How to get to the blue cave in Hokkaido (Otaru, Shakotan, Hakodate), tours, etc.

How to get to the blue cave in Hokkaido (Otaru, Shakotan, Hakodate), tours, etc.

Blue cave Capri island, Italy Is famous, Otaru in Hokkaido Or Shakotan, Hakodate There is also In this article, we will introduce the locations of each blue cave, what you can experience there, and how to get there. Various tour information such as Kayak, cruises, and Glass boat.

You can also enjoy a superb view! Blue cave in Hokkaido

You can also enjoy a superb view! Blue cave in Hokkaido

Blue Grotto Is mainly A cave-shaped rocky area in the sea.. When the sunlight shines from the entrance of the cave, six of the seven colors of light in the sea are absorbed and only the blue color remains, The sea surface glows blue.. It is famous for the island of Capri, Italy, Blue caves across Japan Do you know that there is

Go by boat IwateJodogahama Blue cave and Diving spot Nishiizu of Skylight, Hyogo prefecture Close to Kinosaki Hot spring Genbudo Cave at San'in Kaigan Geopark Such. In Japan, there are blue caves with different sizes and characteristics.

Among them, the treasure house of the blue cave is Hokkaido When Okinawa is. With coral reef Okinawa blue cave The seabed sand is calcareous and white in color, such as coral fragments. The white seabed acts like a reflector, and the blue surface reflects off the cave. A fantastic view of the entire cave shining blue To shape.

Blue cave in Hokkaido

On the other hand, the blue cave in Hokkaido is Shakotan Peninsula The area called Hakodate area Are scattered around. Facing the Sea of Japan Shakotan Blue Cave Is The contrast between the rough rocks and the refreshing blue sea surface is beautiful And reputation. Especially Hakodate area Then from the small entrance A sight like Italy, where the world of blue is spread when you enter by a small boat You can meet

Hokkaido, tours around the blue cave by boat and Snorkeling tours are also held. In these tours, dolphins and whales, such as sea lions Hokkaido is also possible to meet the sea creatures of the unique!

In this article, we will introduce the locations and directions of the Blue Cave in Hokkaido, and the Activity you can experience there.

What is the season for Blue Cave in Hokkaido?

Okinawa, Kanto, Kansai, etc. In areas other than Hokkaido, almost 1 Year tours to the mid-blue cave are held It has been. But, Hokkaido you can go to the blue cave from spring to autumn..

In high latitude Hokkaido, The sea is rough in the winter Because there are things.
The tour is April to early Oct. For up to, When the climate is mild Limited to

Among them, during the summer, which is a popular travel season in Hokkaido, many tourists visit the blue cave. If you want to avoid the busy season, Golden Week or Silver Week It would be nice to visit. Since there are many participants in the tour around lunch, those who want to participate in the free time, Aim in the morning and evening is.

Otaru Blue Cave

Otaru Blue Cave

Otaru Speaking of northwest of Sapporo Tourist city.. Otaru Port has a prosperous history as a trading port. Along the Otaru Canal Old warehouse district Is a fashionable cityscape and attracts tourists. In the city, in addition to glass work, music boxes, sake breweries, sweets using famous sake, Shop for Female Also abundant.

Otaru's kitchen "Triangle Market" fresh seafood rice bowls and "Sushi shop street" Nigiri sushi from gourmet products such as seafood to local gourmet bread rolls fried with bread wrapped in bread, cheese popular for souvenirs We also have gastronomy such as cakes.

The Otaru Blue Cave is also easy to visit from the center of Otaru.

Recommended Activity 1: Boat Tour

Recommended Otaru Activity 1: Boat Tour

Otaru's Blue Cave is the city's main station 10 minutes walk from Otaru station How about. Otaru Port There is a platform for the tour boat. Several companies run boat cruises and during the season 5 more departures per day doing. Tour time is 60-80 minutes It's about.

On your tour, head to the Blue Cave, passing through various terrains and photo spots along the coast. Soon after leaving the port, Amimoto, who made a fortune in herring fishing, built it. Herring palace Or Otaru Aquarium.. You can see about 20 to 30 sea lions sleeping Sea lion rock, The formation of 15 million Year ago can be seen Rock Climbing holy land, Mt. Akaiwa I will pass through. Blue cave is the final destination is.

Otaru Blue Cave has a wider entrance than other cave in Japan Explore the cave while riding a small boat can do. Snorkeling, if you are from the ship, you can use a smartphone to You can also take pictures I am happy. The sea shining in emerald green I'm sure you will forget the time.


[Hokkaido ・ Otaru】 Blue cave ★ Special cruise ship's adventure cruise


Tour to aim at [blue cave] while hearing talk about unknown nature, history, culture of Otaru! We will guide you to 【in the blue cave】 while riding a boat. All weather (type with cabin) no splash Sun But there is an open deck space where you can enjoy a comfortable cruise, and you can also feel the sea breeze. Even small children can get on board safely. The fun guide of the famous captain is also attractive! Sun Guides in English as well as in English will be supported.


Otaru Blue Cave Promarine Sunset Cruise Summer Only


Otaru Blue Cave Attraction Cruise on a high-speed boat! The same blue cave cruise as during the day + the best sunset cruise plan if it's sunny. The light is strong during the summer, so the cave is still blue and beautiful even after 18:00 in the evening! ! All introductory photos are photos of evening flights without processing. On the way back and forth, the brightness changes overall and you can see the sunset, so there are many photo opportunities. Sunset flights are recommended for those who have plenty of time because there are few holding companies.

Salt Valley 408

【Hokkaido · Otaru】 Guide to the unexplored area of ​​the sea "Blue cave exploration cruise" You can choose two boats

Salt Valley 408

Explore the Otaru blue cave, approach from Shiotani is definitely recommended! ! Sew the Iwama, attack the bottom of the cliff, unique fun of the boat! It is not only a pleasant mysterious scenery, a break through a blue cave .... Blue cave exploration cruise of Salt Valley 408 attacks as complicatedly along a complicated quay along the Shioya side to lick and change and fun is incorrect! ! You can enjoy a variety of deep cruises that you can not taste at the route from Otaru Port.

Recommended Activity 2: Sea kayak

In addition to boat tours, Sea kayak tours and Snorkeling tours are held at Otaru Blue Cave. Sea kayak and Snorkeling The meeting place are Shioya beach and Shioya harbor closest to the blue cave. At the beach, wear river shoes and a life jacket and ride Sea kayak to row into the blue cave.

Instructors and guides will guide you on a safe route, so you can rest assured along the way. At Kayak, you can see the inside of the cave from a position near the sea level, You can feel the shape of the cave more dynamically.. Children 3 years old Join from more Therefore, it is also good for parents and children to experience an adventure.

The blue caves that you can visit while admiring the beautiful coastline scenery will surely be a special memory.

シーカヤックガイド&スクール 遊人館

[Hokkaido/ Otaru] Superb view! Blue Grotto Sea kayak Tours

シーカヤックガイド&スクール 遊人館

Most wanted to explore the cave from Shioya coast are commonly called "blue cave" that lies ahead for about 2km. Explore widely within said even caves and mysterious scenery, can see the sea level of almost transparent blue, towards the sea kayaking beginners, women, you can participate safely in children. You can also also be observed western nest and sea of ​​the cliff and sea birds that can not be seen only from the sea side. Early summer, summer, scenery that changes in autumn and the season will want to also visit and many times experience.

Recommended Activity 3: Snorkeling

Snorkeling tour Then, take a boat to the vicinity of the blue cave, wear a wet suit, underwater glasses, snorkel, fins and jump into the sea, Underwater scenery Enjoy

Unlike boat tours and Sea kayak, Snorkeling is characterized by being able to fully enjoy the underwater of the blue cave. You will feel as if you are floating in sparkling blue water.

The transparency of water is high, View the cave from the sea and enjoy interacting with the fish And satisfaction is high. Depending on the tour, your guide may even take an underwater photo!

・Access to Otaru Blue Cave
15 minutes walk from JR Otaru Station or 3 minutes by car to Otaru Port
Shioya Port is a 25-minute walk or a 5-minute drive from JR Shioya Station
A tour from Otaru Station to the Blue Cave is also held.

Shakotan Blue Cave

Shakotan Blue Cave

The scenicShakotan Peninsula originally flourished as a herring fishing ground. Also known as the birthplace of Soran Festival, it is loved as a Diving and Snorkeling spot in modern times. The highly transparent sea is called Shakotan Blue and attracts divers. Diving and Snorkeling are also popular around the Shakotan Blue Cave.

The peninsula has few plains in Hokkaido, and steep mountain trails continue. Complex terrain can be seen on the coastline, especially with terrain like a mountain protruding into the sea. Cape Kamui Or, from the observatory, you can see the clear sea and the cliff coastline. Misaki Ogon Is Famous as a scenic spot is.

National Route 229, which goes around the peninsula, is a driving spot that represents Hokkaido. The magnificent scenery that only Hokkaido has, where the mountains, the sea and the sky intersect, is a must see.

Shakotan Blue Cave Is a sightseeing spot in the center of Shakotan Peninsula. Otaru Aquarium It's near the coastline. The entrance to the cave is narrow, so Small boats and Snorkeling Enter with. In the cave, A fantastic blue sea that was illuminated from the bottom of the sea Will be eye-opening.

Activity at the Shakotan Blue Cave, Every Year from July to Oct. period of 31 days only Is being held.

Recommended Activity 1: Diving and Snorkeling

Shakotan Blue Cave Recommended Activity 1: Diving / Snorkeling

What you want to experience at the Shakotan Blue Cave is Diving and Snorkeling.. While swimming in the sea of Shakotan blue, Enjoy the blue cave from the water and under the sea I can do it. Diving · Snorkeling Once you have taken the tour, you can change into wet suits and fins at the The meeting place store, go into the sea and swim to the cave.

The guide will guide you on the tour, Safe for beginners is. You may be given a brief lesson before swimming. By the way to the cave Enjoy the dynamic terrain and the beautiful blue sea of Shakotan let's do it.

In the sea, you may encounter fish unique to the Sea of Japan, such as tuna, damselfish, yellowtail, and horse mackerel. There are no sharks or toxic starfish like the southern sea, so you can immerse yourself in the seascape with peace of mind.

In the cave, you can have a unique experience watching the clear water color from the sea while swimming. Time spent in underwater 45 minutes How about. Participation from elementary school students You can do it, so it's perfect for making memories of your family's summer vacation.

オーシャンデイズ 積丹支店

[Hokkaido ・ Shokkomi Mikuni] You can play with blue cave snorkels and rain! Photograph present during tour ♪ ★ hot water shower Complete

オーシャンデイズ 積丹支店
7,0006,500yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

★ ☆ ★ Hokkaido The only hot water shower Complete! Shampoo, body soap, of course, can also be used free of charge ★ ☆ ★ Hokkaido September is the warmest of the sea! The coastline is rich and natural, Hokkaido Shakotan Peninsula Blue cave located next to Otaru. Sapporo It is approximately 70km from. The sea of fertile, which is expressed as "Sokotan Blue" because of the ephemeral nature of the water, and the rough coastline beauty are left in a natural state. Hokkaido As a heritage, it is also a local treasure as Niseko Shakotan Otaru Coast National Monument. In the sea, healing space "blue cave" opened open on the shore Snorkeling Would you like to enjoy it at?

Recommended Activity 2: Clear Kayak

Shakotan Blue Cave Recommended Activity 2: Clear Kayak

The Clear Kayak where you can see the underwater scenery from the transparent boat, is also a recommended Activity to enjoy the beautiful Shakotan Blue. After applying for the tour, gather at the store and wear a life jacket. Kayak and head straight to the Blue Cave.

Before departure, there is a brief paddling lecture from the guide, so even beginners can fully enjoy it. In addition, guides can also ride in the Kayak and teach not only how to row but also the highlights of the surrounding scenery.

Available Ageo/Okegawa is 4 years more.. Because you can enjoy the view of the cave from the boat, People who are not good at swimming or families with small children Also suitable for

You can borrow a life jacket, but at Sea kayak, where you paddle over the sea, your clothes may get wet. On the day Clothes that can be wet It would be nice to join in.

In summer, wearing a hat and sunglasses will help you avoid strong sunlight. As for shoes, sandals with heels like Crocs are convenient. You can rent it at the store.

オーシャンデイズ 積丹支店

[Hokkaido ・ Sokotanmi country]Hokkaido Landing! Blue Grotto Clear Kayak Tour photo present! ★ Hot water shower Completed ★

オーシャンデイズ 積丹支店

★ ☆ ★ Hokkaido Only hot water shower Complete! Shampoo, body soap, of course, can also be used free of charge ★ ☆ ★ A natural rich and scenic coastline follows, Hokkaido Shakotan Peninsula Blue cave located next to Otaru. Sapporo It is approximately 70km from. The sea of fertile, which is expressed as "Sokotan Blue" because of the ephemeral nature of the water, and the rough coastline beauty are left in a natural state. Hokkaido As a heritage, it is also a local treasure as Niseko Shakotan Otaru Coast National Monument. In the sea, healing space "blue cave" opened open on the shore Hokkaido Landing Clear Kayak Would you like to enjoy it at?

・Access to Shakotan Blue Cave
About 40 minutes by car from JR Yoichi Station

The blue cave on the Yagoshi coast that goes from Hakodate

The blue cave on the Yagoshi coast that goes from Hakodate

Hakodate Is a coastal city facing the Aomori prefecture of Honshu, just across the Tsugaru Strait, on the southern tip of Hokkaido. The star-shaped castle is beautiful Goryokaku, And cookies and cakes are popular as souvenirs. Trappistine Monastery The Byzantine style cathedral is also known as the symbol of Hakodate." Hakodate Orthodox Church Famous for spots such as

Blue cave in Hakodate The cave called is from Hakodate Station 1 hour 30 minutes by car About Shiriuchi Town It is in Otaru, Along with Shakotan, the three great blue caves in Hokkaido Called, Shiriuchi Town, Yagoshi Coast (Yagokai Cancer) It is a blue cave.

The Yagoshi Coast is a general term from the Kotaniishi fishing port in Shiriuchi Town to the area around Tatami Rock in the Iwabe District of Fukushima Town. The area around the coast is known as "the southern part of Donan" where the cliffs with deep green cliffs continue along the coastline, and the highly transparent sea is called "Yagoshi Blue".

Along the coastline, strange rocks and cliffs form a unique landscape, which is popular with cruise ships and small boats. The Blue Cave is a medium-sized cave for small boats, and has long been called a hole between fishermen and has been cherished as a sacred place.

Can only go by boat Therefore, although the locals know it, it was a place that you would not normally see. There are no Diving shops around the Blue Cave, Take a small boat tour It is normal to go.

There are several Diving shops around Hakodate, mainly We hold experience Diving in the summer doing. In the harsh environment of the North Sea, beginners take a Diving tour, not self It is safe to enjoy swimming under the guidance of an instructor is. License classes are held at any time, so if you are interested, please join us.

In the sea of Hakodate, you can get a glimpse of a different marine ecosystem from Okinawa and Honshu. You can meet scallop juveniles, squid herds, horse mackerel, and rockfish.

Recommended Activity 1: Small Boat Tour/ Glass boat

Recommended Activity 1: Small Boat Tour/ Glass boat

A small boat going to the Blue Cave is in Shiriuchi Otaniishi fishing port Or Shiriuchi fish port Etc. are out of several fishing ports on the coastline. Boats are full during the July-September season If you would like to visit with your family, try Book Now as soon as possible.

The ship 10 people Ordinary small boats and Glass boat a transparent bottom And so on. Target age is 3 years more is. During the tour, head to the Blue Cave, listening to the guide's explanation of the cliffs and the sea life of Hakodate.

While on board 121m high cliff, Cape Yagoshi Don't miss sights along the coastline. May-June In Flock of dolphins Will come to the sea area. Sometimes Whale or killer whale Can come. Sometimes on land Bear and heron The appearance of. If you are lucky, you may encounter these creatures, which will add to the memories of your trip.

The entrance to the Hakodate Blue Cave is 3.5m high and 7m wide at high tide, but the cave is relatively spacious. The depth is about 80m, the maximum width is about 45m, and the height is about 12m.

In the cave, A beautiful sight where the highly transparent water that can see the bottom of the sea is dyed blue Is waiting Depending on the tour, inside the cave LED light There are also things that highlight the blue surface of the sea.

Here, it is said that if you make a wish and drop a white stone into the water of the cave, the wish will come true. If you take the tour, the guide will hand you the white stones on board, so please make a wish.

The transparency of seawater is high, and you can see small fish swimming in the cave from the surface of the sea. Glass boat, More beautiful underwater I can see it.

During the tour, you can see the blue cave and return to the port as it is, or leave the Yagoshi coast to go to the blue cave and it is a sight along the coast. Shiriuchi Hot spring Or Oyster hut Some stop at the oyster hut after stopping by.

Near the coast is a fishing ground where you can catch oysters and fresh seafood. It may be good to fill your stomach with seafood after cave sightseeing.

・Access to the blue cave on the Hakodate Yagoshi coast
About 80 minutes by car from Hakodate Station, about 4 hours and 50 minutes by car from Sapporo Station (via the Doo Expressway, near the Yagoshi Coast)
30 minutes by car from JR Kikonai station to Shiriuchi fish port

If you are on a tour, you can join us empty-handed. Enjoy the spectacular view of the Blue Cave!

If you are on a tour, you can join us empty-handed. Enjoy the spectacular view of the Blue Cave!

Depending on the time of day and the wind strength of the day, the sensible temperature may be lower more expected on spring, autumn, Sea kayak and boat tours. You may be able to borrow winter clothes on the tour, It's safe to prepare your own feather fabric and hat is.

In the blue cave at Hokkaido, Sea kayak Or Diving Snorkeling Various tours are available. Equipment such as wet suits, fins, and paddles can be prepared at the store, so I'm glad that you can join us empty-handed.

Also, the Target age is from 4 years old and elementary school children, and it is also a point that there are many tours that even relatively small children can participate. As a family, you can visit the scenery of the Blue Cave and make it yourself.

Apply for a tour of your interest and enjoy the mysterious view of the sea!

*Information such as plans, charges, timetables, and Phone Numter are as of August 2020.

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