Riverboarding in Japan

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Ribabugi is caught to the board, is a European-born sport down the river wearing a fin to the foot. Hydro speed was born in France, in fact, under the trade name of the board that has been developed in the river only, because it is also referred to as alias Ribabugi and River board, these would be considered to be almost synonymous. This Ribabugi is River sport down the river in the tummy of posture as a body board. It is close enough to the line of sight compared to rafting and kayaking is about the same as the surface of the water, so go down the rapids while controlling their own board, and exhilaration is obtained and the higher thrill when we jump into the big wave stand whitecaps. More natural full of scenery to look from the top of the river, there is a comfortably to get used to the river and integrally not taste just by looking from the riverside.

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