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Ouu Pour Owl Cafe IkebukuroOwl Park Owl Cafe Ikebukuro

Tokyo / 23 wards

Features of Owl Poo Owl Cafe Ikebukuro

"Ouarupau Owl Cafe Ikebukuro" is an experienced owl cafe centered around the owl located 3 minutes on foot from Ikebukuro station west entrance in Tokyo. There are lots of owls & hedgehogs that fly around freely in the shop. You can experience various experiences such as experiencing contact with owls · experiencing fowls · experiencing flight flying in hand. For details, please check with the Aparu homepage etc.

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Address MAP
3 - 30 - 11 Nishi - Ikebukuro, Toshima - ku, Tokyo 2 - F
business hours open 11:00~20:00   ※最終入店受付19:20
Regular holiday 木曜日 ※祝日の場合11:00より営業
credit card out of service
home page Http://