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Otaru Blue Cave Attraction Cruise Prolomarin * Ship with a roof. Some rain is OK! ¥ 5,500 yen

Etc. included in the price
  • Beginners welcome - First try
  • Empty-hands OK
  • Solo participant
  • Charter possible
  • Operate rain or shine
  • Children welcome
  • Possible number of bookings
  • Participating age
    1Age ~ 80 Age
  • Duration
    1~2 hours
Plan description

Otaru Blue Cave Attraction Cruise on a high-speed boat.
Since the ship to be used has a roof, it is difficult to get wet even if it receives some rain and waves, so the sailing rate is No. 1 at the Blue Cave Cruise Company.
There are plenty of seats so that you can enjoy yourself slowly, and there are bench seats so you can sit side by side with your child.

While enjoying the experience that you can't usually experience, such as speed, thrill, and power, you will arrive at the entrance to the Blue Cave when you reach the Otaru Aquarium, Rock Climbing Sights, Amusement Park in the Showa era, and a 100 meter cliff. To do. Because the inside of the cave is tunnel-like, you can get on the boat and go through the cave slowly, so photography is perfect! Also, only the Prolomarine ship can move seats on the ship, and you can take photos at the angle you want to take.
Because the intensity of light varies depending on the weather and season, the color changes depending on the day inside and outside the cave. On the side of the cave where there is no turbidity and the waves are calm, you can see natural sea urchins nearby.
Spectacular and exciting can not see only from the sea side Activity over Cruise, in Otaru adult tourist spot of the gas. Please experience this opportunity.

A very popular tourist spot in Otaru! !!

There are few cruise tours in Hokkaido. There are various things to see such as the fantastic blue cave, the cliffs, the ruins of a hidden amusement park in the Showa period, the Otaru Aquarium, and the banya that flourished at the time of herring fishing! You can take a lot of good pictures. In addition, you can enjoy a sense of speed up to the cave! !!

Especially recommended during the spring and summer! !!

The amount of sunlight is easy to stabilize, and the blue cave is often seen unexpectedly beautifully not only in fine weather but also in cloudy weather and rain. Also, since the area around the cave is surrounded by cliffs, direct sunlight does not reach it, so there is little extra light and the blue is easy to see! !! In addition, there are many departure flights due to the daylight hours, so you can choose a time zone that is convenient for you. On rare occasions, you may encounter wild dolphins and whales that you do not usually see.

Full of fun! !!

The prolomarin ship has been devised so that customers can enjoy it. The seat in front is the most attractive with a feeling of liberation and attraction elements! !! If there are many applicants, we will take turns on the way back and forth. The seats are not fixed, so you can move on the way. In addition, the prolomarine ship is also excellent in dealing with waves and draining performance, and it is full of speed, thrill and power! !! There is no doubt that it will be exciting! !!

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    Detailed information of this plan

    Required minimum number of participants 2 Person(s)
    Possible number of bookings 2~28
    About duration
    1~2 hours
    The boarding time is approximately 70 minutes. Depending on the congestion of the blue cave and the conditions of the surf, the time may slightly vary.
    Operating period 2021/4/20〜2021/11/28
    Depending on the weather conditions and wave conditions, the Duration will be changed.
    Assembly time Please come to the unprecedented seaside park 20 minutes before departure. * Please be sure to wash your hands in advance.
    If you are delayed or due to transportation reasons, please be sure to contact us by phone.
    Booking deadline until 23:59 the day before

    Changing room Toilet
    Shower Parking

    Dress code - Must bring items You can wear it everyday. Please prepare towels and change of clothes in case you get wet. As measures against the cold are necessary depending on the season, please check the weather forecast for the On the day.
    About rental items Life jacket raincoat

    Matters require attention If you do not arrive at the departure time and pick-up time, you may not be able to participate.
    In case of sudden bad weather or high waves, the flight may be canceled immediately before departure.

    Plan attractions

    プランの魅力 Platform information! の画像

    Platform information! Before departure, customers can take commemorative photos here and prepare for departure!

    プランの魅力 Promarine ship の画像

    Promarine ship A relatively new ship! We will change the seating layout so that customers can use it easily! Covered, wave avoidance is devised ^ ^

    プランの魅力 Departure to the Blue Cave! の画像

    Departure to the Blue Cave! Please enjoy your favorite seats because there are many seats!

    プランの魅力 Accelerate at once! ! の画像

    Accelerate at once! ! Immediately after departure, you will first enjoy a sense of speed in a calm wave! Powerful score ❗️

    プランの魅力 Seen from above! の画像

    Seen from above! In fact, not only the blue cave but also the shallows are so beautiful! !

    プランの魅力 Blue cave candy ️ の画像

    Blue cave candy ️ The colors are slightly different depending on the day! Actually, this photo is past 18:00 and the weather was pretty cloudy ️

    プランの魅力 Window rock の画像

    Window rock There is a gap in the rock wall next to the blue cave! Things like small black dots are sea urchins! When the waves are calm and not cloudy, you can see it like this!

    プランの魅力 sunset の画像

    sunset In rare cases this quality sky can be seen!

    プランの魅力 Sunset の画像

    Sunset If it is sunny on the last day, you can see this sight! From June to August, it is especially beautiful! !

    Access - Map

    8-1 Chikko, Otaru City Katsunai Rinkai Park
    Assembly point

    Unprecedented Rinkai Park Platform

    If you arrive by car

    Please use the free parking space in the unprecedented seaside park.

    If you arrive by train

    About 15 minutes on foot from Minami-Otaru Station

    If you arrive by other means of transportation

    Go one way along Sakaimachi Shopping Street (souvenir shop street) and walk about 10 minutes from Music Box Hall

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