[Hokkaido ・ Kushiro river canoe experience] Kushiro marshland, Kushiro lake, Arequinai river etc ... Experience tour popularity ranking over superb view <<Reservation reception 》

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Kushiro River canoe tour

Shingengo Norikazu Year Become 2019 Also spring summer outdoor Activity The hottest season has come across Japan Reservation to experience plan to enjoy in popular travel, sightseeing spot of various places increased rapidly ♪ all of you, experience-based outdoor leisure to enjoy in travel destination, going out for long-term vacation such as coming summer vacation, Obon vacation・ Activity Are you ready for?

On this page, we have made bookings with much more momentum than last season 2019 Big attention of area<< Hokkaido From the "one of the most popular outdoor spots in Hokkaido" Kushiro River Enjoy with》 Canoe ク ロ ー ズ but close up ◎ " Kushiro River canoe experience We introduce summary experience tour plan, neighboring outdoor shop information from basic knowledge on enjoying 上 ☆ collectively

The attraction of the Kushiro River canoe experience




"Reference data of Kushiro river canoe experience"

Lowest price 6,000 yen(tax included) ~
Duration April-Nov. Around
Experience Ageo/Okegawa 0 years old
Popular customer base Family / couple / friend group

Kushiro River canoe experience popular plan

Activity Japan Based on all reservation data << Kushiro River canoe experience popularity plan ranking TOP10 >> In the Kushiro River boasting a total length of 154 km, we will announce the area around the headwater section and Kushiro wetland that descends from Lake Kussharo Cruising A great view canoe selected by a skilled tour guide who knows all the spots around 多種 Cruising Enjoy the course ☆

"please note"
Number of groups acceptable per day, reservation Number of participants There is a limitation. Those who are considering experiences during large holidays such as Golden Week and summer holidays or on weekends and holidays, Number of participants Early bookings are recommended if you wish to experience in a group of groups.

Kushiro River canoe experience shop

Current Activity Japan Being published "The Kushiro River canoe experience tour holding shop" We introduce in list ♪ We introduce this time " Canoe In addition to the experience tour plan, you can enjoy the summer Rafting "Or" Trekking And popular winter season items Snowshoes "The full-fledged outdoor shop to hold popular tours of etc. is crowded ↑

"please note"
All outdoor Activity There is also the danger of accidents and injuries. Please make sure to have a licensed instructor guide you at the time of the experience and enjoy the safety and attention through the shop.

BLACK RIVER (Black River)
business hours
Regular holiday
Canoe shop Hiraiwa
business hours 8:00 to 19:00
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays
business hours7: 30-19: 00
Regular holiday
Family canoeing
所在地北海道 川上郡標茶町塘路駅前
business hours
Regular holiday
ReRa (these)
business hours8:00-21:00
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays
CANOE PRO(カヌープロ)
business hours
Regular holiday
B&B かむほーむ
business hours
Regular holiday
business hours7:30-20:00
Regular holidayMay ~Oct. No holidays Nov. Fixed holiday until ~ April
business hours 8:00 to 18:00
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays

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