【2024年】Sea opening of Miyakojimaはいつ?おすすめビーチとアクティビティ

【2024年】Sea opening of Miyakojimaはいつ?おすすめビーチとアクティビティ

Miyakojima of sea opening and activity information.

Okinawa But the sea is especially beautiful. Miyakojima . There are no rivers on Miyakojima, so mud and sand do not flow into the sea. The reason why the sea of Miyakojima is so beautiful It has been with.
In this article, in addition to the details of the beaches on the island, Miyakojima of Fun activities and popular tours I will also introduce Please refer to it!

Sea opening of Miyakojima

Okinawa Miyakojima sea bathing sea opening beach

Okinawa on the beach of from early spring one after another sea opening is done.

Miyakojima Every year, the beaches are opened one by one from around the end of March.
On the opening days of each beach, not only locals, Various events that tourists can enjoy will be held.

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Recommended beaches in Miyakojima

Okinawa Miyakojima Yonaha Maehama beach sandals

Miyakojima is dotted with many attractive beaches.
Carefully selected by the Activity Japan editorial department, 7 Recommended Beaches I'd like to introduce!

In Miyakojima, there are beaches where you can swim, but no lifeguards are stationed, and where you play and swim at your own risk. Please check the conditions and rules of each beach before going out.

Yonaha Maehama Beach

scenic big beach. The sandy beach stretches for about 7 km.
The sand that touches my feet Smooth and comfortable , It is also called "the whitest in the Orient" Representing Miyakojima Beach.

Yonaha Maehama Beach
parking can be
toilet can be
shower can be
stand can be
rental can be

[Okinawa Miyakojima] Beach photo on a sandy beach said to be the best in the Orient

Miyakojima Photo
Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
30,000 circle 25,000 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!
  • 5.0
  • (6 reviews and testimonials)


Miyakojima・Yonaha Maehama Beachは何ができる?人気アクティビティと施設情報を徹底紹介!of画像
Miyakojima・Yonaha Maehama Beachは何ができる?人気アクティビティと施設情報を徹底紹介!
Updated on 2023/11/03
Miyakojima・Yonaha Maehama Beach特集!マリンアクティビティ体験ツアーをはじめ、アクセス・行き方or入場料・parkingSuch東洋一美しいビーチとも称されるYonaha Maehama Beachof施設情報を紹介!
Okinawa Okinawa(離島) Miyakojima Marine Sports(sea activities)

painagama beach

Nets are put up to prevent habu jellyfish, etc. well maintained been Safe even with small children You can play with
Good access from the city center Popular with locals Beach.

painagama beach
parking can be
toilet can be
shower can be
stand Convenience store nearby

[Miyakojima] Make lifetime memories on Miyakojima trip!! Professional photographer shooting & snorkel tour

Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
17,000 circle 16,000 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

Make wonderful photos of your memories in Miyakojima! ! ! Family, couples, husband and wife, and friends take pictures on a wonderful beach with a professional photographer! This plan is recommended for those who want to do snorkeling and full-scale photography ♪ Miyako blue and beautiful sandy beaches Weather and location at that time We will take a nice photo according to the occasion ♪ A professional photographer's full-fledged photo at a low cost

Shigira Beach

It's not a big beach, but the nearby resort hotel's Feels like a private beach is attractive.
sea turtle is known as a beach where if you're lucky You may even see sea turtles swimming.

Shigira Beach
sea opening情報 Saturday, March 23, 2024
parking can be
toilet can be
shower can be
stand can be
rental can be

Bora Izumi Beach Pool

Not only the beach, but also the spring water fresh water pool (charged) and cave exploration tours are also held, Full of activities It is a facility that did.
Hot water showers and beach houses are also available, Recommended for families with small children is.

Boraga Beach Pool
parking can be
toilet can be
shower can be
stand can be
rental can be

sunayama beach

cobalt blue sea And a cave on the sandy beach, a beach with impressive white sand dunes. Close to downtown , access is also convenient.
At a spot that represents Miyakojima, Often published in guidebooks, etc. It has been.

Sunayama Beach
parking can be
toilet can be
shower can be
stand can be

Departure from Toguchi Beach❗️Ogami Island Tour

Miyakojima Sea Breeze
Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
Reservation acceptance suspended

It is a tour that goes from Toguchi Beach to Hirara Port ➡️ Sunayama Beach ➡️ Nishi Hennazaki ➡️ Ikema Bridge ➡️ Ogami Island! After the veteran staff, we will go around sightseeing spots to Ogami Island. If you can rent a jet ski with a guide, it will be OK❗️ It will be a tour of about 3 hours.

Nagama Beach (Kurima Island)

Kurimajima, located in the southwestern part of Miyakojima, is a small island with a circumference of about 9km. Miyakojima is about 1,690m long. Kurima Bridge It is possible to come and go across
Nagama beach The west side of Kurima Island It is located in off-the-beaten-path beach. Swimming is not prohibited, but due consideration must be given to safety under self-management.

Nagamahama Beach
parking none
toilet none
shower none
stand none


Little Ride
Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
13,000 Yen~ (tax included)

This is an electric 3-wheeled bike tour that guides you through the scenic spots of Miyakojima, led by a guide along a road surrounded by sugar cane to the Kurima blue beach! The guide will help you take photogenic photos. Introducing a 3 seater trike! Even if you have children or people who cannot drive, you can participate in the tour together.

Yoshino Beach

colorful coral and tropical fish A beach with high transparency where many of them live. snorkeling spot popular as
The shallow sea Beginners and families with small children It is also safe to use.

Yoshino Beach
parking can be(近隣ofparkingからシャトルバス利用)
toilet can be
shower can be
stand can be

Miyakojima Recommended Activities


Snorkeling Sea turtle Irabujima Marine Guide Mahalo Okinawa Miyakojima

Miyakojima The biggest attraction is, after all, " beautiful sea ”!
Experience the beauty of the sea snorkeling is in Miyakojima One of the activities not to be missed is. Even if you are not good at swimming, if you can put your face in the water, snorkeling You can enjoy

colorful tropical fish and corals Let's observe up close. You might even spot a sea turtle!

【Okinawa・Miyakojima】sea turtle&サンゴシュノーケル!【4人〜貸し切り可能・1ガイド2組限定】ツア写真プレゼント!15〜20枚

Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
6,000 Yen~ (tax included)

Why don't you swim with cute sea turtles in the Miyako blue sea, which boasts one of the world's clearest waters? The encounter rate with sea turtles is by far! You can also observe colorful tropical fish and clownfish! Unlike diving, snorkeling is safe even for children! You can easily enjoy a walk in the sea.


Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
6,500 circle 4,900 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!


Guided by a local captain [Miyakojima/Irabujima] Yabiji snorkel tour by boat! Drone shooting videos and underwater photos are all presented!

Irabu Island Marine Guide Mahalo
Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
11,000 circle 10,500 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

It will be a snorkeling plan in Japan's largest coral reef, Yaebishi (^_^) The beauty of the sea, the fish, and the variety of corals will surely please everyone! Our boat also has a toilet. Since it is fully equipped, women and children can participate with peace of mind (^_^)

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marine assist DEMI Marine assist DEMI Okinawa Miyakojima Diving

enjoy the sea for, diving is also a recommended activity.
Not only sea creatures, but also underground caves, etc. fantastic terrain to enjoy the diving is the charm of

Miyakojima for license holders fun diving Diving novice or inexperienced but, experience diving Then you can participate with confidence.

【Okinawa・Miyakojima】人気No1!ボートexperience diving(1ダイブ)・宮古ブルーofOceanでdivingを楽しもう!◆器材は全て消毒・除菌◆

Miyakojimadiving アクアティックアドベンチャー
Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
16,500 Yen~ (tax included)

ボートでofexperience divingは、当店of所有するボートでMiyakojimaof荷川取港から30~40分ほど移動した、下地島or伊良部島を中心に潜ります。春から秋口にかけては伊良部島of「青of洞窟」でexperience divingもできます。初めてof方でもインストラクターが親切・丁寧に教え一緒に潜るofで安心。泳げない方でもインストラクターが

<地域クーポン対応>【Okinawa・Miyakojima・diving】初めてでも安心!貸切ビーチexperience diving(水中写真付き)

Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
12,000 circle 9,000 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!


【Okinawa・Miyakojima】これぞ圧巻of絶景!1組貸切!人気NO.1青of洞窟experience diving♪shower・toilet完備(送迎・バスタオル・写真・動画サービス)

FUKUMINE Co., Ltd. Air Conditioning PIPELINE
Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
15,000 Yen~ (tax included)

MiyakojimaofdivingショップPIPELINEis.世界屈指of透明度を誇るミヤコブルー。そんな、Miyakojimaでボートexperience divingが楽しめる大人気プランis.船で移動中for,伊良部大橋を眺めながらタイミングが合えばsea turtleorイルカに出会えるチャンスも⁉ご案内するdivingポイントは、大人気of青of洞窟!洞窟内に

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Miyakojima ADVENTURE PiPi Sea kayak Canoe Okinawa Miyakojima

without getting wet Miyakojima If you want to taste the blue sea of Sea kayak and canoe experience How do you like it?

Do not enter water directly so babies and small family with children Also recommended. transparent bottom clear kayak then during the experience scene in the sea You can enjoy

[Okinawa Miyakojima] mysterious pumpkin cave exploration ☆ caving + sea kayak tour

ULTRA BLUE .by force of nature
Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
12,000 Yen~ (tax included)

If you go, your wish will come true!? Miyako Island, Mysterious Power Spot, Boraizumi Limestone Cave Pumpkin Hall. There is only one narrow hole facing the sea at the entrance, so there are times when access is not possible depending on the tide level. The point you want to visit by sea kayaking according to the ebb and flow of the tide of the day. It is a tour that both children and adults can enjoy.


Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
7,500 Yen~ (tax included)


【リアル水族館】大人気‼clear kayakツアー★SNS映え間違い無し!ドローン撮影&高画質写真データをそof場で無料プレゼント☆

Miyakojima resort sports
Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
9,500 circle 6,300 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

★【Okinawa・Miyakojima】clear kayakツアー(約60分)★ドローン撮影サービス‼ ※天候次第ではドローン撮影は提供できない場合がcan beます。 clear kayakで宮古ブルーofOceanを満喫! 当日of天候に応じて最適なロケーションをご案内いたします。■プラン詳細■【料金】 6800/名(小学生未満は無料 小学生は¥34

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Sea fishing/fishing boat

miyakojima fishing boat eishinmaru okinawa miyakojima fishing

Due to the recent fishing boom, Miyakojima enjoy fishing in Women's travel groups and families is increasing.

Around Miyakojima, Gurukun (Takasago), Irabucha (Parrotfish), etc. tropical fish From there, you can also catch large fish such as tuna and giant trevally! You can participate empty-handed If you take a tour, you can participate more easily.

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[Okinawa/Miyakojima] Beginners and women can enjoy it too! Empty-handed OK! Feel free to experience Gomoku fishing in Miyakojima ★ 2 hour course

Fishing boat Hakueimaru
Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
6,000 Yen~ (tax included)

It is a 2-hour course that you can feel free to join in your spare time. Fishing gear, bait, gimmicks, ice, towels, etc. are prepared, so you can come empty-handed. * I'm worried about seasickness, so I want to go fishing in a short period of time. * I want my children to experience fishing. *Recommended for those who don't have a lot of time.

[Okinawa Miyakojima] Gomoku fishing half-day course ★ Beginners, women and children can enjoy! Empty-handed OK!

Fishing boat Hakueimaru
Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
8,000 Yen~ (tax included)

It is a half-day course that you can feel free to participate in your spare time. For those who are new to fishing, we will explain how to attach bait and tips for catching fish in an easy-to-understand manner according to your level. * I'm worried about seasickness, so I want to go fishing in a short period of time. * I want my children to experience fishing. ~ Flow of the day ~ ① One flight 9:00 departure ② 9:20 point arrival fishing start ③ 12


fishing boat leo
Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
9,000 Yen~ (tax included)


Let's enjoy the sea of Miyakojima!

Okinawa Miyakojima Yonaha Maehama beach sunset

Miyakojima beach and sea opening information, Miyakojima I told you about the activities I experienced at. What did you think?

In addition to the ones introduced here, Hobby/Cultural experience plan and four wheel buggy In Miyakojima, such as experiences many activity tours is being held!
again, SUP or banana boat Such sea activities Miyakojima is full of Marine sports heaven !

While referring to the sea opening information in this article, Miyakojima When planning a trip to Book activities on the island Also don't forget!


Feature articles recommended by the editorial department

Updated on 2024/02/23
Okinawa Okinawa(離島) Miyakojima
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Miyakojima・ユニof浜上陸ツアー特集!行き方orおすすめof時間帯、シーカヤックorサップ・SUP、ジェットスキーorボート・船Suchで上陸するユニof浜ツアー人気プランI'd like to introduce!
Okinawa Okinawa(離島) Miyakojima(伊良部島・下地島・来間島・池間島)
Miyakojima 星空 おすすめツアー&フォトプランof画像
Miyakojima 星空 おすすめツアー&フォトプラン
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Okinawa・Miyakojimaof星空が満喫できるツアーを特集。Miyakojimaでof記念になるフォトplan and、周辺で楽しめるアクティビティについてご紹介します。ぜひ観光of参考にしてください。
Okinawa Okinawa Miyakojima(伊良部島・下地島・来間島・池間島) Astronomical observation/starry sky observation
Miyakojima旅行・観光 おすすめof格安ツアーof画像
Miyakojima旅行・観光 おすすめof格安ツアー
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Okinawa Okinawa(離島) Miyakojima(伊良部島・下地島・来間島・池間島) snorkeling
MiyakojimaMarine Sportsツアー人気ランキング&banana boatSuch遊び放題おすすめプランを徹底紹介!of画像
MiyakojimaMarine Sportsツアー人気ランキング&banana boatSuch遊び放題おすすめプランを徹底紹介!
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Okinawa Okinawa(離島) Miyakojima(伊良部島・下地島・来間島・池間島) Marine Sports
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Miyakojimaofglass boatツアー人気ランキング
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Okinawa Okinawa(離島) Miyakojima(伊良部島・下地島・来間島・池間島)
Updated on 2023/01/16
Okinawa Okinawa(離島) Miyakojima(伊良部島・下地島・来間島・池間島) SUP (stand up paddle board)
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