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Bungee jumping (Bungee jumping or Bungy jumping, Bunjee jumping) and is jumped by one lifeline from a high place, such as on top of the high-rise buildings and bridges, the competition to compete and beauty of form, or is the attraction. The bungee (bungy) in New Zealand dialect of English, is a rubber cord. In Japan, it was developed as an attraction at the amusement park. Tied with rubber rope and ankle many, type jump off from the permanent tower. Once after it has reached to the lowest point, repeating the movement that swung heavily on the up and down in the air is the feature of the bungee jump. In addition, such as the valley, bridge bungee jump into the river from the top of the bridge is thrilling than because there is a difference in height. In this case, a harness and a bridge attached to the waist connected by climbing rope, after a few seconds free fall of after the jump (vertical drop) will be able to enjoy the thrill of daring swing to enjoy the afterglow.

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