[Kiso (Gifu and Aichi Prefecture)] Ribabugi experience (half-day course)

[Kiso (Gifu and Aichi Prefecture)] Ribabugi experience (half-day course)

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Price list

8,550Yen ~ (tax included)

Fee per adult
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愛知 / 犬山・瀬戸・一宮・津島・大府・東海
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Description of plan

Kisogawa Ribabugi course, from the standpoint of access for close from Nagoya, feel free to go point. Rafting and want to new swim in a river that different to you is not only "Ribabugi". In body board developed for the river, Let down the Japan line! I mean that. Please enjoy with confidence because you river guide support and that you are familiar with the river.

Even if not swim enjoy!

It caught the beat plate, if it is flutter kick, is okay even if not swim.
For those who are participating, you will wear all wet suit, a helmet and a life jacket (life jacket), and the like always.
Among the water by wear these equipment, on the shoulder, so we now head to float, also enjoy enough not swim!

Guide support and that you are familiar with the river!

Ribabugi is a sport associated with the risk of using a natural river.
Our full consideration to safety, Ribabugi of way before the start always (in the direction of changing the way the other)
We do safety talk (knowledge for safety).
It fell a safe way, shed the way of the deal at the time, etc. also describes so,
Peace of mind to you can join us.

Rich in rental equipment!

OK belongings and swimsuit (or exchange underwear) with a towel!
From the helmet to the fin, armamentarium of Ribabugi, please be assured I have been all prepared.


Minimum number of people 2 people
Number of people who can book 1 to 10 people
Schedule May 1, 2006 to October 31, 2008
Start time YHA until Inuyama-yuen Station East or 9:00 Meitetsu until the morning and 50 minutes at the course ... the day of 08 Kiso River BC
YHA until Inuyama-yuen Station East or 30 minutes at 13 Meitetsu until the afternoon 20 pm course ... the day of 13 Kiso River BC
Assemble point Meitetsu Inuyama-yuen Station East also or YHA Kiso River BC
Reservation deadline Before 3 days

Advance preparation

Clothings and must-bring items Swimsuit (you wear under the wet suit. If not instead of underwear), and towel.
Glasses of people glasses band. Person of contact swim goggles.
About rental items Boogie armamentarium

Facility information

Changing room Restroom shower
Hot spring Locker Hairdryer
Parking Lot convenience store/

Access and map


YHA Kisogawa Base Camp Aichi Prefecture Inuyama City Kurisu Furutayashiki 1-1

How to reach by car

From the Tomei Expressway Komaki IC 30 minutes
20 minutes from the Chuo Expressway Komaki east


30 minutes by foot from Meitetsu Inuyama Gakuen Station East Exit (Pick-up and reservation required)

About price

Basic charge

Adult /person 8,550yen 19 years old ~
Child / person 7,600yen 13-year-old to 18 years old

※Prices including all taxes.
※ This is the basic charge.
* Prices may vary depending on the schedule, so please see the price list displayed after selecting the date.

Included in price Boogie armamentarium rental fee, guide fee, shower, insurance premiums, consumption tax
Not included in the price Such as food and drink a participant has ordered a personal add will be participant burden.
In addition, those and phone bills that have not been specified, treatment costs associated with injuries and illnesses, is also not included in the participation fee you souvenirs.

YHA Rafting Treatment Plan List


About payment / cancellation

About payment Please transfer to the designated account.
Bank of Nagoya Inuyama branch normal 3198806 YHA rafting
Payment method The payment method specified by the operator.
About cancellation fee After your application by the convenience of the participants, if you become your cancellation will be charged the following cancellation fee for the participation fee.
From 20 days before the start date up to 07 days before ... 20%
From 06 days before the start date up to 02 days before ... 30%
The day before the start date ... 40%
On the day of the start date ... 50%
Cancellation of the non-contact non-participation and after the start of ... 100%
Cancellation by operators. Amount of water, depending on the weather may also be canceled.


Matters require attention Is a sport that uses a natural river.
Kiso River, because there is also a dangerous place Standing wave of year-round 1-3m in the shallows, the manner of operation of boogie boards in which the guide will be described as must begin, how to use the fins (fin), the river of mainstream and stagnation such as please do can be made to listen well the flow of views and course up.
Participants have a nuisance to the other participants, also if the YHA if there is a risk that hinder the smooth implementation of group activities has determined there is also a case to refuse your application.
Other notices Pick-up: You come to pick you up if you can contact us by the day before.
※ Please understand that it may not attach to hope.

Everyone's experiences

It was a blink too much fun!

Quite simple board of operation. Of course, natural opponent does not know what will happen, but it was also able to enjoy sufficient including!

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Joined date: August 2016
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Thank you very much. Please do experience this time when there is little water this time. The power will double.

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When you book this plan 79 pt I will save it!

Starting time 09:00 13:30
Participating ageAge 13 ~
Time required 2-3 hours
ScheduleMay 1, 2006 to October 31, 2008
Assemble point Watch on GoogleMap