Golden Week What do you do on a rainy day? Proposal of adult play that can be enjoyed even in the rain

golden week
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This time golden week(GW) 特集.
golden week(GW) to Adult play that can be enjoyed even on rainy days Suggest To do!

is a popular area Kanto Kansai Okinawa Hokkaido × Adults can enjoy indoor/indoorofアクティビティ orインスタ映えする体験 Carefully selected.

You can check the weather forecast and make a reservation the day before & Same day reservation可能なアクティビティ・体験 I will also introduce you!

Please use this as a reference when planning your Golden Week (GW) schedule!

Golden Week Activities that can be enjoyed even on rainy days: Kanto

golden week

Below, Kanto Experiences that can be enjoyed even on rainy days × Adult play I'd like to introduce!

Golden Week x Activities that can be enjoyed even in the rain: indoor/indoor experiences

golden week

Kanto x Indoor/Indoor In the activities you experience at Escape Game or VR game , Manufacturing experience ( pottery ) is popular.

Escape Game While cooperating with friends, solve the mystery and aim to clear.
"Will you be able to escape within the time limit?" Even adults can experience thrilling and extraordinary experiences!

VR game is recommended for those who want to experience the latest play and those who want to play various kinds of games!

pottery has classrooms in various locations, including central Tokyo.
There are plenty of plans for beginners, so anyone can feel free to experience it!

[Tokyo/Shinjuku] Escape Game-Escape with your friends! "Escape from Prison Series II" Same-day reservation OK, 3 minutes on foot from Higashi-Shinjuku Station

super closed room
2,500 Yen~ (tax included)

□□ Regarding the response to the new coronavirus □□ We will resume business after taking thorough measures against coronavirus. Requests to customers:・Hand disinfection with alcohol at the reception (before and after the game)・Wear a maskEscape from the prison where you are trapped! You and your friends must use your wits to solve the mystery.Escape games are places where you and your friends are in a closed environment such as a closed room.

【秋葉原/神田】1時間制VREscape Game,仲間とofチームワークで不思議な冒険to出かけましょう!

Reality.Edge.VR (Reality Edge VR) VR Escape Room
4,200 circle 3,750 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

こof魔法of仮想現実of世界で,私たちは単なる仲間ではなく,無敵ofチームです!最大で6人,私たちは団結し,VREscape Gameof挑戦を共to受け入れます.私たちof笑顔と感嘆of声が仮想空間to響き渡り,誰andがこof冒険of中でヒーローis.こofゲームThen私たちは協力し,アイデアを共有し,難局を打破します.そして,これ

[Tokyo Aoyama] Challenging group? Healer? Art school? Pottery trip with a hand-cranked potter's wheel ♪ Pottery one-day experience ☆

Yu Koubou Tokyo Aoyama classroom
3,960 Yen~ (tax included)

“Yu Kobo” has 6 schools in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. Our bright and friendly professional staff will help you at your own pace. ☆Using 400g of Mino ware clay, the pottery is made by hand using a potter's wheel. ①Tea bowl ②Hot water only ③Free cup ④Small plate ⑤Small bowl ☆Body

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Golden Week x Activities that can be enjoyed even in the rain: Instagrammable experiences

golden week

In Kanto, Instagrammable experience even in the rain Full of!

rare Taiyaki making experience or Iai and trial cutting experience There are many adults who say, "I've never done it before."
If you have the chance, why not give it a try during Golden Week (GW)?

Recently, the helmet celebration that is held when a player hits a home run in the MLB (Major League) is a hot topic.
At Activity Japan, Armor experience can be reserved.
During Golden Week (GW), how about transforming yourself into a Sengoku warlord and taking unique photos?

[Tokyo Asakusa] Let's make it with various ingredients! Original taiyaki making experience! (50 minutes)

Asakusa Taiyaki Koubou Guraku
3,850 Yen~ (tax included)

"Guraku" conveys the tradition and culture of Japan through making "taiyaki", a familiar Japanese sweet that has been loved for a long time. In the experience of about 50 minutes, you will make 6 taiyaki per person. (Preschoolers and visitors do not have taiyaki ingredients.) All necessary tools and ingredients are provided, so you can participate empty-handed. again

【Tokyo】本物of道場で剣術3種総合コース(居合・撃剣・試し斬り)---My class is not a tourist trap

Toyama style Bizen party
25,000 Yen~ (tax included)


[Tokyo/Shibuya] Studio photography course [Experience Sengoku warlords wearing real armor! ] Let's taste the "Samurai" feeling in the city office town!

Samurai Armor Photo Studio
30,000 Yen~ (tax included)

Reborn as a Sengoku samurai! Time slip armor shooting experience. The armor shooting experience is a course where you can choose your favorite armor and wear it to feel like a samurai in the Sengoku period. In addition, we will pose and shoot using swords and spears.

Golden Week x Rain OK: Outdoor Tour

golden week

Depending on the strength of the wind, in fact It is possible to enjoy outdoor tours even if it rains is.

Kanto × Outdoor tour OK even in the rain Then fishing or Canoe/kayak experience , SUP experience , Rafting experience etc. is popular.
Even in the rain, you can experience a wide variety of outdoor tours world!

If there is a tour you are interested in, please contact the shop.

[Chiba Katsuura] Let's catch big fish such as sea bream and flounder! Boat fishing experience on a cruiser! Beginners welcome! Shared plan

8,800 Yen~ (tax included)

It is a plan that you can easily enjoy full-fledged fishing. Beginners to fishing boats are also welcome! You can have a great time with your family, couple or friends. For beginners, the staff will guide you kindly and carefully. If you don't have the tools, you can rent them. There is no need to worry as we will prepare the gimmicks and bait here. Feel free to participate empty-handed. Foreigners are familiar with Japanese

[Saitama/ Nagatoro] Kayak experience at Nagatoro and Iwadatami with a superb view! (half-day course)

Blue planet kayaks
Chichibu and Nagatoro
6,000 Yen~ (tax included)

Little birds chirping in the green in the blue sky. You can freely walk on the surface of the water. Small fish when you look into the water. Why don't you feel the great nature of Nagatoro through kayaking? The venue is a calm place with a rock pavement designated as a scenic natural monument. It is a steep valley, and it is said that the scenery is particularly beautiful in Nagatoro. Enjoy Nagatoro's beautiful nature and kayaking

[Gunma Shima] SUP nature experience tour at the lake of Kanto's leading transparency and blue water

Lotus Outdoors
Shima, Azuma, Kawarayu
6,300 Yen~ (tax included)

Never seen blue! Blue Water Lake Shima Lake Lake Shima is attractive for its beautiful blue color and transparency. Its mysterious beauty continues to fascinate visitors. An extraordinary experience in a calm lakeside forest surrounded by trees! Please visit Shimako, Gunma, which is within the sightseeing area from Kusatsu Onsen and Shima Onsen. Changes depending on the amount of light and the time of day


4,500 Yen~ (tax included)

[River rafting] This is an outdoor sport where you work together with your friends on a raft boat for 8 people (with 1 guide) to go down the mountain stream. You can enjoy the superb view of nature that you can't imagine in Tokyo. The water of the Tama River is really beautiful~ There are many ways to enjoy the tour, such as playing in the river, jumping from rocky areas, and floating without thinking about anything. By all means, Oku

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Golden Week x rain is OK: activities and experiences that can be booked the day before

golden week

Activities and experiences that can be booked the day before in Kanto teeth, pottery or Accessory making experience such as Manufacturing experience from, surf lesson or cruising And so on!

Popular in Activity Japan Escape Game and Can be booked the day before is.

Check it out from the link below!

[Tokyo ☆ date experience] couple pottery date plan! You can also take videos and photos freely! Couple discount • Reservation on the day OK

Pottery class Futaba
Itabashi Ward, Kita Ward, Arakawa Ward
2,800 circle 2,200 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

The most talked pottery date experience! Free to choose! Challenge handmade pottery! ~ A special full-fledged plan that you can freely choose from such as rice bowls, hot water cups, small bowls, coffee cups, beer mugs, mugs, etc. The distance between the two is also close. Very popular! A captivating couple plan. I will gently support you two! Get along with matching pair cups

[Chuo Line/Nishiogikubo] Simple Komaru pairing production/participation by two people [next station to Kichijoji]

Atelier Oro Argento
6,500 Yen~ (tax included)

2人で参加ofシンプルなペアリング制作体験is.空調of効いた室内で,ペアリングを作りませんか.デザインは甲丸ストレート(リング幅は約3mm)is.内側to日付orイニシャルsuch as文字を打刻できます.アルファベットof大文字と数字,文字of大きさは1.0mmと1.5mmが選べます.パートナーとof記念日to,友人同

[Shonan/Enoshima] Surfing lessons for beginners! All equipment rental included! [1 minute walk to the sea]

surf scene
5,900 Yen~ (tax included)

At this school, we are trying to give careful guidance in a small number of people by male and female instructors, and we are working so that beginners can enjoy the experience. It is located in Enoshima, a tourist spot closer to the city center, and has excellent access, being a 5-minute walk from the nearest station. Why don't you experience surfing and bodyboarding in an environment with a warm climate all year round? surely a meaningful day

"スプリングセール実施中”Chiba・勝浦 スピードツアー 乗船時間約45分 1 ボート最大 7 名まで / 2 ボート最大 14 名まで

Seafari Japan LLC
3,000 circle 2,900 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

★☆プラン説明★☆☆スピードツアー 乗船時間約45分★お子様and大人と同じ料金is."LETS GOOOO”そして勝浦で"ビタミンSEA”を手to入れよう!スリリングな45分ofRIBボート,スピードツアーをお楽しみいただけます.私たちofRIBボートで,Chiba県で最and人気ofある地域,勝浦湾周辺をクルージ

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Golden Week x rain is OK: activities and experiences that can be booked on the day

golden week

in Kanto Handmade accessories experience , animal cafe etc Reservation possible on the day .

popular activity・ Escape Game Of course, at the sea where you can enjoy the thrill Toying toy experience Well as Same day reservation I can !

On the day of the event, there are times when you think, “I want to go play!”
Check out the plan from the link below Please!


Harajuku Kawaii Land Kyunkyun
2,200 Yen~ (tax included)


[Tokyo/Shinjuku] Escape game-experience-based reasoning battle begins! "Escape from the Dungeon Series II" Same-day reservations OK, 3 minutes on foot from Higashi-Shinjuku Station

super closed room
2,500 Yen~ (tax included)

□□ Regarding the response to the new coronavirus □□ We will resume business after taking thorough measures against coronavirus. Requests to customers: ・Hand disinfection with alcohol at the reception (before and after the game) ・Wear a mask. it was a laser trap

『スーパーセール開催中』マリンアクティビティ! Toying toy experience!! NO.1アドベンチャー!1 ボート最大 7 名まで

Seafari Japan LLC
8,800 Yen~ (tax included)

★☆プラン説明★☆★☆マリンアクティビティー★☆お子様and大人と同じ料金is."Seafari Japan's Marine Fun Factory”で最高toエキサイティング!一味違うアクティビティをお探しですか? そんな方toお勧めなofが,Seafari JapanofRIBボートトーイングアクティビテ

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Golden Week Fun Even on Rainy Days: Kansai

golden week

continue, Kansai Experiences that can be enjoyed even on rainy days ✕ adult play I'd like to introduce!

Golden Week x Activities that can be enjoyed even in the rain: indoor/indoor experiences

golden week

In Kansai, Japanese sweets making experience , pottery , Accessory making experience , Weaving experience And so on are popular!

During Golden Week (GW) It's a waste to stay at home just because it's raining !
Activities and experiences that adults can enjoy both indoors and outdoors in Kansai There are many

Why don't you check it out and go out?


Japanese Culture Experience Ann an Kyoto
Around Kyoto Station
2,670 circle 2,536 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

At the Japanese culture experience Ann an Kyoto located in Kyoto Karasuma Gojo, anyone can enjoy Japanese culture. Why not take your first step into Japanese culture at Ian an Kyoto? We are waiting for you with many fun + learning experience programs. Nerikiri is one of the top fresh confections. Using colorful bean paste, shape seasonal flowers and fruits.

[Kyoto Higashiyama] Kiyomizu-dera ~ 6 minutes on foot! A 20-minute hands-on potter's wheel experience at a popular spot full of Kyoto atmosphere

Kashogama pottery class
Around Gion, Higashiyama and Kitashirakawa
3,000 Yen~ (tax included)

A classic course for dates and girls' trips, Ninenzaka to Sannenzaka♪ Let's easily enjoy the pottery that you've always wanted to try at a popular spot that everyone feels like "Kyoto!"

[Kyoto Kita-ku, around Kamigamo Shrine] Two types of weaving experience Plain weaving & twill weaving & workshop tour Experience the highest peak of traditional Nishiki textiles! *Per person plan

Koho Nishiki Koubou (Tatsumura Koho Co., Ltd.)
Around Kinkakuji and Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
6,500 Yen~ (tax included)

This is a plan where you can experience weaving two types of silk fabrics, plain weave and twill weave, and visit the workshop by yourself. You can take home the completed work on the day. Everyone from elementary school students to the elderly can easily weave. Feel the "texture" of the fabric you woven yourself. You can have a valuable experience of seeing, touching, and learning about the history of Japan's world-class works of art. *Bonus: Restoration

Golden Week x Activities that can be enjoyed even in the rain: Instagrammable experiences

golden week

An Instagrammable Experience in Kansai Recommended for adults looking for a beautiful color Japanese sweets making experience Ya deco roll Sushi experience .

another, Maiko experience or Oiran experience Take pictures indoors, such as Photo experience Also recommended!

Show off your photos to your lover, friends and family!

[Osaka City/Nakazaki Town] Let's have fun making deco sushi rolls!

Osaka Makiko Deco Rolled Sushi Class
Around Umeda
5,000 Yen~ (tax included)


【Kyoto・清水寺】スプリングセール実施中! リーズナブルtoMaiko experience! 舞妓撮影プラン18,000circle→8,900circle(税別) 

Maiko Experience Studio Shiki/Rental Kimono Shiki Sakura
Around Gion, Higashiyama and Kitashirakawa
19,800 circle 9,790 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

Make-up, dressing, wig, 2 shots, 10 minutes free shooting, 2 photos (postcard size) Free shooting 10 minutes, you can freely shoot with your own camera or smartphone.

スプリングセール実施中!Same day reservation可!特割プラン料金20%オフ!【Kyoto駅徒歩3分】女性向け!"花魁プラン”お一人様でandお友達とand体験可能!

Oiran Experience Studio Arare
Around Kyoto Station
5,500 circle 4,400 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!


スプリングセール実施中【清水寺から徒歩10分】お子様プラン♪ お一人様でandお友達,ご家族でand体験可能!(1名1時間半~)

Oiran experiencestudio雅 produced by あられ 清水高台寺
Around Gion, Higashiyama and Kitashirakawa
5,500 circle 4,000 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

Kyotoで本格的なOiran experienceなら,絢爛豪華な花魁studio雅へ.花魁studio雅ThenKyoto一ofかわいらしい花魁to変身していただけます!お子様of記念日to!お子様プラン5,500circletoteeth,着付・メイク・ヘアセット・カメラマンof撮影・5分間スタジオ内スマホで撮影までが含まれております.親子,姉妹花魁など2名以

Golden Week x Rain OK: Outdoor Tour

golden week

Kansai × Outdoor tour OK even in the rain teeth, surf school , fishing , Wake Board , snorkeling , diving , Caving (cave exploration) There is a wide variety of activities such as

You should be able to find an outdoor tour that you want to experience in the Kansai area.

Check it out below!

[Osaka/Wakayama Prefecture Isonoura Beach Surfing School] The first surfing experience school with the sea as a field

Southern Osaka (Sakai/Kishiwada/Kansai Airport)
5,500 circle 5,000 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

It is a plan for first-timers who love the sea and surfing but do not know how to start, so that they can experience the fun of surfing. While learning about the structure of waves, the rules and manners of surfing, feel the waves in the great nature of the sea and take off! A small number of Japan Surfing Federation certified instructors and surfing maritime safety instructors

【餌・道具レンタル全込】Rafune『お手軽船fishingツアー(3時間)』 手ぶらでラクラクfishing体験!初心者・ファミリー大歓迎【和歌山・白浜】

7,000 Yen~ (tax included)

Enjoy hanging out! Here is a fishing boat that "supports two or more staff"! So even small children and inexperienced customers can enjoy it with peace of mind. Oh my God! “[Rafune Limited] is a comic book with rods, bait, gimmicks, life jackets, and cold insulation bags! "moreover! “Everything, such as the preparation of the fish you catch, is done by Komi.

【和歌山・串本】冬季限定♪カップルorグループtoオススメ☆濡れないスーツで快適toexperience diving!

ARK Diving Shop Kushimoto
Kushimoto and Nachikatsuura
12,000 Yen~ (tax included)

☆Enjoy the warm and highly transparent sea of Kushimoto☆Kushimoto Town is one of the leading diving spots in Japan where tropical and colorful fish swim around thanks to the warm current of the Kuroshio Current. The colony of table coral shows the expanse reminiscent of the sea of Okinawa. Why don't you try diving casually in the sea of Kushimoto that is second to none in Okinawa? ☆Keep the cold out with a suit that doesn't get wet

[Cave Expedition] Lv.1 Caving Shiga Course

Natural Planning Co., Ltd.
Hikone Koto Sanzan
11,000 Yen~ (tax included)

A bit of a tour where you can enjoy caving, shower climbing, and rock climbing in one place. You can easily enjoy caving (cave exploration) with a good approach. The inside of the cave is a simple labyrinth, and you can explore it as you like. After caving, you can bathe in a clean river and see a place where underground water is springing out.

Golden Week x rain is OK: activities and experiences that can be booked the day before

golden week

Activities and experiences that can be booked the day before in Kansai teeth, Kumihimo making experience , accessory making , Pottery experience , Sandblasting experience Such.
Colorful Manufacturing experience You can!

museum of入館チケットandCan be booked the day before.
It's nice to take your time and appreciate art on a rainy day!

the outdoor tour Wake Board , Rafting , SUP experience , surf school etc. is possible.

"I want to experience activities" the day before in Kansai If you're thinking about it, check out the plans below!

[Kyoto/ Nijo Castle Kita] Experience making key chains of Kyoto twisted tufts (Yorifusa) and Kyoto braids (braids)!

Experience Studio Yusai
Around Kawaramachi, Karasuma and Omiya
2,500 Yen~ (tax included)

We will make a key chain using Kyoto twisted tassels. Braid "Kumihimo" like "Your Name". Choose up to 2 colors of thread by yourself and make a set of four. Tie a knot and attach it to the tassel to make a key holder. Kanae-musubi is a type of knotting method that has been used for a long time in the field of Kyoto Kumihimo as a way to make wishes come true. Twisted bunch

各回1組貸切【大阪・難波】★平日割引あり★100種以上ofシールから選べる!グラスアート・Sandblasting experience

Senda glass tableware
Shinsaibashi, Namba, Yotsubashi
3,960 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!


【大阪・梅田】体験型ミュージアム"Koji Kinutani Tenku Art Museum”+息を呑む絶景人気スポット"空中庭園展望台”セット券

Koji Kinutani Tenku Art Museum
Around Umeda
2,000 Yen~ (tax included)

\\ Museum admission + Kuchu Teien Observatory admission set deals // General (Museum 1000 yen + Observation deck admission 1500 yen) is a great price if you buy it as a set! *Museum admission tickets and KUCHU TEIEN OBSERVATORY admission tickets will be handed over at the museum reception. *Children of elementary school age and younger must purchase tickets on-site on the day. [Koji Kinutani Tenku Art Museum] At Koji Kinutani Tenku Art Museum

[Shiga/ Lake Biwa] Wakeboarding experience (beginner course) rental included!

Ogoto and Katata
5,500 Yen~ (tax included)

Wakeboarding glides over the water and flies around, just like a "water version" snowboard! In the experience course, even beginners will be given an easy-to-understand and polite lecture. I will teach you the fun of wakeboarding while experiencing it. Of course, from the beginning, we will thoroughly teach you how to stand on the water.

[Kyoto Hozugawa] A natural roller coaster created by nature! Rafting tour (14:00 pm course)

twinkle twinkle
4,300 Yen~ (tax included)

Would you like to have fun in the beautiful nature? For rafting in the Kinki and Kansai areas, Kyoto Hozu River is highly recommended. Kyoto Hozugawa is a popular spot where you can easily enjoy nature in Kinki and Kansai, about 30 minutes by train or 40 minutes by car from Kyoto city. The rafting tour of about 2 hours is full of contents. big with name

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Golden Week x rain is OK: activities and experiences that can be booked on the day

golden week

"I want to do something today!" during Golden Week (GW) Even if you think Activity Japan has a plan that can be reserved so you can rest assured is.

Can be reserved in the Kansai area on the day Nanoha, Accessory making experience , Candle making experience and various Manufacturing experience .

Mud ball making experience など子供と一緒to体験できるプランand Same day reservation可能 is.

【大阪・天王寺】Pottery experience教室"泥だんごづくりコース”天王寺駅より徒歩2分

Horikoshi Pottery
Tennoji, Abeno, southern part of the city
1,100 Yen~ (tax included)

天王寺駅より徒歩2分!Horikoshi Potteryof体験教室is.キラキラ輝く泥だんごを作ってみませんか?

[3 minutes walk from Shinsaibashi Station, Osaka] The more you polish it, the more beautiful it becomes! Brass bangle making experience!

LALALAPO of Osaka handmade experience
Shinsaibashi, Namba, Yotsubashi
3,520 Yen~ (tax included)

・This is an experience where you can make a shiny brass bangle from scratch. ・You can choose the width of the bangle from 3 sizes: "thin (2mm)", "medium (6mm)", and "thick (10mm)" * Size The price varies depending on the work ・The work can be taken home on the day. Recommended as a pair of accessories for couples or as a gift ・About a walk from Shinsaibashi Station

[3 minutes walk from Shinsaibashi Station, Osaka] Making candles that enjoy the scent of dried flowers and aromas that do not light! Dry flower sachet making experience ☆

LALALAPO of Osaka handmade experience
Shinsaibashi, Namba, Yotsubashi
3,520 Yen~ (tax included)

・Experience making unlit candles scented with aromatic oil ・You can freely design your favorite flower materials such as dried flowers, dried fruits, preserved flowers, etc. ・13 types of molds, including rectangular, oval, and wreath types You can choose from ・You can take the finished work home on the day. Decorate your entryway, closet, bedroom, etc. with flowers

Golden Week Fun Even on Rainy Days: Okinawa

golden week

Popular area in Activity Japan ・ Okinawa Focus on.

Experiences that can be enjoyed even on rainy days in Okinawa × adult play I'd like to introduce!

Golden Week x Activities that can be enjoyed even in the rain: indoor/indoor experiences

golden week

Popular indoor/indoor experiences in Okinawa Speaking of Shisa-lion making experience !

In addition, Okinawa ✕ visiting popular sightseeing spots Bus tour Also recommended.
especially" Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is popular!

[Okinawa Motobu] Shisa coloring experience! (About 1.5 hours) 1 minute to Churaumi Aquarium! There is an ocean view tatami room!

[Maimai Shisa] Cute Shisa coloring & Shisa making experience specialty shop
2,063 circle 1,650 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

[Let's take home the memories and souvenirs of Okinawa's No. 1 impression] ★I'm so happy! Last-minute reservations are OK ★Cancellation on the day is free of charge! Highly rated and popular restaurant [1 minute by car from Churaumi Aquarium] All seats along the main street overlooking the sea are full of smiles, and the sound of the sanshin is played in a comfortable, air-conditioned space. There are tatami rooms, diaper changing tables, and toys that are great for families with children.

[Okinawa Naha] Anyone can feel free to do "Shisa-lion making experience" immediately from Kokusai Street!

Handmade Experience Studio Tiander
3,200 circle 2,500 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

About 10 minutes by car from Naha Airport! A 10-second walk from Kokusai-dori in Naha, Okinawa, “Handmade Experience Studio Tianda” offers a variety of handmade experience menus that families, couples, and friends can easily participate in. . In this plan, you will knead clay and make an original Shisa. ≪For reservations on the day, please contact us by phone.

[Okinawa Naha departure] Churaumi Aquarium and plenty of Okinawa enjoyment bus | Rad Churaumi

Mie Kotsu Co., Ltd. (Tourism Sales Systems)
7,300 Yen~ (tax included)

This is a one-day bus tour that visits popular sightseeing spots in Okinawa, such as the Churaumi Aquarium. You can apply from 1 person and have plenty of time to stay in the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium for about 2.5 hours! A great value tour that includes not only the entrance fee to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium but also the entrance fee to other facilities. Transfer from hotel in Naha city to central northern resort hotel (designated hotel

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Golden Week x Activities that can be enjoyed even in the rain: Instagrammable experiences

golden week

When it comes to Instagrammable sightseeing spots in Okinawa, " Blue Grotto is.

the most well known Okinawa main island of Onna Village / Blue Cave but, Ishigaki Island or Miyakojima of Okinawa remote island is also present in
A long-awaited trip to Okinawa, fantasy blue world Why don't you experience it?

Depending on the wind and sea conditions, even in the rain Diving experience or Snorkeling experience is often possible you know!

Same day reservation大歓迎!【Okinawa・Blue Grottoシュノーケル】★ツアー中of写真無料撮影&餌付け付or無料!スプリングセール実施中

Okinawa Diving Shop Seamall
Blue Cave/Onna Village
4,000 circle 900 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

【大好評】2歳~70歳までご参加可能ofBlue Grottoぷくぷくシュノーケルand随時開催中!!→【当社ofコロナウイルス対策】お客様to安心してご参加頂けるよう当社が行っているコロナウイルス対策ofご案内!!●チェック表toより感

⭐️特別割引クーポン対象プラン⭐️1組貸切Blue Grottoexperience diving☆手ぶらでOK☆GoPro写真画像&魚of餌付け無料!!スプリングセール実施中

Blue Cave/Onna Village
8,100 circle 3,980 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!


[Okinawa Miyakojima] Popular No. 1! Boat experience diving (1 dive)・Enjoy diving in the Miyako blue sea! ◆ All equipment is disinfected and sterilized ◆

Miyakojima Diving Aquatic Adventure
Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
16,500 Yen~ (tax included)

Experience diving by boat dives mainly on Shimojishima and Irabujima, which is about 30 to 40 minutes away from Nikawatori Port on Miyakojima with a boat owned by our shop. From spring to early autumn, you can also experience diving at the "Blue Cave" on Irabu Island. Even if you are a beginner, you can rest assured that the instructor will teach you kindly and carefully and dive together. Even if you can't swim, there is an instructor

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Golden Week x Rain OK: Outdoor Tour

golden week

in Okinawa Marine Sports Outdoor tours such as

Okinawaでrainof日to体験可能なoutdoorsツアー teeth, snorkeling or experience diving , parasailing , Canoe/Kayak And so on.

Check out the link below for tours and experiences that are OK even if it rains.

【Ishigaki Island】大人気!3大スポット★川平湾+Blue Grotto+回復of滝とシュノーケル!★満足度120% スプリングセール実施中 KAS

Ishigaki Island Tour Guide All Blue
Ishigaki Island
16,800 circle 6,000 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

◉初日参加がオススメ!(離島行く船・竹富水牛車・系列店お土産品Well as安くなるクーポン付き!)◉ウミガメ,クマノミニモ,お魚サンゴand沢山!◉無料駐車場・クラブハウス施設利用and無料♪(シャワー・鍵付ロッカー・更衣室)◉市街地10分圏内無料送迎◉川平湾・Blue Grotto・回復of滝,とシュノーケル!◉車of中and楽しい

"スプリングセール実施中”【Okinawa 恩納村】ボートで行くシーウォークツアー!8大無料特典付き

Okinawa blue cave specialty store Blue Ocean
Blue Cave/Onna Village
9,000 Yen~ (tax included)


《Okinawa3大アクティビティ全部体験》贅沢セット!Blue Grottoexperience diving&絶景parasailing&絶叫ウォータートイ"スプリングセール実施中”

Marine Leisure High Side
Blue Cave/Onna Village
25,000 circle 20,500 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

Blue Grottotosnorkelingで行く"贅沢セット”andあります.絶叫ウォータートイ&絶景parasailing 1名料金 16,500circle〜↓ 本プラン詳細はここから ↓"選ばれ続けて10年!ご案内実績3万人突

【Okinawa・Ishigaki Island】川平湾発!カヤックto乗って川平湾of無人島へ!透明度抜群of川平湾of海でシュノーケルを楽しandう!

Sea Smile Ishigakijima
Ishigaki Island
9,000 circle 8,000 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

Kayaking, snorkeling, and landing on an uninhabited island allow you to experience the nature of Kabira Bay up close. A veteran guide who knows all about the charm of Kabira Bay will support you! Small children and activity beginners can enjoy it with peace of mind. ~ Flow of the day ~ ① Gather at a shop surrounded by nature ② Kayak practice on emerald beach in Kabira Bay ③

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Golden Week x rain is OK: activities and experiences that can be booked the day before

golden week

Even if you think about it the day before, Marine Sports snorkeling or experience diving Besides, mangrove Canoe/Kayak can be reserved.

People who want to experience unusual activities! Caving tour of.
Marine sports are not the only things you can enjoy in Okinawa.
Exploring caves and limestone caves, which are difficult to do, is sure to excite even adults!

スプリングセール実施中!本島中部・アクセス便利!マングローブカヤックツアー★【Same day reservation可】ツアー画像プレゼント!

kayak ease
Cape Zanpa/Yomitan/Chatan
5,800 circle 5,500 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!


【Ishigaki Island•大人気スポット】熱帯rain林of大自然を颯爽♪不思議な森マングローブをSUPorカヤック体験‼️上陸し探索生き物を探そう‼️9割が初体験

Ishigaki island sea tour
Ishigaki Island
8,000 circle 3,000 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

Ishigaki Islandof天然記念物で市of文化財toand指定されている吹通川マングローブ群落でofカヤック or SUP体験!川of流れがとてand穏orかで,カヤックorSUP初心者of方or小さなお子様から多くof方to楽しんでいただける安全面を重視したツアーです♪初心者向きコースながら自然味はばっちり!マングローブアーチをくぐる道中で

[World Heritage Iriomote Island] Explore a mysterious limestone cave! Mangrove canoe & unexplored jungle expedition x caving (exploring limestone cave) [Tour photo data free]

Iriomote Island KEN GUIDE
Iriomote Island and other Yaeyama Islands (Yubu Island and Barasu Island)
17,000 circle 11,000 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

World Heritage Taketomi Town Tourist Guide Ordinance Authorized Professional Guide. World Heritage Iriomote Island Relaxing healing mangrove cruising & jungle exploration with a popular canoe! In the afternoon, after wearing a helmet and headlights, head to the mysterious limestone cave that nature has created over tens of thousands of years!

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Golden Week x rain is OK: activities and experiences that can be booked on the day

golden week

Although I visited Okinawa on a trip during Golden Week (GW), the weather is rainy ....

Even if that happens, in Okinawa snorkeling or diving , SUP experience such as outdoor tours Plans that can be reserved on the day It's okay because there are a lot of !

If you think "I want to do something today!", immediately from the following Experiences and tours that can be booked on the day Check it out!


Miyakojima Marine SUGAR3
Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
8,000 circle 6,000 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

Encounter rate 100% ongoing! Sea turtle & anemone fish snorkel tour ★ No additional charge! Full money back guarantee! Free rental! Free photo! Traveling alone, families, pregnant women, the elderly, even from 1 year old can enjoy! Great deals on activities in Miyakojima★Opening celebration big sale★

【Ishigaki Island・人気No.1】サンセット&星空ナイト&ナイトマングローブ探検‼️3つofプランが凝縮!!♪選んで遊ぶ【カヌーorサップ】

Ishigaki Island
9,800 circle 5,500 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

Ready to impress? Our store [Popularity No. 1] Only once a day tour It is a longer experience time than other companies. We will paddle towards the sunset on a kayak or sap in the sea with outstanding transparency. Enjoy the beautiful nature of Ishigaki Island to your heart's content! The sunset seen from a kayak is very romantic ♪ Adults for both couples and families

Golden Week Activities that can be enjoyed even on rainy days: Hokkaido

golden week

Finally, popular tourist destinations ・ Hokkaido An experience that can be enjoyed even on rainy days I'd like to introduce_______

A lot of games that even adults can enjoy Yes, we have it!

Golden Week x Activities that can be enjoyed even in the rain: indoor/indoor experiences

golden week

Outdoor tours are popular in Hokkaido, Activities and experiences that can be enjoyed indoors There is also!

When you grow up, you often feel tired at work and in your private life.
on a rainy day, One-day hot spring or tent sauna How about relaxing in

such as pizza baking experience Food making experience , factory tour Also recommended!
museum It's nice to enjoy art in peace.

[Hokkaido / Near Lake Mashu] Recommended when it rains ★ Milking, butter, ice cream making course (about 40 minutes)

Watanabe Experience Ranch
Kushiro, Akan, Lake Mashu, Nemuro, Kawayu, Kussharo
3,500 Yen~ (tax included)

See, hear, touch, and have a valuable experience! ?

[Hokkaido/Hakodate] A long-established store founded in 1914! Wooden barrel preparation ♪ Factory tour with special salted fish stand pack 130g

Odashima Fisheries Food Co., Ltd.
1,100 Yen~ (tax included)

It is a salted fish factory tour of the long-established store "Odashima Suisan Shokuhin Co., Ltd." founded in 1914. A special salted squid made from fresh surume squid caught in the waters near Hakodate using traditional Akita cedar wooden barrels. President Odashima himself guides visitors in an easy-to-understand manner. After the tour, you can taste the delicious freshly made salted fish♪

[Hokkaido/ Furano] Goto Sumio Museum admission

Goto Sumio Museum
1,100 Yen~ (tax included)

Nihonga is a traditional Japanese culture. You will appreciate the work of Sumio Goto, who was one of the greatest Japanese painters.

Golden Week x Activities that can be enjoyed even in the rain: Instagrammable experiences

golden week

If you want to be Instagrammable, Why don't you try wearing unusual clothes and styles? .

What we recommend in Hokkaido Ninja experience, samurai experience, trial cutting experience is.
Even adults sometimes want to go back to their childhood and play.

Join us and take some fun pictures!

[Hokkaido/Sapporo] Sapporo Ninja Experience Mansion <Hokkaido Ninja Road>

Hokkaido Ninja Road (HOKKAIDO NINJADO)
6,500 Yen~ (tax included)

This facility is a place where adults and children can enjoy ninja training while wearing ninja costumes. A more authentic experience program has been completed with the cooperation of the descendants of the famous Iga ninja "Sandayu Momochi" and the head of the Yoichi ninja group "Arashi" who practiced ninja training in Kyoto.

[Hokkaido, Niseko, Rusutsu, Lake Toya] Try cutting with a Japanese sword! ! Samurai experience

Niseko Rusutsu
10,000 Yen~ (tax included)

Try cutting mats with a Japanese sword while wearing a traditional samurai kimono. You can learn how to handle Japanese swords and katana. This is your chance to experience Japanese culture at a Japanese temple. Let's feel the samurai's life-or-death feeling through the trial cutting experience.

Golden Week x Rain OK: Outdoor Tour

golden week

The outdoor tour that is held even in the rain in Hokkaido is the blue cave cruise tour , Rafting , SUP experience , Guided trekking tour Such.
A wide variety of activities and experiences You can enjoy

Driving becomes troublesome on rainy days, sightseeing taxi Easy!
The driver will also guide you You can enjoy sightseeing without worrying about unfamiliar land world!

【Hokkaido・小樽】元祖!小樽Blue Grottoクルーズ

TUUSEN Co., Ltd.
5,500 Yen~ (tax included)

Originator! Otaru Blue Cave Cruise by Tsuusen Please leave the popular Otaru Blue Cave to us! Starting from the Otaru Canal, a fun guide will guide you through the Otaru Canal-Otaru Kaigan Quasi-National Park-Blue Cave for 80 minutes, stopping here and there. All seats are side bench seats on the window side. The ship has the highest degree of freedom of movement. Commemorative photos of family couples are also perfect! seagull feeding

[Hokkaido/Shiretoko] 3 hours around the World Natural Heritage Core Zone Shiretoko Five Lakes! Morning trekking with guide (up to 10 people)

Shiretoko Nature Guide Starhours
5,000 Yen~ (tax included)

This is a trekking that goes around the Shiretoko Five Lakes, which are designated as a special protection area of Shiretoko National Park, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Area, including the elevated wooden path. Japan's first epoch-making forest adventure experience guided by a registered leader with a license in the area where brown bears live. Not only the lake, but also Ezo deer, red foxes, wild birds, alpine plants, autumn leaves, etc.

[Hokkaido/Asahikawa/Furano] [Golden Week] Asahiyama Zoo and Furano Biei/Ningle Terrace Greedy Plan

Air Choice Co., Ltd.
Asahikawa/Sounkyo Gorge
5,900 Yen~ (tax included)

★Enjoy a lot of popular spots such as Asahiyama Zoo, Biei Hill/Blue Pond, Farm Tomita, and Ningle Terrace! Asahiyama Zoo admission ticket included! ★ Popular spots in the Asahikawa, Biei, and Furano areas are packed! Starting with Asahiyama Zoo, which is popular for its behavioral exhibits, Biei's Blue Pond passes through the "Patchwork Path", which is typical of Hokkaido. Flower gardens and romance in Furano

[Hokkaido/ Hakodate] Mt. Hakodate Night View Award Course Depart near Hakodate Station! Small taxi (up to 4 passengers)

Donan Hire Co., Ltd.
6,880 Yen~ (tax included)

Depart from hotels, facilities, and restaurants around Hakodate Station! We will guide you through the night view from Mt. Hakodate, which is said to be worth 1 million dollars, and the popular bay area♪

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Golden Week x rain is OK: activities and experiences that can be booked the day before

golden week

Hokkaido x manufacturing experience Then glass etching experience, Leather craft experience , Mosaic lamp making experience, dragonfly ball making experience, etc. can be booked the day before.

Outdoor tours, Rafting or Canoe/Kayak can be booked the day before.

There are many more, so please check out the tours and plans below.


glass workshop ponte
Obihiro and Tokachi
3,980 Yen~ (tax included)

This is a workshop studio in Obihiro, Hokkaido, with the theme of "making and having fun". It will be a great memory to make with your family, friends, or couples♪ Even children will be supported, so you can enjoy the experience with peace of mind (must be accompanied by a parent or guardian). are lined up, so it's fun just to look at them while waiting

【Hokkaido・帯広】とんぼ玉1時間体験(ストラップ or ペンダント or ヘアゴム)!that dayお持ち帰り可★初心者歓迎,親子歓迎

glass workshop ponte
Obihiro and Tokachi
1,320 Yen~ (tax included)

This is a workshop studio in Obihiro, Hokkaido, with the theme of "making and having fun". It will be a great memory to make with your family, friends, or couples♪ Even children will be supported, so you can enjoy the experience with peace of mind (must be accompanied by a parent or guardian). are lined up, so it's fun just to look at them while waiting

【ニセコラ・Rafting】春限定 ♪ スリル満点of激流Raftingが楽める!!

Adventure Smile
Niseko Rusutsu
6,500 Yen~ (tax included)

The torrent rafting tour in spring is a limited course when the water level rises during the snowmelt season! ! It is recommended for those who want to have an exciting experience where you can enjoy the real thrill of rafting ♪ Niseko Shiribetsu River is rich in nature, and rafting is not just about going down the river! ! The guide is an experienced play professional, playing in the river tailored to each customer

Golden Week x rain is OK: activities and experiences that can be booked on the day

golden week

"I came to Hokkaido for a trip, what do you want to do on the day For those who say, Music box making experience is.

You can make a reservation and experience as soon as you think of it!


Music Box HallⓇKaimeiro main store
1,400 Yen~ (tax included)
  • 5.0
  • (1 review and testimonial)

旅of思い出to,大切な方へof贈り物to,世界toただ一つofオリジナルオルゴールを作れます♪オルゴールof街小樽であなただけofオルゴール製作体験はいかがですか?400曲以上ある曲of中from,お好きな曲とお好みof箱を選び木orガラス,アクリルsuch as小物を組み合わせたり,絵of具で色を付けたりすることで,そof場で簡単to

Golden Week You can enjoy various things even in the rain!

golden week

There are many activities and experiences that you can enjoy even if it rains during Golden Week (GW) !

indoor/indoor but, outdoors However, there are more tours and experiences than you might think.

At Activity Japan, the day before that day There are many tour plans that can be reserved at , so please check it out if you feel like it.

Long-awaited long holidays, Enjoy Golden Week (GW) regardless of the weather !


Editorial department recommended feature articles

2024年GW(golden week)カレンダーと人気ofツアーアクティビティof画像
2024年GW(golden week)カレンダーと人気ofツアーアクティビティ
Updated on 2024/03/22
2024年ofgolden week(GW)は4月27日(土)から5月6日(月)まで.3日間休暇を取得できれば最大10連休が可能is.GWtoおすすめof旅行先orお出かけ先でできるアクティビティ情報など,アクティビティジャパンof予約データto基付く人気ランキングを発表します.
golden week(GW)おすすめofおでかけスポット&アクティビティ【2024年】of画像
golden week(GW)おすすめofおでかけスポット&アクティビティ【2024年】
Updated on 2024/04/02
The long-awaited Golden Week (GW) every year! This time, we will feature recommended outing spots and activities during Golden Week (GW). We will introduce recommended spots to go out during Golden Week (GW), from classics to hidden gems, so please make use of them!
Kanto Chiba athletic zip line
Kantogolden weekおすすめof過ごし方|Tokyoから2時間圏内of日帰り旅行・観光スポット特集of画像
Kantogolden weekおすすめof過ごし方|Tokyoから2時間圏内of日帰り旅行・観光スポット特集
Updated on 2024/04/01
A thorough introduction to day trips around the Kanto area, recommended sightseeing spots, and popular activities, leisure, experiences, and play tours that can be accessed within two hours from Tokyo during the long Golden Week (GW) spring holidays. Families such as parents and children (mother and daughter), couples, groups of friends, etc... If you are wondering where to go during Golden Week this year, this is a must-see!
Kanto Chiba
golden week(GW)旅行of穴場スポット【Kanto 2024年版】of画像
golden week(GW)旅行of穴場スポット【Kanto 2024年版】
Updated on 2024/04/02
2024年golden week(GW)旅行toおすすめofKanto穴場スポットを特集!子供がいる家族連れorカップルで楽しめる都内orSaitama,茨城such as穴場観光スポットI'd like to introduce_______
Kanto Saitama SUP
Hokkaidogolden week|子連れで楽しめる人気アクティビティ・レジャー・体験・遊びランキングof画像
Hokkaidogolden week|子連れで楽しめる人気アクティビティ・レジャー・体験・遊びランキング
Updated on 2024/04/01
golden week(GW)ofHokkaido人気アクティビティ・レジャー・体験・遊びを大特集!2024年ofgolden weekカレンダーと4月・5月ofHokkaido観光で人気ofエリアor体験ツアーを徹底紹介.子連れファミリーorカップル,女子旅orお友達グループetc…golden week期間を含む春ofHokkaidoを大満喫しましょう.
Hokkaido Hokkaido(道北) cruising・船上パーティー
Popular in Tokyo! Manufacturing experience & rare handmadeof画像
Popular in Tokyo! Manufacturing experience & rare handmade
Updated on 2023/04/18
TokyoManufacturing experienceを特集.子供連れof家族orカップル,1人OK,友達,大人女子がTokyoで気軽to体験できるハンドメイドofアクティビティを紹介.Tokyo・銀座or表参道,青山など人気エリアofPottery experience・pottery教室orガラス工芸体験が登場.苔玉or伝統工芸,組紐作りなどrareManufacturing experienceand.お得で格安,料金が割引中of体験and多数!
Kanto Tokyo Glasswork/glass workshop andofづくり・ハンドメイド
Sea fishing/fishing boat|Recommended tours that you can join empty-handed in Kantoof画像
Sea fishing/fishing boat|Recommended tours that you can join empty-handed in Kanto
Updated on 2023/04/03
Kanto Chiba 海fishing・fishing船
rainof日おでかけ特集!Kantoで子供から大人まで楽しめるスポットと体験 18選of画像
rainof日おでかけ特集!Kantoで子供から大人まで楽しめるスポットと体験 18選
Updated on 2023/08/09
Kanto Tokyo VR experience Entertainment/Amusement
Tokyo rainof日 観光toおすすめ!子連れto人気ofスポットof画像
Tokyo rainof日 観光toおすすめ!子連れto人気ofスポット
Updated on 2023/12/11
Kanto Tokyo VR experience・VR game
Kyoto rainof日toおすすめof観光・室内スポットof画像
Kyoto rainof日toおすすめof観光・室内スポット
Updated on 2023/12/04
Kansai Kyoto Around Kyoto Station Making Japanese miscellaneous goods
Updated on 2023/08/08
Thorough introduction of dating information on rainy days in Kansai, from classics to hot spots! We propose recommended spots that can be enjoyed by students and adults alike. If you are worried about Kansai's rainy day date plan, please refer to it.
Kyoto SUP
Updated on 2023/08/09
even in the rain楽しめるOkinawaof観光スポットorアクティビティを特集To do!大人and楽しめる室内遊び場or,rain天でand外で楽しめるツアーI will also introduce you!
Okinawa Okinawa Caving (cave exploration)
Hokkaido rainof日toおすすめof観光スポット&楽しみ方of画像
Hokkaido rainof日toおすすめof観光スポット&楽しみ方
Updated on 2024/03/18
Hokkaido Hokkaido Sapporo Glasswork/glass workshop
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