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Enjoy with children on rainy days in Tokyo! Indoor play / experience ranking recommended for families

Features activities and experiences that families with children can enjoy in Tokyo on rainy days. Introducing recommended activities and experiences for parents and children with children and families in the ranking. You can also experience moving your body, using your head, experiencing traditional culture, and experiencing unusual manufacturing! The indoor activities featured this time are recommended not only for rainy days but also for hot summers! Let's enjoy Tokyo even on rainy days!


Recommended places and tools for solo camp beginners, complete guide to local activity experience

Featured a guide for solo camp beginners. Introducing equipment, tools, essential items, clothes such as tents, lanterns, tables, cookers recommended for solo camp. There are also campgrounds recommended for beginners in solo camps such as Kanto, Kansai, Hokkaido, and Kyushu. Introducing activities and leisure activities that you can enjoy with your solo camp! With this, you can rest assured that your solo camp debut!


Autumn activities / leisure / experience / play │ Special feature of recommended tour plans that can be enjoyed together with autumn leaves hunting

On this page, we will introduce the 2021 recommended plans for each region, focusing on the popular "Autumn Leaves Famous Places x Activity Experience" every year, from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south. Let's enjoy autumn in Japan, where you can go out comfortably, actively in outdoor sports, or leisurely leisure activities related to Japanese culture.


October trip to Okinawa │ Can you swim? What is the temperature and clothes? Thorough introduction of popular activity experience tours!

Introducing activities, leisure, experiences, and play events carefully selected by the editorial department for those planning a trip to Okinawa in October. In addition to recommended plan information such as snorkeling and diving, let's check information useful for travel planning such as "October Okinawa weather / temperature" and "October Okinawa suitable clothes".


Rainy day date in Tokyo! Indoor recommended activity ranking

Rainy day date special feature. We carefully select activities and experiences in Tokyo that we would like to recommend to couples and introduce them in the ranking. We will deliver it to couples who want to date in Tokyo but cannot decide where to go due to rain. Introducing activities that use your head and body, such as popular escape games and bouldering. There are also ceramic arts that you can enjoy indoors on a rainy day and a unique jeans making experience!


For a trip to Okinawa without a car! Main island / remote island sightseeing bus tour special feature

For those who are planning a trip to Okinawa without a car or rental car, we will feature the "Okinawa Sightseeing Bus Tour (Main Island / Remote Island)" which is recommended as a means of transportation for sightseeing on the island. Book a tour plan recommended for a wide range of Okinawa sightseeing scenes from small groups such as solo trips and couple dates to group trips such as family trips, and enjoy a comfortable and affordable Okinawa bus trip.


[Tochigi / Oku-Nikko popular shop] Guided walks in autumnal forests and plateaus, bird watching in search of giant birds, lunar eclipse / meteor shower observation, etc ... Recommended tours for autumn and winter!

"Recommended experience held from October to December 3rd year of Reiwa" by the popular shop "Nikko Nature Museum Co., Ltd." that holds a variety of sightseeing nature guided tours in "Tochigi / Oku-Nikko", one of the representative sightseeing spots in the Kanto region Close up on "Tour Plan". Guided walks in autumnal forests and plateaus, bird watching in search of giant birds, lunar eclipses, meteor shower observations, night hikes, etc. It is a content that you can enjoy with peace of mind even if you have a thorough corona disaster.


Yoron Island Activity / Leisure Tour │ Enjoy Yoron Island, the most beautiful sea in the world with Yurigahama!

This page features marine leisure and outdoor activity experiences on the remote island "Yoron Island", which belongs to the Amami Islands, the southernmost islands of Kagoshima Prefecture. "Yoron Island activity / play / experience / leisure reservation popularity ranking" that ranks in "Snorkeling", "Scuba diving", etc., including "Yoringahama (Yurigahama) landing tour" which is synonymous with Yoron Island tourism I will introduce you.


2021 Silver Week Calendar and Popular Leisure Activity Tour Announced

In 2021 (3rd year of Reiwa), after the summer and Obon holidays, the Golden Week holidays will come. From when to when is Silver Week on this page? Including information such as, we will announce the popularity ranking based on the activity Japan reservation data and explore the popularity trend of activities and experience leisure that are attracting attention in the 2021 Silver Week season.


2021 National Grape Hunting Popularity Ranking & Tourism Leisure Guide

Special feature on grape hunting recommended for autumn holidays. Introducing the popular grape hunting area by ranking. A great all-you-can-eat and Yamanashi grape hunting bus tour that allows you to take a day trip from Kanto is also available. It also explains the grape hunting and timing of the popular Shine Muscat, Kyoho, and Pione. We will also introduce sightseeing spots and leisure activities that you can enjoy with grape picking!


Kerama Islands Snorkeling │ Swim in the Kerama Blue spot! Main Island day trip popularity ranking

A major feature is a hands-on tour of "snorkeling" held at the "Kerama Islands", one of the most popular scuba diving spots in Okinawa and Japan. We will thoroughly introduce plan information such as boat snorkel day trips (half day or full day) to and from Naha and Chatan on the main island, which are recommended as Okinawa sightseeing leisure for families with children, couples, and friend groups.


Kerama Islands Diving Experience Tour │ Dive in Kerama Blue! Popular plan / recommended diving shop guide

Special feature on diving (scuba diving) experience tour & diving shop information of Kerama Islands (Kerama Islands). We thoroughly introduce recommended plans for "experience diving tours" that beginners and inexperienced people can participate in, "fan diving tours" for C card holders, and "diving license acquisition schools". Let's dive in the Kerama Blue sea with a discount campaign that can be reserved at a low price and a popular plan held by charter / small group system.


16 Recommended Activity Dates for Couples to Enjoy Okinawa in the Summer of 2021

This time we will feature summer Okinawa. Introducing activity tour 16 that can be enjoyed by couples. In addition, there is a lot of tourist information recommended for couples' dates, such as Okinawa's leading tourist spot, the romantic blue cave, and Kouri Island, which is popular as a power spot for fulfilling romance! Lots of cheap information on snorkeling and diving tours!


Okinawa Tour Cheapest │ Cheap reservations for activities, sightseeing, leisure, experiences, and play!

Introducing 10 popular activities, play, experiences, and leisure events reserved as optional tours for Okinawa travel, picking up the lowest price plan from the viewpoint of "price-oriented". Hotels, planes, rental cars, meals, souvenirs, etc ... Let's enjoy activities, play, experience, leisure at a low price by using discount campaigns and coupons on a trip to Okinawa that costs money.


Must-see for couples! 11 Experience / Leisure Spots to Enjoy at Hakone Onsen

Hakone Onsen is a sightseeing spot where you can take a day trip from Tokyo. In Hakone, which is also popular as a date spot, we will introduce 11 recommended leisure activities for couples. There are many popular experiences such as strolling around the hot spring town in kimono, riding a kayak to see Mt. Fuji from the top of Lake Ashi, and making memorable items with glass work. Let's play hard and make a memorable trip! There is also a plan for great couples, so please have a look.


A day trip from Kanto is possible! Popular activities and experiences at Nikko Onsen

Nikko Onsen is a hot spring area that spreads around JR Nikko Station and Tobu Nikko Station. If you take a bus for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, you will find Oku-Nikko Onsen. Both Nikko Onsen and Oku-Nikko Onsen have long been known as hot spring areas and resort areas, and there are plenty of sightseeing spots and activity spots as well as hot springs. It is easily accessible from the Tokyo metropolitan area, so you can easily stay and enjoy yourself on a day trip.


One day trip from Kanto is OK! Popular activity / experience guide at Atami Onsen

Atami is a travel spot that can be reached in just two hours from the Tokyo metropolitan area. It is a popular tourist destination with many hot spring inns lined up so as to surround the beautiful sea. In addition to hot springs, you can also experience leisure and activities in Atami. This time, we will introduce not only the hot spring inns in Atami, but also the spots where you can fully enjoy the sightseeing spots.


[2 hours from Kanto] Introducing hot springs and leisure activities in Ishiwa, Yamanashi, and Kofu

Yamanashi Prefecture is the birthplace of Sengoku warlord Shingen Takeda, and will celebrate its 500th birthday in 2021. There are plenty of recommended hot springs, activities and leisure activities in this area, including Isawa Onsen, Yamanashi City and Kofu City. In addition, we will introduce hot spring inns and sightseeing spots around Ishiwa, experiences, activities, tours, etc.

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