Shiretoko, which is registered as a World Natural Heritage site, Abashiri, and Monbetsu.


2-night, 3-day model course & popular sightseeing spots in Okinawa

Introducing a model course and popular sightseeing spots to tour Okinawa in 3 days and 2 nights. Introducing a snorkeling and diving experience tour that you can enjoy at the Blue Cave, a sightseeing spot that represents Okinawa Island! Parasailing and banana boat experiences are also available! There are also discount tickets for Churaumi Aquarium and Ryukyu Mura!


When is the season for fly fishing? Thorough investigation of fishing methods and places and times to catch!

A special feature on the fishing item "Goby fishing" recommended for beginners! Thorough introduction of useful information for beginners, such as the time and season of goby fishing, places where you can fish, tackle and bait (lure). Enjoy goby fishing all over the country, including Tokyo and the Kanto region, and recommended for beginners such as small children and women's groups.


Horse mackerel fishing season and time zone │ Thorough introduction of places nationwide where you can catch horse mackerel now, such as Kanto and Tokyo Bay!

A special feature on "horse mackerel fishing" that can be enjoyed by sea fishing and boat fishing beginners to advanced users! Information on where you can catch horse mackerel today, including Tokyo Bay and the Pacific Ocean in the Kanto region, when and when you can catch it, and how to fish (bait and tackle). Let's check it together with the horse mackerel fishing plan reservation popularity ranking recommended for families with children, couples, women's groups, etc.


Recommended Cruises in Kobe (Lunch, Tea, Dinner)

Special feature on cruises and cruising in Kobe. Introducing cruises and cruising tours that you can choose according to the time of day, such as lunch, tea time, and dinner. There is also a great cruise plan where you can enjoy a full-fledged full course! People who want to spend special time such as anniversaries and birthdays are welcome!


Recommended factory night view cruise [Haneda/Yokohama/Chiba] guide

The factory night view cruise is an activity that allows you to fully enjoy the futuristic and fantastic atmosphere while traveling around the ocean. This time we will feature recommended factory night view cruises. Introducing factory night view cruises in popular areas such as Tokyo/Haneda, Kanagawa/Kawasaki & Yokohama, and Chiba!


Kanto Area Recommended Travel Spots & Activities for 2 Days and 1 Night!

When it comes to traveling, Hokkaido, Kyoto, and Okinawa come to mind, and the Kanto region is rarely mentioned. But of course, there are many places in the Kanto region that are ideal for traveling. Let's take a look at nearby travel destinations that people who live in the Kanto region want to enjoy.


From traditional historical culture and food culture that can only be encountered during your trip to Fukuoka, from uniquely Japanese experiences to the latest trendy spots, let's have fun!

Fukuoka Prefecture is located in the north of Kyushu, and Fukuoka Airport and Kitakyushu Airport are two gateways to Kyushu and Asia. Blessed with rich nature such as the sea, mountains, and rivers, you can enjoy various experiences in each season. Traditional historical culture and food culture are rooted in the region, and it is attractive that you can enjoy everything from Japanese-style experiences to the latest trend spots!

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